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  1. Lets hope this change works and or helps. I actually like the idea of not sending out who is in the chat to non moderators as it gives some anonymity to those participating (or just lurking).
  2. When performance is bad check to see if there are programs in the background using cpu time. ctrl shift esc to bring up task manager > click more info > the the details tab and sort by cpu%. Your cpu is somewhat low end and if other programs or services are using your cpu then cpu time will be shared with these other programs and services thus degrading performance. You can do two things to help this. Right click a cpu hogging process and end task on it and/or set the priority to high on the Firestorm process again using a right click. Start Task Manager (Right Click on the Start Bar and select Task Manager) Click on the Processes tab Right Click on the required process and select "Set Priority" You can then select a different priority Close Task Manager
  3. At high/ultra the M1 Mac is going to choke. Go into a crowded region with full rendering of 16 avatars and the M1 Mac will drop fps into single digits and be unusable. Try to render a long sunset shadow and take a 6k or 8k photo of it... Good lord *poof*
  4. I have a RTX-2080 and 17fps would drive me to drink heavily and good luck finding a pre built right now. What I was saying is that what is available now are Intel integrated hd-630, AMD apus (again good luck finding a 3200g or 3400g) mac m1 the mac is superior out of the three. It's a horrible choice to make because any of those three choices are just horrible.
  5. Not going to happen until bitcoin crashes and if it doesn't we will all be stuck (unless you have megabucks to burn) with integrated graphics which will ironically make M1 Mac performance superior.
  6. Try disabling your AV and firewall completely before launching (yes, security, it worked before, blah blah but were trying eliminate things). Also when looking at the task manager use the Details section and sort by CPU% and see if another process(es) are popping up at 100% of the thread they are using while SL is trying to run (I would suspect you have a 4 core 8 thread cpu so 100% of a thread would be seen as 12% there).
  7. If the LL viewer is working and FS is not you can try something semi drastic. Rename the user_settings folder found in C:\users\YourWindowsLoginName\AppData\Roaming\Firestormx_64 to user_settings.old and then restart the viewer. This will force FS to go back to default settings and you WILL lose your current settings. *note* if you are using a 32bit version of Firestorm Firestormx_64 will just say Firestorm. *note II* AppData is a hidden folder in windows. See below to make it visible. Select the Start button, then select Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization. Select Folder Options, then select the View tab. Under Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and then select OK. If this fails please update your graphics card drivers from either Nvidia, AMD or Intel for the latest Windows 7 driver.
  8. Ah yes, I forgot. Well then its best they splurge for some super fast DDR-4000 then! That will definitely make that Intel integrated UHD 630 scream! **satire!!! DO NOT BUY FOR THIS**
  9. If you do get a new graphics card it will be bottle necked by your cpu which is a rather low end cpu. You should be aiming for a whole computer replacement. As stated above this is a very very very bad time to buy a new computer (or parts) as there are massive shortages going on right now and new US tariffs on Chinese goods have just come into effect . My advice.. Don't buy anything now and save your money till the covid crisis dims down which is causing much higher demand from people staying at home and production ramps up at TSMC and Samsung. Also causing massive shortages in graphics cards is crypto going through the roof and miners are grabbing every piece of stock they can get. If you do decide to buy a new graphics card anyways you will most likely be paying 170% of MSRP from scalpers. AMD 5000 series cpus, 6000 series gpus and Nvidia 3000 series gpus are known right now in the tech world as being unobtainium. Even used gpus from last year are going for a lot more than what they were purchased at.
  10. Hey thanks for the link! Unrelated but I have that blue AMD issue on my iMac in bootcamp!
  11. My guess its in the source code in /indra/newview/llhudeffectlookat.cpp or there about and needs to be compiled in. That's just a guess though.
  12. I'm sure they have has that discussion many times. Better would be to do that to SL server first to split off the simulation and physics engine their own individual threads so walking around in heavily loaded regions will not feel like being "Suspended in Gaffa" (thank you Kate Bush!).
  13. Whenever I ban someone from a region or all regions there is always "a reason" and I record that reason in the notes section of their profile for future reference. 99 times out of 100 the person being banned knows exactly why whether I tell them or not. Of course they will try the old "I was banned for no reason!" approach to try to gain the sympathy of others. After a region ban is issued a personal mute is followed because I am not going to get involved in the drama and once you have reached the point a region ban is needed a "Talk to the hand" policy immediately follows. May sound cold but its needed to keep the drama out and the venue or business going without distractions from rule breakers.
  14. I remember years ago I had some great neighbors and we linked our pathways together and between the three of us we had a 1/2 sim parcel. What I was talking about previously was on Blake Sea seafront property and that is not cheap to say the least. I had about 2500 sq/m and the person who was encroaching only had a 512 sq/m parcel and would constantly go over again and again. I guess if it was the usual L$1 sq/m land I wouldn't been such a *****. But Blake Sea you spend hundreds of USD on. That makes a huge difference.
  15. I understand what you are saying and if the land owner asks I usually will not have an issue with that. The point is why should I feel compelled to subsidize someone else's build? If that person needs more land they should purchase it. I shouldn't feel "shamed" by the community into subsidies for others. I guess you have never had an issue where someone repeatedly over and over again would encroach. It made me quite bitter and they didn't stop until the third abuse report.
  16. The point is that maybe the rightful land owner want's to build something in that area. Now he or she can't because a neighbor callously decided that they "need" that area for their own items. That is just plain wrong and greedy. A line has to be drawn in the sand as to what is acceptable. If you keep allowing your neighbor to encroach they will take more and more. However a line has been drawn by LL for that and its called your property line. Why should a parcel owner have to move their prims back because a greedy neighbor decided a tree branch belongs there. **Yes, if you live next to me and encroach without permission I am an absolute nightmare to live next to **
  17. That is exactly what I will do. I don't care if it's a single pixel over without my permission. I respect my neighbors property and they should respect mine. Tree roots in SL can just as easily grow within their property borders as can mine.
  18. I 100% agree. After I send one friendly note or IM to a neighbor if they are encroaching on my property (without asking first) even by a small fraction I will have no issue with returning their prims. I work very very hard to make sure my prims are not going over my property lines and I expect my neighbors to do the same. I am not paying tier to host anyone's prims (even if it doesnt impact prim allowance) without my permission. I might sound not very neighborly to some but I find it quite rude that some people feel they can use what I pay for without asking first. Generally I don't have this problem at all. Most people who are encroaching don't realize they're doing it. But its the ones who feel that they have a right to encroach drive me completely bonkers.
  19. Switching from OpenGL to Vulkan, possibly rewrite the engine to be multi threaded and take full advantage of the computers GPU (not the fractional amount it uses now) would be a great start to future proof the viewer. But I have no idea if that's technically possible.
  20. 32768sq/m 15000 Prims L$7495/wk Adult. First weeks rent included in price. Tier pay box is on mainland. I am a single owner not a large landowner. We can discuss EM rights after 3 months of rental. Please contact MarissaOrloff for any questions Taxi - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rue Bourbon/232/103/22
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