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  1. I always love to get new friends, and only drop people when they are jerks.
  2. It's a cure dress, someone could buy one and just ask them for the style card.
  3. so within walking distance to anyplace in texas?
  4. Do you get any type of message when you get booted, and does your viewer crash or stay open. Have you tried other viewers, maybe uninstalling and reinstalling the viewer.
  5. I'm in Florida is that close enough to Texas?
  6. My top half is tempted, the bottom half is all "we are not going anywhere near that"
  7. I love being watched looks like my kind of place.
  8. If it becomes available it would be free.
  9. I am sure the cats just call us Slave 1, Slave 2, ect ect
  10. ok cool, my sl time is limited by some rl issues right now but I will try to get by as soon as i can.
  11. We all are dying, nothing lives forever, seize the day and don't dwell on it.
  12. Maybe I learned it pole dancing, and opening up conversations in the hope of getting a tip, I think that is the one secret to success at that game, a certain percentage of your conversations are going to pay off for you, the more you can start the better chances you have of going home with money in your bra.
  13. Actually I think a big part of it for me is actually typing as opposed to opening my mouth and talking. But I think even that is a form of hiding, hiding my voice behind text.
  14. Yes it happens sometimes it can go for hours not working sometimes it is sporadic. i tried to post two, the second one which really needed the first one to be understood, and of course the first didn't post. One work around is to post to a Flickr page instead, and direct your friends there to see your pictures, not ideal but at least it allows you to save that special moment if the feed decides that is when its going to stop working.
  15. I may have something available in the near future, not a roommate situation but possibly a room.
  16. You all feel sorry for the kitty because it fell, I am like "somebody get that poor creature out of the snow!!!!!!"
  17. Shy and quiet? In SL? Really? Get over that, I am shy and quiet and introverted in RL, I have actually been accused of being mute. But here I can hide behind an avatar and open up.
  18. This one I think applies to RL as well.
  19. I also love taking pictures and finding gorgeous sims, right at the moment my RL keeps me away from SL more than I would like, but maybe sometime we can get together to explore a bit.
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