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  1. I have an art gallery in the neighborhood (Chelsea Plaza, I always get confused as to where it is in relation to the hotel)
  2. No you have done nothing wrong, yet this person apparently has RL information about you that she is misusing. She couldn't do that if she didn't have it. You made a mistake to allow her to get this info. I do not know what prompted you to share this sensitive information, and I am sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but you never really know when you are dealing with people you meet online. The fact is there are limits to what can be done for you, there is always a work around for any action LL might take, She can create alts, use other computers, short of physically going to her house and restraining her, which isn't going to happen, there is no way to stop her if she is determined. No way that is, other then you vanishing, and coming back as someone she doesn't know. I know it sucks, which is why I never share anything that can be used against me with anyone here.
  3. How does she get the information she posts? I would suggest starting over in SL, and then not sharing anything you are not comfortable with someone reposting anyplace they might think of. If you vanish from her sight, soon enough the stuff she has about you on her profile will be of n interest to her and she will take it down, maybe to harass some new victim but that isn't your problem.
  4. * frantically looks for something loose fitting *
  5. But 99 a week for a place where a bunch of escorts live? I don't even escort much and I pay all by myself more than that for an apartment I don't even live in. You should be living the life, a big mansion on an island, your 3 yachts alongside.
  6. Ill check it out it can't hurt.
  7. Prostitution is not legal in most places, yet widely accepted in SL.
  8. Just wondered if anyone had any idea where this picture was taken. The girl who took it and I are not on the best of terms at the moment so I don't want to have to ask her, and I doubt she would tell me if I did,
  9. oh maybe i should turn the LOD up and go back, I went and didn't find anything except for some fun photo ops.
  10. It opens but the alphas don't work? That isnt what mine did mine never opened.
  11. Saturday, Sunday, Monday? what difference does it make? I haven't had a day off since May 28th and wont get another one until? Well according to the schedule at the moment that would be June 17, but hey there is time for them to change that.
  12. This is so true, I have never known anyone who died from anorexia, so while I know it is bad I don't tend to get emotional about it. I have known people who have died of lung cancer so when I see someone smoking it is hard to stay quiet, and when it is a simulated cigarette in SL, well I just don't get that at all. Don't we all know that the idea that it looks cool is just a big lie from the tobacco companies?
  13. My advice, and this is just me, it might not be the best route for since you are in a different line. But then again it might be. I look for the cheapest available location, do not worry about traffic. Odds are no one is just going to happen on your store and make a purchase, most customers will be people who find your item on MP, and want to see it Inworld before buying, or people who you meet and send to your store, both these groups will get to your store regardless of the traffic in the sim.
  14. This from a gal who likes to explode when she hits the ground
  15. Last night i was told my bedroom was a mess so doing a little straightening this morning.
  16. i still need to replace the eyeshadow as its is a demo and says demo when you look at my face close up
  17. Are you sure you have the new one that was delivered open? I had the same issue but when i got a redelivery and opened the new hud it worked.
  18. Of course the whole consent thing in RL can get sketchy when girls consent to things out of fear they will lose the jerk, and never find any other guy who will love them, and he has put that idea in her head to start with by abuseing her.
  19. and some guys wouldn't even have that if they didn't have a woman to buy them for him.
  20. Sounds like a great time to me to.
  21. Oh yeah, I guess I didn't read far enough, maybe i should go shopping for a green skin.
  22. So do you also need humans who wander into this place unaware to be abducted? It can't be much fun if there are just a bunch of aliens sitting around waiting for people who don't show up?
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