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Found 20 results

  1. When I zoom out from my mesh, the seams show. I noticed that when I save my texture as png, the seam is dark. When I save as non-png, the seam is light. How do I get rid of this? It only happens on my baked textures, not on textures straight from substance painter. I add padding and a background to my baked textures though so it should not be an issue.
  2. Hello. I bought over L$23K of items today, mainly from one vendor. Everything worked great, except for one chair, which appears as a triangle from just a few meters away, but pops into view if closer or sitting in the chair. All other items purchased from the same vendor work just fine and can be seen from across a room while they are next to the bugged chair. I contacted the store owner and she stated my “LOD” was set too low. Can anyone tell me where I can set the LOD in the Second Life default viewer? Thanks!
  3. Hello, im 3dsmax 2019 user, and i have no idea how to create LOD file for my models , is there any advice or guidance please ? thanks
  4. I won't name-and-shame anyone, including their brand. But I am seeing this consistently with this particular brand, and also seems to be prevalent among other specific "brands" along with a mish-mash of likewise all over the grid. Here is what it is supposed to look like: But cam away only a few meters and it crumbles to bits (compare it to the other boats nearby): Yes, yes, I know: "Set LOD to 4, you dim-wit!" Ummm, NO. I shouldn't have to adjust my setting just so your lazy work looks "normal" because, to me, the *default* is "normal" (and people complain about rezzing an
  5. OK, so I know it's verboten to say anything bad about creators here so I'm excising any information that could identify the creators involved but I have a serious question so I'm going to (carefully) ask it anyway. I'm trying to make clothes but I don't know blender so I buy full permission mesh and then try to texture it (an ongoing struggle, lol). I'm having trouble with some of the meshes and I don't know enough to know what it is. The picture kind of tells the whole story. What I've noticed is that some of the meshes seem to (at various sometimes random times), degrade into
  6. okay, i was banging my head against this for THREE WEEKS... and i still haven't figured it out. so i have a couple of poll questions. A: Have you ever built a lower-LOD version of your model from scratch (and had it work/upload)? IE: for some reason you didn't take the full-res object and decimate it somehow or other to get the lower-res version. B: Does the SL mesh importer stretch the lower-LOD models so that their bounding box matches the full-res model's bounding box, the same way it stretches/squashes the physics model? tl;dr-----------------
  7. With all of the talk lately about how any effort to get content creators to optimize their work might "force content creators out of SL" I thought I'd make some tutorials showing just how easy optimization can be. So for this first tutorial, I'm tackling LOD. Here is the link to the tutorial. I hope you find this information useful.
  8. I have some time to spare the next few months so I'm able to offer private lessons to those who want to improve their technical skills in Second Life building. I'm happy to help you with your build in any way I can but my main speciality is the technical aspect of content creation, particularly: For mesh: LoD (Level of Detail): How to make good LoD models without sky high land impact Physics: How to make efficient, low LI physics models Land Impact: Reduce the LI, not the quality! Mesh landscaping: How to make low LI walkable ground mesh or
  9. I'm at the "Uber" monthly show, where mesh designers show off their work. This is the good stuff? Here I'm viewing a building at the lowest level of detail. It's a collection of random triangles. This is a close-up view of what it would look like at distance. Looking around Uber, almost every non-clothing item is like that. Buildings, furniture, and vehicles all half-disappear at the lowest level of detail. This is a show; it's supposed to be the good stuff. What's going wrong? I took a look at the code in Firestorm that uploads meshes and generates low-LOD meshes. It
  10. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    hello, Forum folks I'm counting your collective swarm knowledge to help me. I am still looking for a bike with good enough LOD to stay a bike at full draw distance (usually they loose tires long before at default LOD weight settings). I'm OK when they turn octagons at LOD level 4 but at least retain the tires. Come on, car designers, even plane designers manage to do it. Why are bikes only fully visible if the are close enough to lick them? There must be at least one decent bike designer out there, right? I would be happy if you could point some out to me, if not I'll stay happily with m
  11. Here's a potential feature for the viewer. At present, if a sim has to be displayed, but it's outside the draw distance, it displays as water. That always looks strange. A first step would be to display the texture from the world map. That lets you see roughly what's out there. But that's flat. So a second step would be to use the ground elevation data (which is only 64x64 for an entire sim) and texture the world map onto that. Then you could see mountains in the distance. Much like Google Earth at low level of detail. Then, when you were flying a plane, you'd be able to see the
  12. Level of detail fail of the week. Elaborate vault door to hide what's inside. Back off a little, and you can see into the vault. Back off a bit more and the whole vault door and frame disappear. This is why blindly using "Decimate Triangle" in Blender to create lower level of detail models with very small numbers of triangles is a big mistake. (This vault is for sale on Marketplace for L$3,990.)
