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  1. You don't see ads from men because the women who want this outnumber they guys at least 10 to 1, they don't need to advertise. I also suspect that the guys who are looking for this kind of thing go to an auction house and find someone there, I doubt there are very many of these forum ads that get answered
  2. M - F afternoons Eastern time, that is my schedule to, look me up
  3. Now and then it will happen that others either can't see something, or actually more often for me, that I can't see something that others can. The first thing to try is relogging.
  4. There are plenty of boys out there who will do this for you without all the drama of a relationship.
  5. i love visiting cool clubs and listening to musi cbut often i dont actually listen to the music from sl but rather my own music.
  6. i love visiting cool clubs and listening to musi cbut often i dont actually listen to the music from sl but rathe rmy own music.
  7. i have blonde hair sometimes, sometimes black,sometimes red, sometimes purple, short, long curly, straight, I change hair more times than i change my underwear, oh wait i rairely even wear underwear.
  8. So it like real life, get out there, meet people, eventually he will show up.
  9. How do we find out who won, I assume the winners have been chosen already since it's been a while since the contest ended.
  10. I am an artist in Sl how do I get consideredfor future shows?
  11. i am an SL artist, my work consists of paintings created by taking pictures taken in SL which are then manipulated with various programs to produce an image that appears to have been painted. It is my intention to make these pieces available to the SL public at no costs, with an opportunity for the purchaser to pay a tip for the painting if they wish. I am looking for interested partners to place these paintings in there places of business to be available to your customers. I would also list the piece in my marketplace store with a note that it can be acquired at no cost at your business, along with a link so the customer can get to you. Those interested in hearing more about this, or my art itself should send me an IM or notecard in world. I am usually on in the afternoons M-F EST. Thanks
  12. It sounds like fun, I don't have any clear notion of what we would do together but I am sure we could have fun somehow, I am always looking for adventure, I probably will not be on till Monday afternoon (EST) I don't have acces to my computer atm just my I pad which limits me right now to the forums, feel free to send me an IM so I don't forget cause I tend to be scatterbrained.
  13. So, look me up, I am also always looking for friends, it's so hard to have long friendships here, so many people come and go, but I love to shop, love the beach, and love finding new adventures
  14. Hey it sounds like we have a lot in common, I would love to get together with you sometime
  15. Glut Firestorm made us do a clean reinstall for the latest version, it should still be in the teleport history.
  16. Ok, not that I am going to do it, I don't even have the opportunity to do this, but say I knew someone who had an account and a bunch of lindens, and I handed him a twenty and he then paid me lindens in SL, that is against the rule So? How would anyone ever know?
  17. Yes it's part of a new tutorial for new Avis, which I discovered recently when I made an alt, and yes you can just tap out of it and go on with you life. By the way I jump all the time, especially over balcony railings.
  18. ok, so I am looking for friends, like everyone else. I generally get on Monday to Friday, from about 2:30 till 5:00 - 5:30 EST. I am an artist, I make paintings for SL, I don't work on this as hard as I should, I am very easily distracted. I like to shop, and try on different clothes, I can easily wear three different outfits in 3 hours. I like adventure and trying new things and finding cool sims, especially those that are inspiring to me artistically. I am poor, the term starving artist applies to me, and I try to be careful with my money so I have money to upload textures for my art. So I am always looking out for free stuff, if we had to eat here I would probably be dumpster diving for food. I am open to friendship with anyone, guys, girls, other, and sex is ok, but no sex is great to. If you would like to meet and hang out sometime look me up sometime and send an IM
  19. Yeah right, if you are really sweet and attentive you might manage eventually to get a nice place to live rent free, but don't expect to get a stream of cash while you act like a **bleep**.
  20. Ok so the owner of the house and I broke up and he kicked me and everyone else out on the street.
  21. I am an artist in SL and I have this idea. I would like to fuind people with businesses, that would be willing to put one of my pictures in thier place of business, I would do a custom painting that features the business, and the painting would be available to your customers priced at 0L, I would also put the painting in my marketplace store priced at 100L with a note that is is available for free inworld at your location. I would include a notecard with the painting that tells about my art, and asks for a donation, but no one is required to give me anything. Also for those who are willing to show several paintings I would include a tip jar, with half of the preceeds going to you. If any ofthis sounds intersting either IM me or send a notecard, I am not on much on th eweekends but I am her a while most days Monday to Friday.
  22. A ransom? what, how does it even work that someone can do that, can't the victom just log off andlog back on someplace else?
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