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  1. Be a stripper, and be patient. Be sure not to spend everything as soon as you get it so you can save for the big purchases. I have a Maitreya body, LAQ head and shape, Lure skin, none of which came cheep in terms of Lindens, but not a penny came out of my RL pocket for any of it.
  2. I will follow you when I get to my computer. I can't remember my password and it isn't saved in the device I am using. You can find a link to mine in my signature.
  3. Well I can tell you how I get most of mine, but judging from your profile picture you might not do quite as well.
  4. But that is one of the beauties of SL, you can just choose to work the kids puzzles if you want, as opposed to RL, that often tells you that today you have to deal with very hard adult puzzles.
  5. I am able to figure out what I need to know. I make art so I am able to do the simple task of working with a basic square prim. I can work with pose balls to get pictures, and modify poses when they are not quite right. I read about all sorts of advanced things people do, but it usually just sounds like work to me. I come here to have fun, not to work. I do not understand the whole BOM thing, or why I would even want it. I know people have said it lets you wear old stuff. But I want to wear new stuff.
  6. You never know how you will meet that one you click with. I met mine while dancing on a stripper pole, so I was dealing with lots of creepy guys. Then this one was different.
  7. I would love that, RL keeps me occupied most of the time lately, so I do not get on a whole lot. But I would love to go explore with you.
  8. I do not get on as much as I used to, but if we are on at the same time sometime I would love to.meet you.
  9. Some guys hanging out in front of the diner had this security drone. One of them asked if they could make it follow me and I was like "why not"
  10. When I singed up I tried to use my real name, Talitha, but it was taken, so with very little thought I came up with Talligirl, then thought it would be cute to spell it wrong. It was only after it was to late that I learned what a T gurl was, I get asked a lot if that is the inspiration of my name. If I had had any idea how significant SL would become to me, I would have put more thought into it.
  11. When I close the cover of my laptop it logs me out whether I want to or not, and sense I don't leave my laptop sitting around open I always am logged out when I leave the computer. My luck the cat will knock the thing over and cause real damage.
  12. Talligurl


  13. But that can be so much fun. I love the look of your profile picture, makes me want to see more. I will IM you when I get on later, and see if something sparks.
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