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  1. Edit: I figured it out. Had to hunt down my head-only Belleza alpha, then modify the system eye alignment for them to show up and not have me look like a weird alien. Hey hi! Long-time SL resident, relative noob to mesh. So, I've got an issue. I bought some eyes recently that said they were Omega compatible. I already have a Catwa head with Omega appliers, so I'm like cool. Unpacked the eyes, they're all system eyes. So, knowing my Catwa kit only worked with mesh eyes (aka actual objects), I did some tedious and apparently unsuccessful digging and found the Omega system eyes kit. Used those, adjusted the positioning, still tried to add the eyes. Obvz to no avail, because I'm wearing a head alpha for the Catwa head. TLDR: Is there a way to use system eyes with Omega appliers if I'm wearing a mesh head w/ an alpha layer? Any help is appreciated. If it matters, the eyes are from Gloom, the Sylven collection. Thanks in advance YaniiMarie
  2. So i applied some makeup for Omega, To a MayReal Mesh Head using a Relay HUD. Sometimes it looks fine, Like when i Log in, And a few minutes later without my having done or messed with anything at all, It does stuff like this (Again, On it's own) Please advise! Thank you (This has been an ongoing issue with other Eyeliner Appliers in the past too, It's definitely not just this one)
  3. I scripted an Omega applier for my partner's head skin (Big surprise the ad on MP said it came with one but doesn't). I can see his skin fine BUT on his screen, it is grey. Why is that and how do I fix it?
  4. Hi, I've been searching for this beard in both the marketplace and in world and I am yet to find it or even something similar. I have already contacted the blogger who hasn't responded yet and I'm hoping anyone here could help me!! It would be greatly appreciated as I have been looking for weeks now 😅 here is the link to the picture: https://slayertanaka.blogspot.com/search?q=1215 Many thanks guys!
  5. This is gonna be another one of my noob questions, but do omega appliers work on BOM avatars? I'm currently full BOM, but I bought some skin and face shines that also have omega appliers. Would those omega appliers work on a fully BOM avi? Is there something that I need to do to make them work, or something that I could do to make my avi be omega enabled? I want to get one of the face shines to work, but I don't know if it's even possible. Also, I have the same question for hair bases as well that have no BOM layers, but are 'omega'. Could these kinds of hair bases work on a full BOM avatar, or would I have to strictly adhere to either BOM layers, or appliers that are made specifically for my head?
  6. Experienced games content creator makes custom avatars based on rl celebrities or people, Texture clothing , Makeup,. tattoos, Body details, Brandings, I also style the complete avatar and do Photography . Contact me inworld for more information. https://www.flickr.com/photos/olympiahoxley/ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/67150
  7. As the title says, is Catwa omega? I checked up on the marketplace for a omega system for catwa, but its only for skins or does it work with blushes and lips and everything else?
  8. I am an experienced creator who makes custom content such as Skins, Clothes texturing, Make up, tattoos or Slave Brands . I have created for Sansar, The Sims, IMVU, Gevolution and 3d websites. You can have a look at my stuff below . Contact me inworld for further information. Thank you and stay home ❤️ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/67150 https://www.flickr.com/photos/olympiahoxley/
  9. ok so i have a signature geralt for my brother (yall know...the one that wouldnt shut up...)and i obviously dont have the first clue what im doing here...poor guy has been running around SL looking just a hot mess...and now i cant get a hairbase to stick....im about to use superglue and a hotglue gun...which would be fun for me...for him not so much. I dont get how to do hairbase as tattoo etc etc and ive read all the stuff and its like trying to rebuild a german carburator with japanesse instructions and non metric tools....in otherwords...HELP.....please! ❤️
  10. hey all, I am looking for some pretty eyes.. I have been around many places, however i don't *really* know what Im looking for.. so many sat "catwa" or "genus" head.. I have a LAQ bento head, and I have the Omega applier for eyes&makeup.. so does anyone know any stores (preferably in world) that I could go to look for this ? .. cheers (I do mean other than the LAQ main store though, obviously I've been there)
  11. I own a Catwa head and am curious how to use/apply materials onto it. I'm making a shiny forehead mark, something barely there unless hit with light. 1. The Catwa dev kit offers Spec & Norm map uploads when you choose skin, but not for the other options(eyeshadow etc). Why is this? Oddly though, when I set the maps for skin during setup, they weren't registered when applied, just the skin texture came through. On the Hud itself I can upload maps so they layer on top of the skin, works and looks exactly as needed. So, is there a way to transfer these files for others to use without giving away the textures themselves? 2. When I was playing with and uploaded the maps to the Omega Applier it was applying the materials to the entire face on my other head, a GA.EG, instead of just where there was the relevant color info. I ended up having to cut out the locations and turning the file to an alpha to keep the whole blush or forehead section from glossing over. I don't have to do this with the Catwa hud applicator though, it reads the maps just fine not alpha'd. Whats the reason for this?
  12. Hello! I want to make a relief (specular) tattoo with an omega system. with enabled materials. What do I need for this? previously did the usual omega tattoo. What is the difference?
  13. I'd like to know what store these eyes are from. Marketplace searches, Google searches, and in-world browsing have not yielded exact results.
  14. For the Catwa Animated Eyes, will the animation (the pupil dilation) only work with eye textures that were made specifically for the Animated Eyes? Or, can I apply third-party textures via Omega or Catwa to the same effect, even if they were not made specifically for the Animated Eyes?
  15. Hello, everyone this topic has probably been already discussed in some other post but, i am using a 6doo head and would like to try Omega Asian skins to go with it preferably Chinese since i'm Chinese but i will go for Korean or Japanese also. Of course i have did some looking around on the market place and have found one creator alaskametro<3 to be exact and i love her skin also ikonic as well but im looking for more skins that are Omega and asian anyone have suggestions ? not many skins for 6doo..and i have tried some brands that make skins for 6doo but i want more realistic skin and not skin like Arata or [Luv] if you know what i mean. Thanks-
  16. I'm looking for someone to make a customer omega mesh compatible skin based on Salem from rwby. Trying to get ahead for Halloween. Anyone suggest or help?
  17. Teagan301

