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  1. I'm not saying how they have to. I'm saying it's a choice how they choose to. Which it is.
  2. It would not work with my friends here. They can't be bullied or intimidated so easily. They would actually just use block and be done with the problem. They are not so weak as to allow such things to affect them in that manner. Or they would ar for harassment and block. There is a difference between here online and being in the woods alone in rl. And one is a word and one is a sound. We respond to each differently.
  3. It takes a lot less work than you try and make it seem. It doesn't take a lifetime for most people. Maybe a couple of years if they really want to learn to.
  4. They may think they have the right to request it. But it doesn't mean anyone has to obey or respond in that manner or respect it. No matter if they are in character or not.
  5. Words have no power but what the reader or listener ever gives them. They are not magical or powerful unless the person chooses to react in that way. How you respond to anything is always a choice.
  6. If you read a book or watch a movie and get scared it is your fault. You choose to get scared. Same goes with anything said online in any forum.
  7. There is a major flaw in most of those studies.. they are already biased and looking for information to correlate with what the author is trying to prove. But doesn't make it true by any means. Any study can be made to show something is true even if it is false. Just because someone might fantasize about something doesn't mean they would ever do it in rl even if they had the chance without any repurcussions.
  8. No, it's not. Since it's just fantasy here in sl. You can't really be hurt here. Only if you take it seriously and internalize it. Most of it is just sexual innuendo for other activities. Most of the so called darker kinks are just sexual innuendo in what they are really meaning.
  9. If people get frightened by what is being said in text.. they really should re-consider being online in any forum or chat interface. It's just word's it has no power but what the reader gives them. Which means it's the fault of the reader for getting scared or upset about it.
  10. What I mean is they don't get to tell me how to act or behave. It's not their choice about that. They do get to decide if they want to stay around me or not. That is their choice. They also don't get to tell me to stop because they don't like it. If they don't like it they can move away. Unless I specifically call out their name.. they are not part of anything I am doing. So have no say in it at all. Even then they really don't other than to block or move away.
  11. That desire or need to protect is part of the problem with society and why people get hurt. Because they were protected and not warned or told about and talked to about how they feel about it. Exposure with talking about how it makes someone feel is better than trying to censor it in order to protect.
  12. Eh.. a dolcett.. snuff.. post.. eh that's light stuff compared to what you really can be exposed to in world on some sims. Censorship of any kind about any topic is not good at all.
  13. Lol.. block me if it makes you feel better.. it doesn't hurt my feelings at all. That's what it is there for. When people don't use it. That's their choice and problem if they get upset about what is said.
  14. See, that is where I am different. I don't have a problem calling anyone out about anything I disagree with.. If they get upset.. well that is there problem not mine. If people want to call me an asshat over it. That's fine too. I don't really have to care about that. I'm not thin skinned like some people are. I don't get easily shamed or embarrassed about things. I'm old enough to not let such trivial things really affect me. Especially in some online forum or vr platform.
  15. No one should have to hide their collars anywhere just because some person gets a little uncomfortable about it. I dont have a chip on my shoulder at all. If you think I do.. then you really dont know me. Its because of all the people that think everyone else always has to hide their collars or not talk about kink near them or around them or in any specific section of the forums that people get ashamed of their kinks. that is just wrong on a fundamental basis. You should not ever have to be ashamed of your kink or hide it because of the fear of being judged by anyone else. And im not
  16. No I dont owe you anything at all. You do not get to decide how I act around you or what I can do around you or tell me ever. If you dont like it then block it or derender it in world. If you dont like it here in the forums then block the user who makes the posts. If you dont it is your own fault for not using the powers that ll gave you to do so. I dont owe you any respect or anything ever. No one does. You are not special at all. You are not entitled to anything at all that you think or claim you are and never will be. I dont have to couch my words here just because you dont like what i
  17. I do agree with you on the fact on not calling any wannabe dom/me or masta/mistress by any honorific they did not earn or negotiate for. I just laugh at those kinds of people now or snicker at their comments in world when they act that way. I read a profile and it says "must respond to me by calling me Goddess/Mistress" I usually make a snarky comment about it in chat to show them how silly they are being. No one tells me how to respond to them ever, especially if not in some dynamic with them already. I also agree that people should not use honorifics with others that they are not i
  18. As another poster said, its a little strange for you to be making the post looking for someone for your twin. She really should have been the one posting here instead. By you making the post it sort of sounds like your trying to pimp/prostitute out your sister to some random stranger.
  19. Or how about you just not click the topic. instead of thinking people have to care what you like or dont like seeing or where. same with collars and leashes.. dont go to A sims if you dont want to see it. If you go to an A sim and some has a collar on they dont have to hide it or leave just because you are there. Even if you were there first. likewise if you are on a A sim and someone starts a kinky conversation they dont have to take it to IM just because you dont want to see it. Use the tools that LL gave you, block them so you dont see what they are saying in local chat. They
  20. depends upon where you put it up and who sees it and if they think its offensive enough to ar it. even things on your own private land can be ar'd and if offensive enough taken down. just because its on your own land does not make it entirely safe to put up anything you want. If a neighbor sees it and feels its offensive they have every right to report it. and if enough report it ll may choose to act upon it.
  21. I'm me there is no difference between the me in world and the me in rl. other then what I look like. I am not a different persona im not role playing or fantasizing. I dont do the immersion thing, sl is nothing more than a pixelated chat interface to me. Its not a separate reality of any sort.
  22. the period depends upon the race you choose and what other settings you choose when you first set it up. No you cant really stop and start it when you want other then taking off the hud, which will pause it, but then when you put it back on i think it asks if you want to update. which means it will run through the cycle as if you had not removed it. so if your looking for a way to keep it where you can get pregnant longer, you will basically have to remove it after each time you have sex until you get pregnant.
  23. Hmm.. I have been there a few times in the past. Sometimes wandered back by there just to see what was going on at times. Well this just proves nothing is forever.. That all things come to and end eventually. Even in virtual reality.
  24. that is different then this. for this is a not a public service so freedom of speech laws do not apply here or any other forums or service similar. you dont actually own the land you have here in sl. your still just renting it from LL. where as in those places you actually own the land. Doubtful it will ever amount to anything because most major private services will fight any changes that would prevent them from preventing any sort of speech they felt was out of place for their service.
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