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Found 5 results

  1. Hi people! My name is Zacharias. I'm a master anthropology student from Denmark, with great interest in virtual worlds and computer games. I'm currently looking for some one to interview about Second life. It will be an informal interview where we talk about what Second life is and why you are playing it. We will meet in the SL and do the interview in there. Its 100 percent anonymous and it will take 25-50 minutes. If you are interested just write me! Best regards.
  2. Hi Guys! Are you guys looking for an inworld identity for your brand??? Why sell them only at marketplace when we are offering you a wonderfull place for your shop! Yes!! You get a full 50 Prims for a very Low price with lots of discounts to our first customers!!!! *_* And you can get 60 Prims too! Only 200 Ls-300 Ls weekly! So why not get a inworld shop and get your dreams on Contact Lightrona - Socail Manager TP - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glory Land/196/105/24
  3. How many of you try to make your avatar look like your offline selves. I don't mean just, "We have the same hair cut" or "We have the same color eyes", I mean the resemblance is so strong that if a full body photo of both you and your avatar were side-by-side, that there was no mistake that your avatar looks like you (face, body, hair, etc.). It doesn't have to be PRECISE, but in the ballpark. Are there any studies on this? Like, "People who choose to be something completely different are more creative" or anything like that? I find it interesting. Thanks!
  4. I am curious if there are people who are known as or by their avatars identity as it relates to real life and other social media platforms. I am on Facebook as Hunter Stern but I also have a real life Facebook account for immediate family, BUT they also know I identify as Hunter Stern for the most part, including my listed birthday (rez day in this sense). I share my art and experiences of SL through Hunter Stern and likewise, my real life expressions and adventures on there and this gives my other family and friends who are not associated with SL a glimpse into this virtual domain and a chance to know me a little better. I am known in the town I live in as Hunter Stern, by artist acquaintance (we have a robust art community with well known oil painters, sculptors, wood craftsmen etc) Ofcourse many of them don't grasp the concept of digital or virtual worlds and 3D art the same way. Do people find it odd that some would identify a mix of both in their lives, or could this be a norm and common for some? I know many artists (actors and authors in particular) who tend to have pseudo-names or aliases, but in a way this isn't a matter of alias for me, whereas if I were given a choice to change my legal name it would be Hunter Stern. I bring this topic up because lately I have noted that I am going back and forth between accounts as well, reposting content because not everything can be seen by non-friends to an account. This might be bothersome for some and/or confusing , but I'm quite content with it for the time being myself. Some of my immediate family and friends don't understand the context of some images (for example, me out dancing at a club with friends on avatars) they have even asked what it was all about (and yes I soooo wanted to push them to sign up with SL, but on the other hand SL is truly a unique place that can literally make you feel as though you are starting from square one in terms of learning something new, and we do have a high population of technical minds in SL (call them nerds if you like,lol). I honestly don't know if it would be fruitful anyways to invite or have close real life friends directly in SL just to see what it is about and what it is I do or how I do it. How much does SL impact your RL?
  5. I've been reading a book about brains. It's an engaging read on how they develop, change over time, and recover from injury, rewiring themselves to overcome emergent deficits, or simply shifting their mapping around subtly during one's lifetime. We all came here for our own reasons. We all stayed here for our own reasons. I would be fascinated to see how the brain of someone might have changed over time as they created their first main avatar, the one that, to whatever degree, became the biggest part of themselves. I'd love to see how, when they took this avatar out onto the grid, connecting with it, exploring the world, meeting other people, conversing, playing, and doing all the things we do here, regions of their brain changed and created new connections to other regions. I'd love to see how, when they are driving their avatar through all these activities, their brain lights up differently than when they're interacting in real space, with people and situations both familiar and unfamiliar. I'm curious how their communication skills might have changed, improved and expanded as a result of possibly new methods and routes and combinations thereof of sending and receiving information. My sister had a benign brain tumor (benign... pfft) removed some years ago, in two separate surgeries, the second more successful than the first. It affected a small section of her visual cortex, as well as causing changes to how she reads, how she handles numbers, and how she remembers things. She can't work now. I'd like to see stories about how the use of virtual worlds might have helped people with brain injuries of differing origins.
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