    Custom Tattoo

    I am looking for someone who can do a custom facial tattoo and put it into an omega applier. Contact on here or in SL under the username of Teagan301
  18. Ok, so I have split up the mesh, and TRYING to get the seams correct, not to mention mirrored, for my custom body. It uses SL/Linden Lab UVs, just like any Omega based body. Unfortunately, this process is very tedious, and I can't even get passable results, let alone good or perfect results. Trying to match up the middle of the back by splitting up the mesh. It's a lot of clumsy trial and error, and I was wondering if someone had any idea of an easier way.
  19. jdoet

    Tan my skin

    Hello , with the sun i want to tan my white skin .... my skin was made by deetalez , not modify , but i did my own tattoo with omega applier on my maitreya and belleza mesh body and lelutka head , i try to make a brown layer with a few opppacity in addition of my tattoo but the look was not good . Where can i find a good layer to add in my PSD file (on photoshop) to work on it and make tanned mark Thank u so much for your help Sorry for my poor english .. Jade www.jadedoet.fr.nf
  20. I've been looking all over the grid and I can't seem to find anything so I'm gonna ask for ya'll's help: I'm looking for some mesh eyes that are omega compatible but also for furry avatar heads. Anyone got a lead on something like that?
  21. Hi! My friend and I started getting our avatars together about two weeks ago, and we both purchased a Mesh head from Genesis Lab. I had no problem activating the Omega System Installer - Genesis on my avatar, but for some reason despite following instructions, it won't activate on my friends avi. She purchased a hairbase for a flexi hairstyle, and it wont show for some reason. She has the Omega installer, and I got us another one called Omega Advanced - Applier Converter for clothing and makeup. I don't even know if this will solve the problem of adding the hairbase, so if anybody knows what to do, please help! It's very frustrating when still trying to understand how Second Life works in general while putting an avatar together. I mean, it shouldn't be this difficult, right? So any suggestions or advice is much appreciated/needed. Thank you!
  22. I've been trying out a demo pack of L'Etre skins, and there is an applier for Omega Body included with the pack, along with appliers for Belleza, Gianni, and Slink. I've looked around in market place, and did an in world search, but I can't find the Omega body anywhere. All I see is a store in Marketplace that sells appliers for various vendors. Is Omega a mesh body vendor, or something else??
  23. Hello everyone, I am back to creating tattoos for mesh bodies. I would like to find a way to upload temporary textures or upload from local ON my mesh body. As tattoo making is a lot of trial and error to make everything align well with the body.... Is there a way I can upload for free at first, I cannot afford to upload all my making of textures... Currently using firestorm. Thanks for the help!
  24. ????? ? ?? ?????? ????? ????? ????!!! Saturday, Oct 7th-28th Sponsored By: D.U.S.T,LB,Vengeful,Ghostyss,Evhah,Sexy Princess. 25+ DESIGNERS | EXCLUSIVE ITEMS|GIFTS Stay Up to Date on FB: https://www.facebook.com/SavoirFaireEventSL/ Our Website: https://savoirfaireevents2.wixsite.com/savoirfaireeventsl (Shopping Guide inside) Ride:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Detroit%20Star%20City/208/29/806
  25. Hello! I am using the Maitreya mesh body with the v-tech Boi chest mod (a flat/feminine chest). This chest has glam affair skin match so I can still use the skins that come with Maitreya, however I am finding it impossible to find matching Omega glam affair skin appliers. Does anyone know where I can find demo's of Glam affair skins with omega head appliers? Are there other skins (head and body with omega) anyone knows of, that have flat chest versions for their body skins or a flat chest tattoo? Cheers
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