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  1. Thank you so much, I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw how good this looked.
  2. I think I am going to have to try that.
  3. I use it a lot, but i don't keep it open all the time.
  4. So recently there were some pictures of inappropriate clothing, so here is my contribution.
  5. I need an alt to work on my art, since every time I log in to do that I get people wanting my attention. I usually end up letting them distract me from what I logged in to do.
  6. Though to be honest, there are days I log into SL, just to get pictures to post here.
  7. I suspect some of us may be able to get away with more than others.
  8. but you dont show much flesh so you can get away with it.
  9. I get it, some days I log on and it just makes me miserable and I question why am I doing this. But other times I love it. I do wonder though if the miserable became the norm, would I actually be able to walk away. I am reminded of a former forum regular who came to the point of realization that SL was doing him more emotional harm than good, and did walk away.
  10. I am no expert on any of this, but I use an LAQ head and am able to find other skins for it.
  11. I think one huge difficulty with Christian fellowship within SL is the great diversity of Christian expressions of faith. When you take the relatively small percentage of people in SL who are open here about thier faith, that group gets further divided into various doctrines and denominations. I have been involved with some Catholic groups but since I am not Catholic I have not been totally enthusiastic about it. I dI not remember ever meeting another Presbyterian in SL.
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