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  1. I sent you another LM, mine will put you right in front of my stuff
  2. I got a chance to get online this morning, I set you a friend request. If you can't get to it right away I understand
  3. It's May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, so I have to be dressed for the occasion.
  4. I wouldn't normally post a two pictures here both taken in the same outfit and the same location two days in a row, But in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I used the color hud to make my swimsuit fit the occasion and just moved from the dance pole to the bar. Who wants a Corona?
  5. Why do people in any situation take advantage of opportunities to get stuff for themselves?
  6. I have been here almost two years and I play for free, One of the perks is a place to live, and the other is a linden allowance, if you are escorting you can earn your own so you won't need the allowance and pay for your own place. mesh is a type of avatar, the good ones are not cheep, you probably should get familiar with the whole process before you make that jump. What you charge depends on what services you provide, obviously voice or cam command a higher price than just text. very few guys will need an hour of your time though. I typically got 500L for text only and we usually were done in under an hour, I never timed anything though. Some guys like to try to be romantic and drag it out, which is odd in the situation.
  7. You actually look for trouble? Isn't it so much easier to just make your own wherever you happen to be?
  8. So they just posted the official announcement here in the forum, so be sure to check it out.
  9. Well trendy was meant just as an example of how things can appear diffent in different groups. I could just as easily used Trump supporters, and compared how many one might.find at an NRA meeting as compared with a meeting of The NAACP. The fact is, and we have seen it here in the forums, that there are people who question whether non-mesh Avis even have a future in SL. I am cureosity if mesh is even a majority.
  10. Yeah well except for the palm trees it probably looks a lot like Oklahoma
  11. Ok, I know I know, the horse is dead stop beating on it, but actually I don't want to discuss which is better or what people use, or any of that. I am curious if there are and actual statistics on what percentage of people use mesh, and if such statistics are lacking what people think about what those percentages might be. It seems to me it is a lot like real life, you hang out in the spots where the trendy people hang out and it is easy to imagine the whole world is a trendy person, then you go into Walmart and you realize that no, the whole world isn't. I have been in sims where everyone is mesh and looks fabulous, and other sims where I feel like it's 2AM at Walmart. Obviously all those people in those sims running around picking up .05L coins hoping to get a whole Linden are not spending thousands on a mesh avi. So anyway, overall, just how many people do use mesh avis?
  12. Well I am in Florida, but don't go to the beach much either.
  13. When you buy an animation, somewhere it will usually tell you to test it first with your avi to be sure it works right, this is why.
  14. I have 3 or 4 outfits that have nothing in them, I have no clue why and it does not seem to be a persistent problem, I have saved outfits since and they are fine.
  15. I don't care if you have a tail and horns, I actually have horns but I rarely wear them. Maybe once we get our issues fixed we can go explore some place. I have been playing around with dark picture lit from a single light source in the picture itself, like a candle or a light bulb, It might be fun to have a vampire in some of them.
  16. IDK, all I know is my personal experience, which is that for a long time i thought the whole sub/dom thing was ....... well stupid. Then I met this guy. I now wear his collar and it makes me happy when he uses it to jerk me out of the sim I am in and next to him. I have done things with him that I once though there was no way I would ever do , even if it was all pretend. I think there is something about it that adds an emotional level to SL that is otherwise lacking because this is a safe and sterile place. Real relationships are full of dangers, even if that danger is nothing more than not knowing if you can pay the cable bill this month, but SL is danger free, just turn off the computer and everything goes away. I think BDSM here puts some of that back into our Second Lives, and that can be especially meaningful in a relationship.
  17. Back on April 13, I found a swimsuit in MP, I loved, so I grabbed a demo. It was supposed to be red, but it was closer to pink, I was dissapointed, even though a friend said it looked great and I should buy the full version. I thought about getting a different color, but nothing else moved me like red, and the red was pink. They were 199L per color, and I just couldn't see spending that on something that wasn't what I really wanted. Then last night I am looking at a featured item, then click on the store, and there is a different version of that swimsuit, this one also 199, but with a color hud so I could get every color, actually more colors than the first one I found, plus the hud allows me to change the trim colors, the zipper colors, even will allow me to make the left and right sides different colors. This new version of the suit is from Hilly Haalan
  18. I to love to take pictures, and I never judge others about what they wear or do here, just look at the pictures on my profile page and you will see I have no room to judge, I try to be an artist and I have a couple galleries where I display some of my pictures from SL that I have turned into virtual paintings for SL. I have my own family unit I am a part of but always looking for friends, especially friends who like to get out and explore all there is in SL. Right now my RL makes it hard to get online with any consistacy.
  19. Once upon a time, I always wore short black hair. This is so much like a look I would have gone for back in the day. IDK somehow my look has transformed over time.
  20. I probably can't help, but I do know that those who can will need to know what kind of body and what kind of head you are using.
  21. Actually it just occurred to me I can get the SLURL off my MP page without having to get online in SL, which right now I can't do much and when I do I have a million things I want to do and don't get most of them done. So anyway here it is. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edgerley/33/16/28
  22. Interesting, I have several UK friends despite the fact I am in the US, This is due to the fact that I typically I am on during the day, M-F when most of my US counterparts are at work, but people in the UK have gotten home for the evening.
  23. Well it isn't a matter of knowing what you are doing, an artist is a craftsman who comprehends fully the craft he or she works in, but rather the meaning of the work, and what it says to the world. certainly some idiot who doesn't understand even the basics of the craft he is trying to perform is not an artist. It is as if the artist continually develops a more and more complex understanding of the art up to the limits of human comprehension, and then because the limit is reached, the artists comprehension levels off, but the work itself continues to soar beyond that point.
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