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  1. I'm seeing the benefits of going to a cloud enviroment already. /s
  2. Oh, I didn't mean it like that. The way SL apparently handles those searches is through a server, to another server, hence why I said proxy. I'm not on a proxy at all. Yep! It's been like that for me for a while now too.
  3. Funnily enough SL helped me figure out my RL sexuality. Back in the day, I strongly thought I was gay, and sure, I did have physical and emotional attraction to guys, but overall it was something deeper and more sinister that made me think that way. Thanks to SL I opened back up, and figured out I'm pansexual and I don't care what's between your legs or on your chest.
  4. Nop. Nothing at all. Nothing has changed in either my hardware or software setup. Then again; I wouldn't think my configuration would be of any influence regarding an upstream server error, which this relates to. A 504 is generally an issue when the target server (Chain being Me -> Proxy -> Target) doesn't give a timely responds.
  5. So! Over the past 2/3 weeks, if at any given time I wanted to search my purchase history, It always comes up with a 504 Gateway Time-out error. It doesn't matter if its early in the morning, at 3PM or in the evening, it happens every single time. I don't know why this is happening, nor have I seen any mentions as to why his is happening from LL, so figured I ask here since I can only create 'account issue' tickets relating log-in and abuse. I'm taking the migration to cloud isn't going as smoothly as hoped?
  6. You see. I didn't know that (Not bad for someone on SL for like 5/6 years, right?). I legit thought there was only one version, lmao. Makes me feel stupid for ranting like I did
  7. In responds to a blogpost on the OpenCollar website (https://www.opencollar.at/blog) and me asking groups why I am getting completely unrelated messages from my product, I feel curious what the community thinks as a whole about the practise of using the product you have (which, lets face it - there's no competition) and make it display several non product related messages and political messages whenever you log in. People claimed the news feature can be turned off, but I have and I am still getting them somehow. No. I'm not offended by recieving something every once a week. I -do
  8. I'd like to know as well. I'm going to follow this topic for a while. So far it doesn't look -too- complicated, but I can't judge as I can't see the current complexity and the topology.
  9. Please, don't. Furries want to be included, but don't want to be included that would make sense within the lore. If they'd this this they would have to deal with the entire storm of the salvery debate. So, a lot of sims choose the safe route; No furries allowed! As someone who ran an Anime RP sim allowing Neko/Foxgirl/Whatchamacallit characters (which are humans with animal ears), and even adjusting the set parameters on how this 'race' would look like to give those wanting to be a furry more lenience only resulted in more flame that full on furries aren't allowed and that i'm racist and wo
  10. @BloodSparda & @Sabrina Tamerlane What would you know! I actually ran an RWBY RP sim about 2 years ago. Since we ran on a Homestead we actually were at max capacity most of the time. Reason it went through the toilet is mainly due to IRL & monetary constraints. It was there, thought! So I guess the need wasn't as strong back then
  11. My Hero Academia. But you know.. That's Niche as it is.
  12. Howdy! Seeing how the attached picture is pretty much the main issue regarding SL shopping for guys.. I'm requesting the aid of the community! I'm looking for hair that's in the style of Dura.. Its for a anime looking avatar but I am unable to find something that I can work with to add a blue highlight in the front. So I'm looking for a bit of teen boy/emo hair similar to this. Unfortunately, a lot is either no-mod, or just doesn't have the texture option I need (Blue highlights at the front, just blond for the rest) Any pointers where to look? I refuse to use Ayashi as their ha
  13. The issue mainly stems for the fact its very anonymous being on SL. I’m not above admitting I ran around with a female avatar and got boatloads of attention from guys who basically wanted pixelbumping. Essentially, they want reassurance, as them trying to flirt with you, while there’s a guy behind the keyboard often hurts their fragile masculinity. On the other end of the spectrum, an old friend has a very ‘private, reserved and shy’ female partner on SL for a while. Turned out; They’re a dude and he indeed got catfished with fake photos ect. It’s the Internet, Shenanigans like this
  14. Lately, I've been observing attachments just vanishing from my avatar when I teleport to a different sim. I know that sometimes it takes a bit to load, but the last few days they just disappear and when I look at my saved outfit they actually appear to be detached. Is this a issue known, or is there something wrong on my end? I tested it with several avatars to be sure, and regardless of the amount of attachments, it still happens from time to time.
  15. Knew it. Thanks for the correction. English is not my native language. Thankfully its not nearly as bad as what was mentioned above.
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