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  1. lol.. stats are what ever the reporting company wants to make them out to be and cannot ever be truly thought as accurate. one company might say one thing while another will say something different.. so really they dont matter.
  2. When a major event such as the US elections happens which can have an effect on how LL operates its only natural for them to want to remind people to vote. The OP is just getting upset that a blog was directed at US people and not her people. Kind of sad really.. People on these forums get too bent out of shape way too easily about certain things and its just a waste of time and space and energy doing so. These forums will never be just how one person or one group wants them to be ever. If you dont like it or cant accept it, then dont read it. No one is forcing anyone to
  3. Actually there is a way to do that using the FS viewer. You can increase the size of the cache beyond the 10GB limit but it basically requires the use of another computer to do it efficiently. You can increase it up to 1TB if you really wanted to doing it that other way.
  4. Doesn't really matter if its hypocritical or not, its still their choice to do what they want regardless of what anyone else thinks or feels about it. Either ignore it or just accept the fact that they are not going to only do what others say or think they should. The Op likes to think they are some sort of forum police and gets to decide what is relevant and allowed in the forums. well they are not and never will be. Neither is anyone else here in the forums. No one has any power or control over what the mods or admins or the company says or does. complaining about it is just a waste of
  5. blogs and the forums are two separate entities with different rules pertaining to both. what might not be allowed in one may be allowed in the other. especially since the one in question is run by the company, which has total control and power over what is and is not allowed and doesnt really have to care what anyone else thinks about what they say or why.
  6. *snickers and walks away* oh this is hilarious in its own way...
  7. I only tip the dj at clubs if I really like the music or if they play my request if I make one. otherwise im just there for the free entertainment. i rarely if ever tip the host or club itself. they should be getting a cut from the dj imo.
  8. lol.. necro posting is fun. its what makes the world go around.
  9. I dont really see this as a way to get rid of trolls, for a true troll would take the time to get BAT so they could tip each other to keep their posts at or near the top of the page if it turned into such a system. It would become more of a Troll wars forum then anything else. Where people would post as stupid as content as they could for stupid laughs.. oh wait that already happens here...
  10. Knotty beach.. the furry pick up place for yiffing.. been there a few times. Have I ever been picked up, a few times. did it lead to slsex not always sometimes just chatting or going places exploring. Not every furry is just interested in yiffing all the time. Some do just want to talk and have company around them.
  11. Very simply put. in most other games unless its being streamed in, everything is already on your platform of choice, there is a lot less work to be done about the calculations on where things are and how they will interact. In SL you have to stream everything all the time where ever you are, so it takes longer to update what is happening making things like driving, boating, flying more complicated and sometimes full of issues. The only real way to combat this is to make sure you have as low as ping to the server as possible. SL is heavily ping controlled. Where high ping can cause problem
  12. It is perfectly normal for a US based company to do something like this when such an important event is coming up. To complain about it sort shows how entitlement minded someone is that they think the company should only talk about stuff they want to see.. Sorry it doesnt work that way and never will.
  13. Eh.. another person bites the dust.. such is life. Nothing lasts forever. No real reason to cry over it.
  14. im pansexual and poly both in rl and in sl, so really it doesn't have any effect on me. I have been a pansexual since before it was even known what being pansexual was about. So it really doesnt change things for me here about a persons sexual orientation and what they prefer.
  15. To the OP, do a lot of research first before getting too deep into it. As was warned there are a lot of people here in sl that will try and use RLV and collars and D/s as a means to take advantage of and abuse someone emotionally and mentally. You can find at least one or more in almost every D/s or BDSM group or sim. So you need to learn a lot about rules, limits both hard and soft, safewords, funishment over punishment, contracts, negotiations, consent and its various ways that someone might try and deceive you about it to take advantage of your lack of information about it. nacissistic pers
  16. SSC there is also RACK to learn about too for some people prefer RACK over SSC or use a combination of both.
  17. keep searching you will find someone that might want you as a pet or at least a play friend for one of their children in the family.
  18. The question is a hard one for anyone to answer for it may change over time. Some people may start out with just casual bdsm and eventually move on to full-time lifestyle bdsm practitioners. I think most people first just experiment with it when they are first introduced to it then eventually either move away from it if it doesnt really fit their personality or they get more involved over time as they find more and more things they enjoy and like and kinks that excite them more and more. some people even go into frenzies about it when first starting out because they get to excited an
  19. It only informs the owner and not the trusted. and it cannot be set to go to trusted. plus peanut is not open collar it is virtual disgrace a different brand then open collar made and maintained by completely different people and not affiliated with open collar in any shape or form.
  20. the trusted do not have access to the rlv restrictions on the collar. they only have access to poses and animations and leash/follow and tp if set in exceptions. they cannot modify access or any addon apps. only the owner has full access to the collar.
  21. just reset the scripts. yes heartcore disables the runaway feature making it harder to escape from the current owner. but it doesnt use any sort of offline database to keep the owner. to ever remove the collar just disable rlv. which is not cheating unlike some may try and say it is. you will also need to disable rlv to reset the scripts in the collar too. but yes always keep copies of your collars. that way if anything goes wrong you can use the copy and get rid of the broken one. there is even another way to get around that problem. just use the .settings notecard to add you
  22. Real friends won't care what randoms say on the forums or in world. So you don't have to worry about them getting hurt because of knowing you.
  23. It's a chat extender script. Usually in a prim or other device. Normally used in clubs or similar places. It's usually in one or more items placed around the sim.
  24. That's if you believe in the law of equivalent return.. not everyone does. Not everyone cares what other people think or feel or like or dislike nor do they have to.
  25. Even the willow will break in the storm eventually. So it's not the strongest either.
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