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About Me

Found 9 results

  1. I want to know everything that happens when you delete your Second Life account. When you delete your account, is it possible to create a new avatar, using the same name as the deleted account? Do avatar names become reusable once you delete the account with that certain name? Issue: Even though I am a newbie and joined a few days ago, I keep getting banned in places for no reason! I even got banned in places where you collect money! I thought it was normal and only available to all people whose accounts are a few days old until your account is too old. The I found out that people older than my account by years still use the same "collect Linden money" places! The places say they welcome everyone, but they don't welcome me! Now it's impossible for me to earn Linden money! I can't even earn Linden money anymore to buy an outfit I want! I've tried everything such as listening to their headmasters and filing a ticket, but they never lift the bans even though they say they want to give me chances. When I want to check the status of a ticket, they say they would email me a link or something to the ticket. They never send me the link. This makes me think that the ticket things are a glitch and possibly fake. Now back to the big question. The big question is: Do avatar names become reusable once you delete the account with that certain name?
  2. Hi all I've just bought a parcel of land and rent out for the first time, so a total newbie to being a "landlord" lol. My question is - could a nasty renter ban me from my own land by putting out a security orb or in some other way? What can I do to prevent this (eg what should be checked/unchecked in "About Land" when renting out). I already have a group for the land and the house I'm putting down has its own security system. Any tips generally? TIA
  3. A friend in SL was awarded 1 point(?) which will never expire (?) and has been banned for more than a day for trying to sell her avatar inworld because she is tired of playing and does not want to simply lose all her bought items. She asked me in real world messaging to log in and ask why this is forbidden. You can't transfer owndrship of your avatar to another real life person? Why not? Just asking. Please don't ban me for asking.
  4. I am banned in Prouts Neck region. I think I am reported by a person at there. Can I contact with that person when I can't visit that region? I want to collect Gold Rush at there but I can't visit. I thank you very much. And I also want to ask a thing: "How long do banned active?" p/s: Admin move this topic to appropriate item, please. I am sorry! I am hurry!
  5. Teleport failed: You are banned from the region. I've been getting quite a few of the these recently and I'm sure I haven't genuinely been banned from all of the regions .. Honest! It really is quite frustrating and also upsetting to find I am banned I upgraded to the latest Firestorm about two weeks ago and this seems to happening more frequently since then (Firestorm 5.0.11 (53634) Jan 9 2018). A week ago I found myself banned from Blueberry /Vinyl /JustBecause /Tetra sim, but I contacted the nice lady at Just Because and she kindly got it sorted. Sadly I am still banned from the TLC event (remarkable) and Shiny Shabby and I do not know who to contact to ask to be unbanned. How do you know who is the administrator for lands from which you are banned if you cannot enter When the land hosts an event it is often a shop participant offering their link, rather than the land admin. I can always see when it is about to happen because the teleporting window shows no data, as below.
  6. Good morning everyone. I have been plagued by this issue for over a year now. There is a system out there called CDS. I did not know about it until an avatar who owned a sandbox group and I had a disagreement and she and her sandbox members all began to grief me. They didn't eject me from their group, they just disabled my ability to chat in it while they talked about me and for the next few days harassed me in IMs. One of the points in their harassment was to claim that suddenly, just then, the CDS on their sim detected I was using 3a blacklisted viewer, but I have always only used firestorm and I was not even on their sim. They then said that I was now banned from a lot of other sims automatically and forever and claiming to many others that I was a content thief. I have been in SL since 2005 and never have I done anything like this. I thought they were just trying to get at me as I've never had any problem getting to any stores or sims. However, it turns out they did something to put me in this system. I have appealed through the CDS website multiple times for over a year now and it turns out they have special connections to the CDS system and had me banned unjustly, but CDS will not respond to my appeals. I cannot go to some stores as I am automatically and temporarily banned from them the moment I arrive because of this system. How is this not a form of griefing? I've heard that others had to contact Linden Labs to prove they have never used a blacklisted viewer. How can I do this? Occasionally, when these people see me, they still harass me with "What's it like being banned from 1500 stores?" or "Can you recommend a good copybot to me?" This has gone on long enough. Who should I go to about this? I have never used anything but firestorm. Before that I used phoenix. Before that I used Emerald and before that I used SL viewer. I have screenshots to prove all of this and I did report them many times before when this all started.
  7. raineyz

    Banned from Parcels

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help.... I am a newbie, although my account is old. It seems I have been banned from most parcels, with ban lines and there is no reason I can think of. Can anyone help me to get unbanned from parcels? Thanks
  8. I was in one of the Destinations a main destination and I walked up to someone dancing and said "Hi" she said "Hi" back and instantly they gross picture started bouncing around and then you saw it everywhere. It says I was banned from the parcel. I went somewhere and everyone saw what was going on and they told me I had been hacked or someone gave me something. I had to get completely naked and then it stopped and they said I didn't have to throw the clothes out just put them back on. But I was banned from one place and the other says there is no parcel there anymore when it is the main destination so I know there is. One of the woman helping me said she has had it happen to her a few times because she has a black avatar I guess they even told her so and guess what. So do I. So apparently there is racism /there no surprise, but how do you fix the fax notice that there isn't a parcel and the banned from the public destination? Do the hackers win?
  9. So this is my first account with LL i made to play SecondLife and see what the game was about. I fell in love with it rather quickly and dropped 5$ onto the game to help get my avatar started. Then I found a sim and made some friends and started working in it earning my self about 2000+ lindens in the 1 week and 8 day time i played. I even got a job as a DJ in a club yesterday, the day i was banned. I worked my butt off to get my AV to look good and make friends and my lindens and then yesterday i'm logged off by an admin and come to a sad realization my account is put on hold. Why? I have no idea so I made a new temp account to tell everyone in the SIM what's going on and no one can figure out what it is and we figure it's probably because someone accidentally reported me or it was for account security. So this ban happens outside the time that i can contact Customer Service (Just my luck) and I have to wait all day to get a response and attached it in to the post. I live with roomates who i know also play SL and if one them is violating TOS i don't see why i'm being punished to. I really enjoy this game and hope theres a way for LL to realize my account had no grounds to be banned other then being on the same IP as someone who was banned before. So can anyone help or give me some advice on what to do?
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