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  1. Letting my country roots show today and rocking the camo, Oh and the flowers in my hair came from a demo of a hair, but there isnt anything demo about the flowers and who says I am on the naughty side? I am just a poor girl trying to buy shoes
  2. I to was a reluctant mesh convert, I had put together over time a collection of tattoos that were unique, and I knew mesh would mean I would have to start over. I finally took the plunge however and got a Maitreya body, and I love it. I do however still use my old system head, because it looks like "me". I am not sure if I will ever change that.
  3. but, say a subject was discussed here five years ago. Now we have a whole new bunch of people, these people might want to discuss the same thing, since they missed to first conversation, so then why not add the new conversation to the old thread? Obviously the "I am new and looking for friends" thread from 5 years ago, that person isn't new, and may have completely moved on away from SL. And as for opening a thread in 2010 and getting tons of IMs from unknown people, girls get that whether the opened a thread or not, it is just SL.
  4. Everyone is looking for friends, I would love to be one of yours, but at the moment RL keeps me away a lot, and I barely have time for my two SL careers. But if by chance we are on at the same time sometime maybe we can hang out and explore a sim, as that is part of what i do in my career as an artist.
  5. No, No it isn't, It is equivalent of buying a painting at an art show, taking it home, making posters from the image, and selling them online. Still illegal, still unethical, but not equivalent of taking merchandise (which a merchant paid for) out of a store. Along the same lines would be downloading pirated music, and then playing it at a club or party in SL. Of course that one might get to close to stepping on toes.
  6. I wish you luck, and I totally agree with your thoughts on that thing being missing is your other half. Unfortunately I am not yours, because I have already found mine, and yes SL became a whole new more wonderful place after I did. I just wanted to post here to wish you success in your search, because after you find your other half, you want the whole world to experience the magic with you.
  7. At the Spring Sensuality Art Show Ball with my brother in law.
  8. So I got up this morning and went to work, so I had to wear my work clothes
  9. Technically every art is brought to life by technology, as technology is really any use of material by man, basket weaving is a technology, so technologies bring everything into existence and then when those technologies become obsolete those things start to fade. And someone always laments the fading.
  10. I think it is a dying art, killed by the advance of technology, like basket weaving and spelling.
  11. I can't wait to get online in world and check out the sim, and the club. As a freelance dancer and artist this is just what I am looking for.
  12. I am looking for a store i can rent. or a parcel I can build on, where I can place an art gallery of adult themed art.
  13. I get the whole paraRP thing if you are still back in the day when the internet was new and computers just sent back and forth text. There was no other way to set a scene back then, but today we have everything visually simulated, so why can't we just focus on interacting within the virtual environment as if it actually exists and have what seems to me a more realistic RP?
  14. Well, lately my husband and I never see each other due to issues in both our RLs, and the little time we do get together he isn't inclined to be wearing much of anything, but is something changes and it looks like we might be able to do this I will send you an IM it actually sounds like a lot of fun.
  15. One more thing, related to the "RP isn't what it used to be" moaning I hear so much, Anything will decline if it does not constantly attract new people, and in my own personal experience with RP, it isn't very new person friendly at all. I thought about doing RP once, I found a cute little RP community and could see myself being a part of it. I went there was walking around when I saw another girl so I tried to talk to her about the town. Mind you I was talking to her about the town in SL, as if we were two people who just met on the street, and started a conversation. She told me she didn't engage in OCC, and I needed to look at the website and send and questions in a note card to an admin. I didn't know what OCC was, but I researched online, and discovered that apparently I couldn't just go up to her and ask if she lived there, I needed to write a whole paragraph and mention what the wind was doing with my hair, which leg I had most of my weight on, and what I was doing with my eyes. Anyway I did my research and got an application to join the RP, it had lots of questions about my style of RP, which I answered the best i could based on everything I had read about it online, and sent it in. I never heard from them again. i guess they could tell I was a newbie and didn't want to deal with it. I do not know if this is typical or not, bu tI know if it happened to me it happened to others, and if you are turning off the new people in this way, your numbers are going to shrink, because in every group people leave due to life's issues, People get busy, they get new jobs, they lose their internet, they even die. You cannot survive as a group if the only recruiting that is done is an attempt to steal experienced participants from other RPs.
  16. For me I rent, I rent in the mainland because I want neighbors, I am not into the whole private little spot sealed off from anyone else thing. I have rented various different places in SL, that is the thing about renting, you pay week to week, and can move someplace else any time you want. I have also at various times found guys who will let me build on their land, so I get the use of it rent free, true all but the current place were temporary, but when you have to go you pick up your things and move on.
  17. So true, nothing ever stays the same and someone always thinks the old way is better, even when the old way was crappy. SL is the way it is because people make it what they want, stop bitching and get out there and make your little corner of it what you want. If it's as great as you think, then you should have plenty of company before long.
  18. Could you teach my SL husband how to dress? In fact maybe you could teach my RL husband to.
  19. Oh yes don't call it a game, I doubt that it is 99.99999% of users, but a lot do get sensitive when you call it a game. There are games you can play in SL, some of them literal games like Greedy, and others not so literal, like stripping, it is just like life in that way. But SL itself isn't a game.
  20. Puts away the bag of Oreos.
  21. Yeah I would change mine in a heartbeat, I understand the reasons why they can't be changed, but it is kinda a shame that we get stuck with something we picked out before we knew much about SL, or even if we were going to stick around more than a couple of days. My first choice was Talitha but that wasn't available, so I picked Talligirl and then at the last second got cute with the spelling. More then once people have asked me if it is supposed to allude to T-gurl, but when I thought that up I had never even heard of the term T-gurl. At least we have the option to use a display name, which I do which includes not just my preferred name of Talitha, but a middle name and last name adopted since I began doing SL, and now a part of my husbands name as well, in a hyphenated last name.
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