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  1. This is going to be one of the rare occasions where I would say it is most likely going to be better to use the Vega 8 (internal graphics) of your 2200g AMD APU. Increasing your internet bandwidth will do absolutely nothing for SL performance.
  2. Larger regions would choke the region simulator. It's single threaded and doing multiple threads "might" work if you had a thread got physics time, simulation time, net time, agent time, scripts, a controller thread, ect. That would pretty much require a complete rewrite of the SL server code and more than likely would not allow for an improvement of any sort to the residents/visitors of that region. It would more likely be a detriment to the user experience since it's not going to scale linearly to the size of the region. So, there would be more walking in mud, more freezing when avatars tele
  3. With Intel UHD-630 graphics (integrated gpu on 10 series Intel) You should not be in high/ultra graphics especially in crowded areas. Turn your graphics down to mid and set max number of non-impostor avatars to 4. Your experience will improve dramatically after that.
  4. Alts don't get bored, suddenly poof, have no idea what your'e talking about, always willing to stay in one position for hours on end, dont care how long it takes to fiddle with lights, environment settings and camera angles. Most importantly they never backtalk or give push back.
  5. Without a doubt. SL performance in Linux was one of my main reasons to switch to Linux as my full time OS. With Steam, Proton and Wine most Windows programs and games (not all) can run within Linux. Even Cyberpunk (proton experimental) ran in Linux without issue.
  6. Most forms of lag are caused by low powered computers choking when trying to render what you are seeing in Second Life. Even though your computer is at "spec" it doesn't mean its going to run SL well without hiccups. It just means it is able to run the software. Without knowing your hardware its very hard to give you tips on how to improve your experience. However, try changing your graphics settings between low and mid. It's not going to look as nice as high/ultra but it will have a lot less "lag".
  7. It was fine for me this morning. But recently this has been going every week just about. Weekdays are fine weekends its starts to mess up again. L$10 says it breaks again Friday night
  8. Aliens with space lasers are zapping peoples net connections.
  9. 69 out of 70 groups are completely dead right now for me
  10. The LL viewer will give the exact same output for hardware... Help > About Second Life > Copy to Clipboard
  11. What kind of hardware do you have? Go to Help > About Firestorm > Click "Copy to Clipboard" and paste the results below please.
  12. Just left click where your L$ balance should be if it shows "???" or the wrong balance and that will force an update to the right amount.
  13. I only use BoM for skin, makeup, tattoo's and lingerie (which its great for!) or if im going to shock people dressed as good ol' Ruth. The only system clothing designer I can even remember from the "good ol' days" is Sintimacy. I'm sure with some really strong coffee I can remember more.
  14. Lets hope this change works and or helps. I actually like the idea of not sending out who is in the chat to non moderators as it gives some anonymity to those participating (or just lurking).
  15. When performance is bad check to see if there are programs in the background using cpu time. ctrl shift esc to bring up task manager > click more info > the the details tab and sort by cpu%. Your cpu is somewhat low end and if other programs or services are using your cpu then cpu time will be shared with these other programs and services thus degrading performance. You can do two things to help this. Right click a cpu hogging process and end task on it and/or set the priority to high on the Firestorm process again using a right click. Start Task Manager (Right Click on the Start
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