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  1. It can be resized but when making it small it cuts off the time and date by a bit. I'm sure that will fixed shortly You must do this in regedit though Open regedit Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced create DWORD 32bit value and call it "TaskbarSi" Set value to 0, 1 or 2 (use hexadecimal) 0 = small taskbar 1 = Original size 2 = Large taskbar Reboot the system Hope this helps!
  2. Windows 11 is more like a service pack (with a lot of restrictions!) than a brand new OS.
  3. I've been using the insider preview on and off for about two weeks and SL runs perfectly with the regular viewer along with Firestorm.
  4. That sounds like your router is blocking the ports needed for SL. A lot of routers come with factory settings that are insanely security conscious and in doing so disable a lot of content that doesn't use common ports (web, email, ftp, ect). To correct this you can do one of two things. 1) Set the internal IP address of your SL computer to DMZ (DMZ places your computer outside the protection of the firewall but allows all ports to go to that computer). 2) Set up port forwarding so that the required ports needed for SL are forwarded to your SL computer. Off hand I do not know the range of ports needed for SL but you can get them from either live chat if you are premium or through a regular support ticket for basic accounts. Read you routers manual for instruction on how to set up the 2 solutions. Hope this helps
  5. With the global chip shortage going on right now this is a very bad time to be buying a computer. So if you see something that looks interesting, in your budget and available buy it. Next time you look it will be sold out. Best though would be to wait at least one year when computers will hopefully go back down to MSRP and actually be available to purchase. You wont find any deals right now even if it fell off the back of a truck. Everything is selling way over MSRP right now. Other than that. Look for something with a discrete GPU from Nvidia or AMD (no Intel graphics!). CPU wise Intel i5, i7, i9 (stay away from i3) or AMD Ryzen. At least 16 GB ram. Anything more than that is a bonus. Happy shopping!
  6. Don't make it "pratically no firewall". Put your comp in DMZ first then continue on if that doesn't work.
  7. When using a router ports can be restricted for securitry reasons. Setting your internal IP to the DMZ will take that IP address and expose it completely to the internet. See your routers instructions on how to set your comps internal ip (192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x) address to the DMZ. More than likely this is your problem. It's an old techie rule to "Always blame the firewall" https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/dmz YOLO means "You Only Live Once" which basically means "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!!!"
  8. It certainly does sound like SL is seeing that NAT address as unroutable. If you look in your log files It will give the exact error of what is going on from your last session or better yet in the Developer menu select "Console Window on Next Run" and watch the debug info live in a separate window. From there you can file a jira with LL and see if its something they can help with (prolly not ). Better yet, use a VPN when using cellular data like Chroma suggested. Router wise you can always YOLO your internal IP for your computer and set it as the DMZ address (blah blah blah security blah blah) and see how that goes. If that works its just a simple matter of finding and forwarding the right ports. Which I don't know off the top of my head. 14000 comes to mind for some reason. I have Sprint "Now a part of T-Mobile!! (dont get me started on T-Mobile..) as they use both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  9. You can change that in Firestorm by going to Avatar > Preferences > Advanced and setting the time to 0. Firestorm will not lose focus then but... That CPU core will always be running at 100% which may not be optimal when doing other things on the computer.
  10. Up in the sky there are not as many triangles to draw as in other areas. Less objects in your draw distance the lighter the load on the computer hence high frames per second. to non ua Use the same settings and go to an area with 40+ avatars and you will see that FPS figure drastically reduce to poor or non usability.
  11. These are the 32 bit libs needed for voice to work. Some you may already have in your distro. Some you may not. However Vivox for Linux is version 3.2. a lil over 10 years old. Best to use the Windows version 4.6 in wine which included in the FS download. To activate set FSLinuxEnableWin32VoiceProxy to true in Debug Settings and restart your viewer. marissa@marissa-VirtualBox:~/Downloads/Phoenix_FirestormOS-MarissaCustomBuildCLANGAVX2FMOD_x86_64_6.4.19.63925/bin$ readelf -d SLVoice|grep NEEDED 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libortp.so] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libsndfile.so.1] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libvivoxsdk.so] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libvivoxplatform.so] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libvivoxoal.so.1] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libz.so.1] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [librt.so.1] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libresolv.so.2] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libdl.so.2] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libidn.so.11] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libuuid.so.1] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libpthread.so.0] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libstdc++.so.6] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libm.so.6] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libgcc_s.so.1] 0x00000001 (NEEDED) Shared library: [libc.so.6]
  12. Until there are discrete GPU options for Apple ARM CPU's (if it's even possible) gaming or anything requiring that level of power is going to be completely unsatisfactory. Apple just doesn't care about that and they really never have historically. The biggest insult to users was the $6000 2019 Mac Pro paired with a $200 AMD Radeon RX-580 with the exception of IOS gaming but that really doesn't require much graphics power anyways. M1's are basically just iPhones in a new case running Big Sur. I still want one to play with and Micro Center has really good discounts on them right now!!!.
  13. This is going to be one of the rare occasions where I would say it is most likely going to be better to use the Vega 8 (internal graphics) of your 2200g AMD APU. Increasing your internet bandwidth will do absolutely nothing for SL performance.
  14. Larger regions would choke the region simulator. It's single threaded and doing multiple threads "might" work if you had a thread got physics time, simulation time, net time, agent time, scripts, a controller thread, ect. That would pretty much require a complete rewrite of the SL server code and more than likely would not allow for an improvement of any sort to the residents/visitors of that region. It would more likely be a detriment to the user experience since it's not going to scale linearly to the size of the region. So, there would be more walking in mud, more freezing when avatars teleport in and out.
  15. With Intel UHD-630 graphics (integrated gpu on 10 series Intel) You should not be in high/ultra graphics especially in crowded areas. Turn your graphics down to mid and set max number of non-impostor avatars to 4. Your experience will improve dramatically after that.
  16. Alts don't get bored, suddenly poof, have no idea what your'e talking about, always willing to stay in one position for hours on end, dont care how long it takes to fiddle with lights, environment settings and camera angles. Most importantly they never backtalk or give push back.
  17. Without a doubt. SL performance in Linux was one of my main reasons to switch to Linux as my full time OS. With Steam, Proton and Wine most Windows programs and games (not all) can run within Linux. Even Cyberpunk (proton experimental) ran in Linux without issue.
  18. Most forms of lag are caused by low powered computers choking when trying to render what you are seeing in Second Life. Even though your computer is at "spec" it doesn't mean its going to run SL well without hiccups. It just means it is able to run the software. Without knowing your hardware its very hard to give you tips on how to improve your experience. However, try changing your graphics settings between low and mid. It's not going to look as nice as high/ultra but it will have a lot less "lag".
  19. It was fine for me this morning. But recently this has been going every week just about. Weekdays are fine weekends its starts to mess up again. L$10 says it breaks again Friday night
  20. Aliens with space lasers are zapping peoples net connections.
  21. 69 out of 70 groups are completely dead right now for me
  22. The LL viewer will give the exact same output for hardware... Help > About Second Life > Copy to Clipboard
  23. What kind of hardware do you have? Go to Help > About Firestorm > Click "Copy to Clipboard" and paste the results below please.
  24. Just left click where your L$ balance should be if it shows "???" or the wrong balance and that will force an update to the right amount.
  25. I only use BoM for skin, makeup, tattoo's and lingerie (which its great for!) or if im going to shock people dressed as good ol' Ruth. The only system clothing designer I can even remember from the "good ol' days" is Sintimacy. I'm sure with some really strong coffee I can remember more.
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