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  1. Storm wrote : I love you. Don't lie to me ... :matte-motes-bored: Bye.
  2. You should listen to Vivaldi while watching springtime or summertime flourishing. Perhaps that will help ... :smileyindifferent:
  3. All the appreciation in the world will not make me pass the responsibilities of root to an overeagerly self-proclaimed idiot. :smileyindifferent: Perhaps you could start 'man idiotproofPhoenixinstallwithUbuntu' from a terminal and see what happens next ? . :smileytongue:
  4. Dianne Lecker wrote: Graphics Card Vendor: Mesa Project Graphics Card: Software Rasterizer OpenGL Version: 2.1 Mesa 7.9-devel Honestly ? I doubt you are running this with 3D hardware acceleration. You should use the proprietary drivers for Linux of your graphicscard when running SL ... :smileyindifferent:
  5. Perrie Juran wrote: Wilhiam Hydraconis wrote: .. but they're fun to ride .. and they actually become as happy as they can if you do .. ^.^ But I also understand the studs can get quite randy and will try to mount anything that gets near them, especially another horse. Eventhough the name of the product sounds a little mediterranean this does not have to be complicated like Italian males, Perrie .. :smileyindifferent: (.. but seriously ..setting the horses to petfood only is like neutering them.)
  6. .. but they're fun to ride .. and they actually become as happy as they can if you do .. ^.^
  7. Amaretto horses that are not 'birthed' yet come in bundles, so you can breed them later. Takes 7 days of raising them on petfood before they're adult enough for riding them. You can have 4 for free from me if you'd like, fifth on it's way. They're all black though.
  8. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Only if your sexual interest in the other person extends beyond Second Life and into RL. True, yet I doubt sexual interest in SL ( which I personally don't have and learned not to have in SL ) can ever be totally disconnected from RL. An avatar in itself is 'sexless'. That's the friction that will remain for many involved.
  9. Scylla Rhiadra schreef: De opwinding die mensen voelen omtrent het niet kunnen vaststellen van het 'werkelijke' geslacht en identiteit van inwoners van SL is iets goeds, omdat deze opwinding ons dwingt ons te confronteren met onze eigen comfortabele inbeeldingen over hoe stabiel en eensgezind onze eigen identiteiten echt zijn; SL vervreemdt onze denkbeelden wat het 'betekent' om mannelijk of vrouwelijk, zwart of blank te zijn, of inderdaad iedere beperkende gedefinieerde 'identiteit' op een manier dat ons bevrijdt van deze restrictieve en uiteindelijke fictieve categoriëen. Maar deze functi
  10. You are the envious in the gambling game I try for to make the better.
  11. RIC'd with following content "Moderator, please evaluate this thread and warn Lindenlab if appropriate. User claims illegal viewer can backup any permission on any item, yet my suspicion is ( like others in the thread ) this concerns a shameless promotion of the notorious Reborn-viewer. " You wanted attention. You certainly have it now. If you are true in your intentions I thank you for your effort to 'bring it out here'. If not ... goodbye.
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