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  1. This is the first time anything even remotely similar to this has happened in recent years, however, at least as far as I know. I joined SL in May, 2014, and the longest I can ever remember login problems occurring before was maybe four hours. But it has now been more than *twenty* hours since the login problems first started yesterday.
  2. Grid Status also falsely claims, "Websites operational," even though the main page of secondlife.com has been down for at least 30 minutes now.
  3. One of my friends is able to get inworld on Firestorm using the username and password he has always used. However, all of a sudden recently he has no longer been able to log into any portion of the Second Life website, including the dashboard, Marketplace, etc. Each time he tries, the message comes up that the username and/or password are incorrect. The fact that both the username and password still work on the viewer program allowing him to get inworld suggests to me that the problem is not with the username/password itself (i.e. both username and password are still valid and the password has not been changed) but instead is either a problem with the website only and/or with his browser. Yet his browser is the newest version of Firefox for Windows, so it is difficult to believe that the browser is not sufficiently updated. Because he cannot log into any portion of the website, he thus cannot file a support ticket. Is there a way he can contact Linden Labs independently of the website, such as by email, to get this problem resolved? And does anyone have any ideas about why he is able to get inworld with no problem at all, but the very same username/password combo does not work on the website? Perhaps his Firefox is missing a crucial plugin, for example? Thanks.
  4. Pretty much the same thing here, and it has now been more than 4 hours with no change. Can't TP anywhere out of the parcel I'm stuck in, more than one-third of the inventory never loads no matter how many times I relog, my friends list never finishes loading so I can't tell who is online nor can I send IMs to them unless they IM me first, and clothing and skin never fully rez up on my avatar. Except for one day in June when a lot of us were unable to log in for several hours, this is by far the worst and longest-lasting issue of server problems I have seen on SL in the past 7 months. Also I am a dj on SL and for the first time ever I missed a scheduled set because I could not get to the club, and even in the parcel where I'm stuck the music button is greyed out so that I cannot turn on the music stream.
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