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  1. 30 year old adult avatar looking for contemporary family for a trial invite. message bobtron brunswick
  2. I have an RLV device I hired a scripter to make me that makes RP very unique and immersive. It cuts down on metagaming and mod calls. I am trying to think outside the box into what kinds of roleplay we could use for it and I think it would be very fun and interesting. It is a non invasive object that you can take off at any time that disables name tags, radar, profiles, and IMs. Please contact me if you are interested. Bobtron Brunswick.
  3. You look at SLT and it feels more like your time than your real timezone.
  4. If you want to just talk or whatever. I am not looking for anything specifically at first though it could always evolve into that. I prefer to voice when I get to know someone. I like to see someones energy and how it connects with my own. I don't like hearing about peoples RL problems right from the get go. If I find out that a woman is married or living with someone, I tend to walk away. Hit me up if you wanna skype and hang out on voice. There's not that many places im not bored with in SL these days so I basically just hang out with friends.
  5. It had a build out of this world and great DJ's and alot a people. It's a shame that it went down. Does anyone have any old screenshots of the place? I cant find anyone that even remembers it. The atmosphere was awesome there, nothing else like it.
  6. Willing to work for free on the right projects of course. Hit me up in world and we'll talk. I have done mostly stuff off SL like this but I can and will record if needed. I have the equipment to do so quite well and I am eager to start some machinima for SL. I love film editing and I have been editing since 2008.
  7. maybe... but whoa hey your picture looks hot!
  8. This is for if a guy wants to conceptualize actually having a friendship with another guy. Strictly straight duhhhhhh I roleplay in urban and Gor. I have plenty of friends that are women and no men and sometimes its fun to have friends that are guys but that seems difficult in SL so yeahhhhhh bring on the....errr...yeah!
  9. I am a owner of a full sim looking for dedicated admins and builders. I am open to any form of roleplay. Urban Gorean Medival.. I prefer things with humans and non magical but I am flexible. Please contact me with your name and a notecard of what your plans are and ideas. I want to start a sim together with someone that is eager and enthusiastic to create something non drama and fun for everyone involved. I prefer an adult themed roleplay, with heavy emphasis on RP and not sex. Please send me a notecard with your plans, ideas, and thoughts. Thank you! - Bobtron Brunswick
  10. I am looking for a mesh artist to do a clothing/armor design. A helmet, torso,arms,pants,and boots. If you are good with mesh clothes please contact me and we can negotiate a payment when the mesh is done. Please send a notecard regarding developing this armor shown on this mesh to bobtron brunswick containing information about your skills and links to your shops or marketplace links.
  11. I have been meaning to write this. I have been through many trials in SL, and now I have finally pulled away from the screen after a year of nonstop being in SL to tell everyone that I used to be in a cult. I will keep this short and not get into the bloody details but the cult was destroying my life and Second Life saved me. So many people are brainwashed by a cultlike religions and I for one am a survivor, and thanks to SL. I have been hurt a lot since I have been in SL by people and I wish I spent more time doing other things but I am glad to have my freedom of mind back. I have to tell you
  12. I am looking for an active church in Second Life. I am becoming a devout Christian in RL and am talking to a few Christians in SL. I am Greek Orthodox. Please reply with your thoughts or contact me ingame my name is Bobtron Brunswick. Thanks. :)
  13. I am responding to the thread subject here.I don't think SL is only about sex at all. To me it's about exchanging ideas and skills. It's more like a virtual college than anything else for me, except theres no exams and you have more ability to learn at your own pace.
  14. Hey I have been doing some recording in Second Life and I was wondering if anyone had any pointers. I am still trying to figure out how to remove the camera controls and stuff like that to make the recordings look more pristine, like many of the Second Life videos I have seen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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