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  1. SL is going to fall prey to Collatz Conjecture.
  2. ..or a farmer that drives a tractor over a fiber optic line.
  3. Lets make a skill game to predict how low the user count will go before the outage is fixed!!
  4. Protecting peoples privacy. Once an accusation is made all the wingnuts and SL conspiracy theory activists will never leave the wrongly accused alone. If you don't like someone for whatever reason all you have to do to make their life miserable is post a false or misleading report. There is too much of that happening now, no need to make it worse. It's no ones business to know anything about any action given to an abuse report.
  5. Only 100 ETH?!?!? Good Lord! Where is my checkbook. That's the best investment since I bought 1000 shares of Game Stop on margin at $400!!!
  6. Since LL does not allow the use of L$ to be used for real world purchases I don't really see the point of owning an NFT within SL if you can't take it out of the metaverse.
  7. Guide is for without Wine but many people have it installed anyways but would like to use native Linux for voice. Apt is not going to install an older version on top of a newer unless you chose to force it. Those native Linux binaries come from Firestorms third party repository but they originate from LL when they last supported Linux. http://3p.firestormviewer.org/slvoice-3.2.0002.10426.298329-linux-20160717.tar.bz2
  8. Its not going to mess anything up. Wine has already installed most of these to your system already with the exception of libidn11:i386 if I remember correctly.
  9. To use SLVoice 3.2 native in Linux you just need to install the correct 32 bit libraries as voice in Linux is all 32 bit. Below is from a notecard I made detailing how setup SLVoice in Linux without Wine Ubuntu 21.04 and Mint 20.2 (older versions will work also) **Start non wine installation** 1) sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 2) Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/ua11xl2yimf0iox/libortp9_3.6.1-3build1_i386.deb?dl=0 3) download https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejhd0traot4pusa/libortp-dev_3.6.1-3build1_i386.deb?dl=0 **if you do not trust the packages in my dropbox you are free to search for them on your own (libortp is not in the Ubuntu repositories for newer versions) ** 4) sudo dpkg -i libortp9_3.6.1-3build1_i386.deb **fail but fine** 5) sudo dpkg -i libortp-dev_3.6.1-3build1_i386.deb **fail again but fine** 6) sudo apt install -f **fix broken dependencies** 7) sudo apt install lib32z1 libidn11:i386 libuuid1:i386 libsndfile1:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libpulse0:i386 😎 run firestorm and enjoy!
  10. SLVoice is the same binary no matter what the viewer is. It is downloaded from LL repositories at build time checking slvoice downloading slvoice: http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/ct2/55967/524409/slvoice-4.10.0000.32327.5fc3fe7c.539691-windows64-539691.tar.bz2 to c:\users\marissa\appdata\local\temp\install.cache.Marissa\slvoice-4.10.0000.32327.5fc3fe7c.539691-windows64-539691.tar.bz2 11 MB / 11 MB (100%) verifying slvoice installing slvoice extracting from slvoice-4.10.0000.32327.5fc3fe7c.539691-windows64-539691.tar.bz2 32bit versions checking slvoice downloading slvoice: http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/ct2/55968/524423/slvoice-4.10.0000.32327.5fc3fe7c.539691-windows-539691.tar.bz2 to c:\users\marissa\appdata\local\temp\install.cache.Marissa\slvoice-4.10.0000.32327.5fc3fe7c.539691-windows-539691.tar.bz2 10 MB / 10 MB (100%) verifying slvoice installing slvoice extracting from slvoice-4.10.0000.32327.5fc3fe7c.539691-windows-539691.tar.bz2 The only exception (that I know of) is the Windows binaries included in the Linux version of Firestorm are for SLVoice 4.6 to be used in Wine as an alternative to the old native SLVoice 3.2 which is old and troublesome.
  11. If you look in firestorm.log (c:\users\WindowsLoginName\appdata\roaming\firestorm_x64\logs\firestorm.log or in Linux /home/LoginName/.firestorm_x64/logs/firestorm.log) and search for "vivox" you find a line like below. 2021-08-28T17:46:21Z INFO #Voice# newview/llvoicevivox.cpp(623) LLVivoxVoiceClient::userAuthorized : name "marissaorloff_resident" , ID feb97ff8-8469-4b2a-adda-27adeea92f5c If it says user not authorized there is a problem at vivox and send LL a support ticket along with that line. Better yet send them all vivox lines in the log file. **the appdata folder is hidden by default so you must enable hidden folders**
  12. Give Apple feedback on this issue. The M1 chips are by no means graphics superstars but it should be able to load and run (slowly).
  13. But that does not mean the community needs to why it was sold. What you are saying is absolute and utter nonsense. You don't have all the facts and if you don't have them. Do not speculate. That is really low class behavior. You really should be ashamed of yourself for thinking you need to butt in to other people business.
  14. Have some tact. Stay out of peoples private transactions. It's private until the buyer and seller wish to make it public. Stop being a nosy Karen.
  15. What it boils down to is people shouldn't "publicly" speculate on private business transactions. Especially when a person is making libelous accusations. Stay out of it. It's none of anyone's business.
  16. If you own 6 regions no matter where they are and are no longer able to pay ($1,074 USD) abandoning these regions is sometimes your only regrettable choice. Speculation as to why is just gossip. What this sounds like to me is someone who lost an area they liked to be in and is now irate that it is gone. ...I would have loved to got my hands on one of them but they sold at auction for what I think was above retail and resale price then stopped bidding.
  17. The only two people who know why those lands were sold are the seller and the buyer. No one else. It's a private business transaction and none of your business. You sound like a whiny nosy Karen. About a month or so ago there were six regions on the Blake sea that were put up for auction which I was one of the bidders for. These regions are northwest of Nautilus. I don't know if they were abandoned regions or if they were private auctions on SL's website (I think at the time though private auctions were not available. Not 100% sure of that). If those are the regions you are talking about they were put on the open market for bidding by the public.
  18. Are you going idle for long periods of time or closing the laptop lid? Try going to Power and Sleep settings and turn off sleep and choose "do nothing when laptop lid is closed". Those will be found in advanced settings.
  19. I have a 50% success rate logging into the beta grid.
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