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  1. I agree! The price is petty much unaffordable for most people on average incomes. I don't think we will ever see sims become cheaper until Linden Labs redistributes its income streams more in favour of things like Premium / Market Place fees etc. Of course you can get sims off private landlords like Chung who offers a full sim with 20,000 prims for L$16,999 a week which converts to $65.89. So $263.56 a month. ‬Not much cheaper but still better value.
  2. Germany had superior technology and machinery but no oil to power any of it. That is why Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in order to capture the Russian oil supplies. It's because of this that early on in the war Germany fought an offensive blisteringly quick 'Blitzkrieg' war mobilizing mechanized infantry and then switched to a more defensive infantry / horse drawn fighting later in the war. Simply put the oil had ran out to support such an offensive and Germany had failed to capture vital oil depots. Had Hitler been successful in the early campaigns in the East, it's likely Russia wou
  3. So to give people a better idea. This is an example of what would be displayed at the front of a classroom on a large screen. While this is what the students would see on their mobile devices in real life.
  4. To clarify, the website is one I use in RL in my classrooms. The kids only need to look at the screen as that is where the questions are displayed. They then use a device (an Ipad) such as a mobile to input their answers. The screen at the front displays their scores etc. I want to be able to stream the questions into SL and then people can be looking at their monitors and looking at the screen in world whilst holding their mobiles to play. Basically I want to make my SL class more fun and interactive.
  5. I was hoping someone among you good people could help me! I was hoping to be able to set up a live stream of an educational website that I could then play in SL for my students to watch and was wondering how I would go about achieving it? Basically I want to live stream an interactive website which would be projected in world. My students could then join the lesson on their mobiles / cells / tablets etc and watch the results of their actions on the stream. Thank you in advance for your help!
  6. I have two avatars who I role play with. This is my orc named Badrakk And this is my World of Warcraft style Troll named Daher Heydar.
  7. Honestly I'd feel bad about accepting money for something like this. Here are 2 pieces of free advise. 1) Only write about what your character does or says and their body language and expressions. Avoid writing about thoughts as the other characters won't know what you're thinking. This is called meta gaming. 2) Follow the order people are posting in and start pre-typing your reply as soon as the person after you posts, and add to your post as every one else posts their replies. This way you will include everyone and people won't be waiting 5 minutes for you to post when it's
  8. Hence the part where I say it's their land their rules. Please re-read my post. I don't have a problem with people who understand the TOS and have made that informed decision.
  9. I have a nine-year-old boy Tweenster avatar, and as other posters have said, child avatars are permitted in all areas of SL so long as the player behind the keyboard is eighteen years old or older. However, I feel the need to clear up what is meant by adult activities as some people become confused. It means sex or furniture with sexual animations. Not blood, not violence, not profanity, not gambling or drugs etc. The RP sim Crack Den is a great example of this. They allow child/teen avatars on their Adult Rated sim but not in their red zone where there is sex and nudity. It gets
  10. The Tweenster avatar is a very good avi to use for children aged between 8-15. It is very popular, comes omega compatible out of the box and there are lots of clothes, skins, shapes and mesh heads that work well with it. The community is very nice and supportive too.
  11. I intially started off doing modern/family RP as a kid avi but quickly found the actual RP to be lacking since most modern RP sims are just community living and mostly empty. I currently enjoy roleplaying on medieval/fantasy sims at the moment and have 1 character (an elven boy), roleplaying on Elven Quest, and another, an orc, roleplaying on Chronicles of Lynnea. In terms of style, I do enjoy para RP but keep my posts strictly to what my characters says or does, so if I want to convey how they're feeling or what they might be thinking, then I give my fellow RPers clues by decribing
  12. Met up with another photographer, Arti Love (the kid orc), and did a colab photoshoot! Was lots of fun. Check out my other pics on my flicrkr https://www.flickr.com/photos/161036139@N02/with/47271764741/
  13. Created an Orc alt so I'm currently chillin like a villian on Mount Doom.
  14. Here is the final product. Looks absolutely awesome and so happy with it.
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