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  1. Hello Second Life Community. Last night was the first time that I had gotten back on second life in a few months. And I believe I had this issue before I left, but my avatar is not rendering like it should. When loading, My head goes to my hand, and my dress awkwardly floats inside of me. Also, other pieces of my body parts are off to the side in a cluster. Can someone please give me an explanation/solution?? Thank you :))) -Twilk14
  2. @JoeDex @LittleMe Jewell @Talligurl @Phil Deakins @Rhonda HuntressSorry for not answering to these, I haven't checked the forums in a little while. I am single in RL. I am not married. I am not looking for a relationship in RL right now, but I am in SL because I don't wish for a RL relationship at the current moment. I say SL only because I don't want anything in RL. I am indeed a woman. I am 24. I do not use skype, ftm, text, or social media to contact my SO in SL. I have learned a traumatic experience from doing so, and I would prefer to not go through anything of the sorts again.
  3. Hello Second Life residents, this is Lady Lanell (twilk14). I am single, and I am looking for a SL relationship. I am a straight female. I will only do a SL relationship, not one in real life. If you're interested in being a potential suitor and learning more, please send me an IM
  4. so the name/ brand of it is Jian?
  5. @Cindy Evanier what brand is he?
  6. I didn't know what other group to place this under, sorry :l Anyways, I am looking for a pet who can roam around on it's own, looks realistic, doesn't have to be fed, and is rather inexpensive. I am not online to care for it everyday, but I do have some land to put it on. If you would please drop some comments on some good pets, that would be lovely! (I am more of a dog lover)
  7. thank you guys for the helpful tips
  8. Thanks you guys! Sorry for the late reply, I've had the notifications off for this post. :l
  9. thank you, I will do so @Talligurl. Actually, I believe I've seen you SEVERAL times at SSB
  10. Can someone inform me on a good place to meet great people on second life? I often go to clubs but none of the people there are genuinely interested in conversations. They're just interested in what they can get out of you. Please tell me a good place/places to look for new people in 2017 Thank you guys!
  11. yes, I am relatively new to the whole new making your own avi lol. I've been on SL for a little over a year, but this is the first time that I've had a non mesh body, I'm trying to show a photo, but I can't get it to get on here :l
  12. well the only issue i have now is the neck is a totaly different color than the head and the body, and I can't make it look any better. @Alwin Alcott do you know a solution??
  13. I need more help on my head guys! It looks weird from the side angle
  14. Can some one please assist me in finding a place where there are a lot of nice people in sl? I am trying to find new friends and a new relationship, but I can't seem to be finding the right kind of people... Any suggestions on where I can hangout? Or do any of you know people who would be my friend or interested in a relationship with me? Thank you for the help!
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