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  1. The best performance uplift in FPS you can give yourself is to use the Linux viewer. I also had about a 10% increase in FPS enabling Resizable Bar (NVidia RTX-3000 series only) in bios.
  2. Even with Tails there is no privacy. They may not know who you are exactly but you have certainly been fingerprinted by each website you go to. Then its just a complex and time consuming task of connecting the dots to matching fingerprints to where you made a mistake with your privacy.
  3. I have no issues connecting to SL via NordVPN or ExpressVPN. Just for giggles awhile back I did try to connect to SL with Tails OS and it did not allow the connection to go through Tor. Is TorGuard routing through Tor? If so that could be your issue.
  4. If you are only going to be using one computer (I will assume windows. Linux and Mac have different directory paths) go to the following directory C:\users\$Windows_Login_Name\AppData (this directory is hidden, see link below)\Roaming\Firestorm_x64 There you will see your avatars name as a folder. Copy that directory and place it in the same place as your old machine. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/show-hidden-files-0320fe58-0117-fd59-6851-9b7f9840fdb2 You can also change the chat log directory to one of your liking so Firestorm, Singularity or any other viewer will share the same files Avatar > Preferences > Network and Files > Directories > Conversation Log and Transcripts (for FS, other viewers will have something similar)
  5. After 5 years I've always considered a mechanical hard drive as end of life and no longer reliable and ready to go to that great e-waste pile in the sky or off to Goodwill if it can be secure erased. I have never had a 2.5" ssd but I can definitely see how they can overheat and die rather quickly. I have 7 nvme ssd's 5 Samsung, 1 Inland and 1 WD (slowest of all of them) all TLC drives and never a failure on any of them ever. All except my oldest Samsung (97%) show 100% health. For SL cache(s) I always use a Ramdisk that doesn't save data when closed. I have to wait 60 seconds for my inventory to reload (big deal...) but I never have to worry about corrupt cache issues ever.
  6. Stay with your 660ti until a newer card is affordable.
  7. It's about as good as a gt 1030 2gb (make sure you get the gddr5 version not gddr4). Which isn't "bad" but its not good either SL wise. The 5700G is designed for gamers as a stopgap until the global chip shortage goes away or for the business or all in one customer. As far as ultra is concerned..... No. Maybe if you stay perfectly still while the updated background rezzes you can then take a 1080p photo at best. For integrated graphics it is leaps and bounds better than Intel and M1 mac though. Here is an in depth review of the 5700G from Gamers Nexus. Beware though, if you are not an uber geek it will induce narcolepsy in some viewers.
  8. At that price range you are going to have to make a choice between touch screen or discrete graphics. If you absolutely have to have a touch screen at that price you will be getting internal graphics from either AMD or Intel. Do not expect "good" SL performance at all. If can spare with the touch screen there is the Dell G15 I found doing a quick search at Best Buy. It has an AMD Ryzen 5 and a RTX-3050 with a 120hz refresh for the screen which ill perform "better" than internal graphics but it has no touch screen, its much thicker as well. At that price range you are going to have make some trade offs on what is better for you. You will also have to define what is "good" as well. If you want a laptop with zero client lag in a crowded region you will have to spend in the $3000+ range for a top gaming laptop.
  9. Avatar > Preferences > Advanced > Check "Show Developer Menu" Developer > Avatar > Character Test > Test Female Give that a try and see if that message goes away then try to rebuild your original avatar.
  10. Looks good so far but I would add another 8GB of ram at the very least.
  11. Place your bets people. Over/under on this outage is 3 hours...!
  12. You can always purchase an unlimited data plan from Comcast.
  13. I have an i7-9750H and a RTX-2080 and had the issues from the photo above. I don't think that qualifies as "old" Drakeo.
  14. You mean I won't be able to run Second Life with my 286 emulator card on my Amiga sometime soon?
  15. To get around the bizzaroland pricing for mainland right now a good place to try to get a great deal on a mainland parcel is with SL auctions. https://places.secondlife.com/auctions
  16. A ping time of 330ms is going to give you some input lag when moving around or interacting with objects but it will not effect fps. Your computer (Ryzen 1700 and 5700xt) is probably about 90 to 95% better than what most SL users have.
  17. Is the viewer crashing or disconnecting? If it is disconnecting then it could be something going on with how your ISP routes you to aws west 2. If it is crashing then you have a different problem and the switch to AWS was just a coincidence.
  18. Gee.... I wonder why my traffic count is so low today???
  19. Unlikely but LL could have back ends that are not on the OR cluster
  20. SL is going to fall prey to Collatz Conjecture.
  21. ..or a farmer that drives a tractor over a fiber optic line.
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