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  1. Someone needs to stop watching Live PD. May I suggest 60 Days In? That makes complete sense. The financial info would be the easiest way to show ownership via name on card and last four of the account number. In the meantime, I would make use of Realms for crystal hunting. I got it down to a science, knowing where all the orange crystals could be found and their timing of cycles. Did really good. Made about 400LS in a just a few days to buy a tranq gun. Not at this time do I have payment info on file. That can be fixed in a jif. I updated my Dashboard too with current addy which
  2. Pulls over to side of road. Grabs license, registration and proof of insurance and exits vehicle. Discretely drops "Sucrets" tin and kicks softly under the car. Approaches the officer, handing the needed information over and asks "Anything wrong, officer?" For those who don't know what a "Sucrets" tin is:
  3. This has been a very educational lesson to me, thank you all. I gave all a trophy in appreciation. I guess if I've been online this long with no problems, I'll continue the course and carry on. With the lapse of time, I would figure that the Lab will take into consideration any answers I may lack if the situation arises. If a family Linden happens to see this thread, an observation would/will be most welcomed. 4136 days; 11 years, 3 months, 25 days goes by quickly when one follows the ToS.
  4. I have been a member of SL since 9/15/2007. I have remained in good standing, not violating ToS in any way, shape or form (well maybe a really small form). I am preparing to pour a boatload of $ for Lindens to upgrade my avi from standard to all mesh and everyone knows that is not cheap (Body, head, clothing, hair, etc). However, in the back of my mind, something could happen to have me provide pertinent information to show that I own the avi. As it stands now, if you held a gun to my head, I would not be able to tell you what name or basic information I entered at the initial sign up. I
  5. I grabbed a Jake demo and appreciated the looks and ease of using the sliders to adjust to my liking. I am inclined to run with Jake. The Geralt, as I mentioned in an earlier post, looks too macho but the Gianni looks very similar to the Jake (make sense?). It's the abs that turn me off. The prices are competitive (3000 L$ vs 2,999 L$0 so it comes down to which one is more user friendly and the ability to clothe and add skin texture and other things. I'm staying completely away from TMP. They may have been a rage at one time but have slipped down in popularity for various reasons. Right n
  6. I looked at the Geralt body and it seemed too, how can I say this, macho. I'm looking for something more laid back and not emphasizing a flat buck board (is that the proper term?) stomach. Thanks for the advice. Demo, demo, demo...CHECK!
  7. I have been away from Second Life for quite a while and have returned. My, my, my...have things changed. Anyway, I need to update my avatar and while I can find plenty of female mesh bodies, I can't seem to locate a decent make version. I'm looking for one that doesn't necessarily have a perfect stomach, but one that is more relaxing. Is that possible or am I expecting too much? Any advice will be appreciated.
  8. HalAngers wrote: Inworlds enables residents to pick a first name AND a surname. Why doesn't Second Life do this too? It would be a popular move? As Syo pointed out, SL did offer that abilllty, but withdrew it for one reason or another. Now anyone who signs up gets a surname of "Resident". It is a popular argument ("SL should bring it back!"), but I (and others) don't see that happening soon. I signed up when it was offered., hence Bulloch is my surname.
  9. Searching around, I found a Lindens Realm Portal that requires a premium membership. I recall there was a portal that didn't require a membership but alas, it has been replaced. Where is a Lindens Realm Portal that doesn't require a membership or does one even exist? Update: Thanks Rolig. The LM I used was from the previous Linden Realms Portal # 3, and it does throw up a flag reading "for premium members only". I'll give your link a shot.
  10. *wondering* what is a remote coNtraDictor? As the first answer on this page says (and the other page you posted the same question), follow the instructions on the webpage you were taken to. Contact support and submit a ticket.
  11. Before I log into my Second Life profile page, I see the home page with entries from other residents. Some are poignant whlle others are interesting, to say the least. One contributer is named Hippie. He serves breakfast to all who visit the page. It's a nice touch. Anyway, my question is how to post to that page. Not the personal profile feed, but the one on the main page. Is there a secret? BTW, I like my eggs over easy with a touch of garlic salt, buttered toast, hash browns and maybe sausage or bacon (depends on the mood)...oh yeah, glasses of milk too!
  12. Looking for bros and hose? Look no further..
  13. Who's to say you can't open a club and play that "muzak"? Just don't be surprised if you get requests for "Afternoon Delight" and "Islands in the Stream".
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