  13. One of the best ways to tell if content has not been optimised for Second Life is when the creator puts a notecard in the product telling you to ramp up the debug settings. It was common practice, when Sculpties were dominant, to increase the "Object details" setting in prefs or even go directly to the debug setting RenderVolumeLODFactor. This was because, for the most part, the creator had little or no control over the lower LODs (not without sacrificing vertices in the High LOD at least) and it was horrible to walk along the streets and watch the building collapse into heaps of triangle
  14. Hello I'm trying to import a fairly small mesh. The hi-res version looks good but my next LOD down says I have a load more verts than it should.. To make the medium LOD all I did was delete some edge loops, checked for isolated verticies then exported. 3ds max says there are 163 the importer says 563. I understand the vert count wont be exactly the same because of the uv map but I have no idea why there are way more verts than the original high res mesh.. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for reading.
  15. When I create my LOD models for something, do they all have to be in the same position in the 3d space of my modeling program when I export them? I'm assuming, at this time, that they all snap to the same position when they are specified, like a physics model. Is this the case?
  16. Hello! Does it make sense to upload huge mesh models but with a low LOD, so that later, by shrinking, them to get a model of higher quality? Or is it better to load the usual but with high LOD? Thank you!
  17. Hello Everyone. I have a small shelter with triangle/plane physics (no analyze). When I upload it using my own LOD models, rez it, and check the physics under render metadata, the physics model is yellowish in colour. The same model, with the same no analyze plane physics model, uploaded without its lower LODs, using the uploader’s own lower LOD defaults, displays the physics in Blue! I don’t know why. I don’t believe it’s relevant but my LODs models have all the exact same dimensions, and that’s the only possible factor that occurred to me was causing this difference in the
  18. My other half and I are building a very complicated house at our parcel in Ogilvie. It is an SL model of a real building, and we are making it together, so in the end the High LOD version will be a linkset of some of my Meshes made in Blender, and some of hers made in world of prim, and converted to mesh using this mesh converter. Now I understand (a little about) how to make lower LOD meshes in Blender, and I guess she can make simplified prim-mesh things too. This is how we plan to make the medium-LOD versions. However, doing it this way means that we will always have the same number
  19. I have created an entire rigged outfit using blender. I have created different LODs for this outfit which are mostly working fine except for the top. When I zoom out it is severely distorted. I'm confused as to what is wrong as I have made the top in several sizes and only 2 of the sizes seem to be distorting, the rest look fine. Here is a screenshot.
  20. Hello I have a problem with mesh objects that keeps bothering me - as maker and shopper as well - and it seems like a mysterious the more I focus on it. I`ll try to demonstrate the problem through a series of pictures. All snapshots were taken at LOD 4. Image #1 Here you have a couch I`ve made in Blender and uploaded to SL. The base frame and cushions are 2 objects exported unjoined as a linkset dae. The two throw pillows are 2 meshes saved and uploaded as 1 object. I did not custom made any LOD models. The lowest LOD was set to zero and physics set to lowest. As you c
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