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  1. OK so I ended up uninstalling Firestorm and reinstalled it and now no more problems
  2. Parts of me are missing, it is actually the alpha which is messed up, one breast and part of my neck do not show on my viewer. Other people tell me they do not see any issues. I do not see any issues when I use the SL viewer. Any ideas as to why this might be?
  3. Block them for that? That is what de-render is for. Remember when you lock someone you are blocking their communications from reaching you. Which means they can still see you, and they can talk about you i local chat, but you can't see what they are saying. Which is why I do not block nearly as much as I used to.
  4. this is why I never upload the image but post the link from Flickr
  5. Oh darn, I was really hoping this would weed out a lot of the stupid people.
  6. I am going to be in the Kultivate 4th Anniversary Art Show, RL has not really allowed me the time to set up my part the way I would like, but at least I got something up. The opening is July 14th at 1PM SLT, and the landmark is here, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water Haven/144/55/22
  7. they even wrote a song about it.
  8. Can you upload from your computer? I never upload directly but first save to my computer, which is free, then upload what I want in SL through the build menu, this allows editing first.
  9. Learning from a mistake makes for a better story though.
  10. I am not LGBQT+, at least not in RL, but I do love art and I love to meet fellow artists.
  11. It is like anything else, different flavor so for different folks, companies normally advertise all thier products. While SL has family friendly aspects that many people enjoy, using these exclusively for promotion will not attract those looking for a more edgy experience.
  12. It is a valuable service in SL where you have lots of designers who want to sell women's clothing, and lots of guys who are willing to pay real money to buy lindens, but have no interest in buying the clothes. We I mean they, offer the guys what they want to pay for and then spend the money on the clothes, and everybody wins.
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