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  1. This is completely confusing for me. Can someone help me understand better? I do not sell Lindens for RL currency. I only buy lindens with my Paypal account from time to time to use inworld. Will i be affected?
  2. There is also huds where you can see what you or anyone on the sim is wearing, and it will give you the text in chat.
  3. You could add anything you want to your body. The way SL is.. you can do anything you set your mind to.
  4. 25+ or so sims are affected. Not entirely taken down, but many people were locked out of their lands so no one can go in and retrieve their items. Many of these people own stores, breedables, houses, etc and other items that are no copy.. Linden Labs is telling the people who file tickets that they cannot do anything about it.. As the owners of the sims can do anything they want.. Any advice for situations like this?
  5. I have friends who keep sharing S3RL videos to me... And that seems to be all I been listening to for days.. Yuck.
  6. With SL being as vast as it is.. Anything can be possible. One can be so in love with a girl(or so it seems).. only to get into her pants and that's it...
  7. This. But cannot forget about exploring, and friends too.
  8. The date on the plaque reads: April 22, 2009 There seems to be a whole group of sims connected to the one in the middle. The land itself was claimed, Jan 1st 00:00:00 1970 But back to April 22, 2009.. What happened on this date?
  9. Hi there. You won't get banned from SL, for entering someones house or using their furniture.. Lately, you will end up getting parcel/sim banned if people don't want you there.
  10. In regards to items rezzed. There are places where it won't show a creator at all.
  11. Been noticing it lately.. When i check out objects.. There is no creator found. Just Owner and Last Owner. What is happening? Is their a way to find out creator of the prim?
  12. You can even hide your collar now a days... So doesnt look like you are wearing one.. But you are.
  13. Was out checking out some of the old sims.. And came across the Baku sim. Decided to click around and see what different items were named.. Love how Eric Linden named it "Big ass Keys Bridge/Road".. and upon closer inspection.. that bridge has been there since 2004. Guess that bridge and road is Big Ass!
  14. All clubs are looking for hosts. Quality hosts are hard to find. Just be sure to welcome people, and keep the chat going.. And you will be fine.
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