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  1. You are one of my favorite people on forums! I love watching you chase people off your lawn... I mean... thoughtfully guide people to the proper area for their topic.
  2. That isn’t asking too much. You are worth it! @Panteleeva
  3. A gigantic... enormous...tremendous...colossal...REALLY HUGE....sense of humor.
  4. Thanks Josephine, I will drop by there this weekend. I was wondering, does SL have any annual fall or Halloween shopping events?
  5. Thanks Laurel, I will check those out! Love Half Deer. I have no words for how much I love fall, I’m obsessed ❤️
  6. Can anybody recommend in-world stores that sell good Halloween and or fall decor? Thanks! (Indoor or outdoor)
  7. Finding a full laundry basket in front of my door and trying to guess why it is there: 1. It’s a fan thing. Throwing one pair of panties isn’t enough, here’s the whole basket? 2. My cat has been collecting things around the neighborhood and decided to present it to me all at once. 3. Someone does not like my all black fashion choices and has gifted me a new wardrobe. 4. Someone is too lazy to wash their own clothes and hope I will wash them. (BIG NOPE) 5. I am now a FREE ELF! 6. Someone thinks I left these clothes in the laundry. (Too boring) I would like to choose #5 please.
  8. Sometimes I think the hunting is more fun than the actual finding!😂 I did finally find one in an area that feels more like me and I think I will stay there a while. It’s a traditional right across from a houseboat area, so I actually see a green dot or two on the map and have a strip of beach when I want it.
  9. WHO DID THIS??? 1. @Whirly Fizzle, she did say she her goal was to “Break all the things” 2. @Alwin Alcott, changed his avie from socks to full avatar and it threw off the balance of the universe. 2. Maddy touched something.
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