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  1. Oeasiz

    Genus Skins

    Hey! Like the title and tags says, I'm looking a good realistic looking african american skin for Genus. Thank you for your time and help!
  2. Hi! I was wondering if anybody knows a way to remove the ears on the Genus Heads, but cover up the hole it leaves? Thank you!
  3. I fixed it now, I did as Skell suggested with moving the ears more forward, and I moved them down a tad too + fixed the shape a little. Thank you all for your help! ?
  4. Not an actual gap, but like a "square" after the arrow to the beginning of the ear.
  5. Maybe it's time I get a new hairbase and some other ears haha thank you Skell! I appreciate your help ?
  6. Thank you for your answer Skell! I went over what you said and tried fixing it, but I'm still left with the same issue.. I took the hair off and snapped some photos of the placement of the mesh ears, and I even sized them up some but the main issue is between the cheekbones, and the ears. As you can see the ears placement is pushed forward some compared to the old placement of the Catwa ears, and it didn't change anything... So maybe it is just the shape of the face I've made that's doing this because it doesn't seem to be the ears placement. Any other suggestions of what it might be causing this?
  7. Hello! Reaching out to you again in hopes that you can help me with this. I'd like to know if this is a common thing for Catwa heads, or if I somehow shaped it wrong for it to look this way? Anybody has the same issue as seen in this picture below? If yes, how do I fix it or is it just Catwa heads? Thank you!
  8. Oeasiz

    Hair glitching!

    Okay, well thank you for trying to help, I appreciate it!
  9. Oeasiz

    Hair glitching!

    That's the thing, most of my hairs has the plus size option but that when that gap happens, and it wont grow smaller if I try to adjust the shape which is what I'm also having trouble with.
  10. Oeasiz

    Hair glitching!

    Do you also happen to know a few high quality hair stores for big boobed bodies that has the rigged/unrigged versions as well?
  11. Oeasiz

    Hair glitching!

    I know of unrigged hair I have some myself, but the thing is that even when I put the ones on for big-boobed body then that huge gap happens, and no matter how I change the body shape it will have that much air between the boobs and hair, which is the other problem I'm having....
  12. Hello! I'm having problems with my new Mesh Body and Mesh Hair. I changed from Maitreya to Slink HG recently, and is now having issues with my hair glitching in my boobs. I've tried different sizes of hair, adjusting the body shape etc. but only fix so far is flat chest which is strange, since with the Maitreya you could get pretty big boobs without the hair glitching as long as you were wearing the boobs+ or in some occasions fitted hair. Here's an example while it's fitted on my Slink HG body: Here's an example of fitted boobs+: Any suggestions on what to do? Also I've tried different creators hairstyles and same issues with the different sizes. AND! Even if I make the boobs bigger, the gap between the hair and boobs stays the same, just moves further out. I don't know what to do, I tried looking on youtube, and the forums, even the guide of HOW TO USE the Slink HG body, but nothing. Please help! Thank you!
  13. Thank you so much Axel, and to everybody else appreciate your help too!
  14. That sounds great, but I'm still very new at SL, so I don't even know what a CasperVend is or where to find one, that's why I was wondering if any of you had a link to a store with one so that I could check it out and maybe there's a chance that those items I need redelivered will show up...
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