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  1. 32768sq/m 15000 Prims L$7495/wk Adult. First weeks rent included in price. Tier pay box is on mainland. I am a single owner not a large landowner. We can discuss EM rights after 3 months of rental. Please contact MarissaOrloff for any questions Taxi - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rue Bourbon/232/103/22
  2. I'm following the FS dev channel which does have it and my OCD won't allow me to use a regular release, only the ones I build myself! When I feel I'm too bogged down I go back to an older version I made.
  3. I'm following the FS dev branch. So, i'll do what they say in the Army. Hurry up and wait! I will try out the official SL viewer to take a look next time I'm in Windows or Mac though.
  4. Is there anyway to disable EEP and go back to the way it was? EEP has a huge impact on FPS.
  5. For any of the Ubuntu (19.10 and below) and its flavors ive always installed wine64 (installs lots of i386 packages and voice in linux is 32bit) sudo apt install wine64 Followed by: sudo apt install libidn11:i386 libuuid1:i386 libstdc++6:i386 Then voice works perfectly. You can also set FSLinuxEnableWin32VoiceProxy to TRUE in Firestorm debug settings and copy slvoice.exe from a windows version into the viewers bin folder if wine is installed. Both ways voice will work just fine.
  6. I agree. Ryzen 5 3600 along with a B-450 chipset motherboard is the best value out there right now. Costs: 3600 $179, B-450 mboard w/wifi $109 16gb ddr4 ram $79. So about $370 will do it. A little less if you dont want wifi.
  7. Your problem is the FX-6300. It's old and under powered. A graphics card change isnt going to make much of a difference because the bottleneck here is the CPU. Best thing to do for now is to reduce max avatars to say 4 so only 4 avatars are being rendered with the rest as 2d impostors (Avatar > Preferences > Graphics > Max# of non-imposter avatars (this is probably set to 16 right now)). If you really want better performance its time for a new cpu, motherboard and ram. Your RX-570 though basic for a discrete card will be fine with modern hardware. An SSD upgrade is not going to impro
  8. I just checked with LL support on this. The $600 transfer fee (to LL) of the grandfathered/buy down sim MUST be paid in USD while the actual selling price of the region is to be paid in lindens. I had bought a buy down region almost about 2 years ago and the whole transaction (transfer and selling price) was done in USD. So, L$270000 ($1046) plus $600usd seems way out of range for a grandfathered/buy down region. The transfer of Lindens is done buy LL support directly not through an in world purchase.
  9. An apu is a cpu with integrated graphics.Superposition and Valley are great stress tests that also support opengl (what SL uses). Firestrike and Timespy are other really good tests from 3dMark as well. https://benchmarks.ul.com/3dmark And for a whole computer benckmark checkout the Performance Test from Passmoark (select free trial) https://www.passmark.com/products/performancetest/index.php
  10. She could be using an apu where the thermal paste somehow dried out causing thermal shutdowns.
  11. I used to hang around Morris way back in 2009. I still go back every now and then and yes, its not a zoo at all.
  12. No!!! This needs much more discussion! People are unaware of being able to teleport to politically correct sims directly when at infohubs! UNFAIR to close this thread!!!
  13. Chum Buckets are a great way to describe info hubs.
  14. I would never ever pay anymore than L$1/sqm for mainland and only if that mainland was mostly abandoned. I see tons of mainland being offered at absolutely ridiculous prices and wonder how or why these mainland resellers would want to hold and pay tier on land that just doesn't sell. There are so many downsides as mentioned to mainland as well I cant see why any responsible person would buy it. If you have a quality and responsive private estate landlord who can resolve issues quickly mainland just doesn't make sense to me. Unless of course you want to build something totally ridiculous that
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