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  1. its different for every person because there is no message but what is made up by each individual in their own imagination. you know that thing were fantasy and self lies live.. we just want to think there is a message for it makes us feel better about our truly limited existence and importance in life. that at the end of the day what we each do really doesnt matter, life will go on, the world will go on, people will continue to live the same way.
  2. I have to agree on this with you OP.. its really dumb for them to keep the prices at what they are. They are basically shooting themselves in the foot by hoping for idiots to buy their over priced lower quality items.
  3. OK.. try mine.. Its a secret though.. so cant tell you here..
  4. The universe in and of itself is dead, the only thing alive in the universe is life itself. even the planets are dead even though some people like to try and claim that the planet is alive. people like to attribute life to many things that are lifeless just to make it easier for them to accept the truth of reality. you get one life and that is it, you get one chance at living and when you die you become nothing but lifeless mindless energy. people just dont want to accept the possible chance that there is nothing else, because it makes life pointless. that every moral or ethica
  5. The universe is not alive and never was. Its dead. There is no universal force or consciousness. We are not connected by anything except the planet we live on and the air we breathe, nothing else. People like you who think there is some magical connection between everyone are a riot. Just like the flat earthers and the mandella effect believers..
  6. Bunch of typical responses from people here in the forums. Sarcasm and rudeness to anyone to ever says anything disparaging about sl or about leaving because sl is no longer what they liked.
  7. No there does not. No god or goddess or any supernatural force has any say in it at all and never really did. There is no universal power that has any control over it at all. And there is no illuminati either.. personal morals or ethics or values or views or likes or dislikes or opinions dont matter either.
  8. Trust, which can only be gained by honesty and communication and actions. Without trust no relationship or friendship will last for long.
  9. Nah, why do anything like that. its more fun when they are all the same person.
  10. You dont need to tell sl or ll anything. You upload the video. The only thing you might want to do is inform the people in the video what you are doing to make sure they dont mind. Because they could always put in a take down to Google to have the video removed if they dont approve of it.
  11. so very true, these forums are such a small amount of the total users of sl that most of what is ever said here has no real effect on the general population of sl ever. A lot of people like to think or claim or believe otherwise which just shows how stupid they really are by thinking so.
  12. *snickers* gor.. lol.. what a joke.. what a riot.. what a bunch of narcissistic and misogynistic people gor is filled with...its nothing more than a cult of abusive people trying to take advantage of uneducated or desperately lonely people.
  13. There are no Universal Human Rights and never was. Human rights are decided by the government of the nation you live in and nothing more. There are no entitled rights or privilege's that anyone anywhere has. The only rights you have are what the country you live in gives you and yes they can be taken away at any point in time by that government if they decide too regardless if you agree or like it or not. Freedom of choice is a lie, and always was. Just most people are too stupid to realize it. The government can make any laws or regulations its wants and yes you do have to obey them or be pun
  14. gaming mouse with multiple buttons. try looking at something like that. it has multiple buttons that can be programmed for different actions. it has 12 buttons that can be programmed with macros or other key presses to make doing things easier in games. amazon.com
  15. IBTL well another post that has been derailed by random nonsense and now should be locked.
  16. Simple.. do you enjoy spending time with her? Yes, let the past go or you will loose her if you keep questioning her about it. This topic more sounds like, "I dont know what to do, tell me what to do so I can then say it was because of others if I break it off later so she cant accuse me of not trying or caring" Use your own heart and mind and make the choice, dont look for outside solutions or validation or invalidation of your feelings. You will only hate yourself later if you make the wrong choice and then cannot go back and fix the mistake you will have made. If you listen t
  17. what a different approach.. do you actually use the vocaloid program to compose the songs that are sung?
  18. All this fuss over a blog.. just because someone didnt like that it was posted.. in the blogs sections which is different from the forums section of the website.. wow... which means what is posted there does not have to exactly follow the rules of what is posted here, so stop getting bent out of shape over it and feeling so disrespected for some stupid reasons.. jeez people like to whine over some of the stupidest things here.. and yes complaining about that blog is just stupid and childish.
  19. You can also use free tools like Blender to do a lot of things that unity or maya does.
  20. I have noticed it several times where I send a message to a group and it never shows on my end. but sometimes strangely enough it does make it through and someone responds to it. so yeah there is some weird things going on and it smells like aws.. everyone thought the cloud would make things so much better, but slowly people are going to learn it doesnt help as much as they really want others to believe.
  21. I dont really see that ever happening. because if it was changed too much people would complain about having to learn new things and all the objects that would have to ever be updated to support the new engine. they would have to make a completely separate new world and then slowly and expensively move all the old objects over to it or else a lot of current players would not want to migrate over to it similar to what happened to the other project they tried and how it failed. no one would want to start completely over fresh again and that is almost what would have to happen.
  22. Well with a newer engine you could do some of those things. More modern game engines support a lot of that. It might not really be feasible to add a lot of that to the current engine being used.
  23. While that is mostly true, a fast enough connection can lower the ping. but we are talking like having fiber optic compared to just regular dsl or cable internet.
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