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  1. I've been trying out 2 different avatar skins and stuff that goes with it. I know you right click and go to "wear" to wear something, and right click and go to "take off" or "detach from self" to take it back off. The problem I'm having is that some of the things I am wearing it will not let me take it back off. There's simply not an option to take it back off. So I'm stuck wearing stuff from both skins. When I go to the "worn" tab in firestorm to see what i'm currently wearing I can see that I'm currently wearing 2 different demo's at the same time. Only one of them gives me the op
  2. The people that are designing these new avatar skins and stuff. I've bought a skin a few years ago and the process was much simpler. And I got the whole body and head/face together. I have demoed things before but the process seems a bit harder now with this particular skin . If you go to the store it's in, it looks like you're looking at a dashboard with tons of buttons. It was all very overwhelming. Not to mention, how do i demo a skin if I don't have the head and body i need to go with it. You have to buy things separately. Yes i did. I tried to read the tutorials th
  3. I appreciate you all taking the time to help me understand this stuff. But, I still feel confused as hell. I don't understand why they've made the process so complicated. They should have kept things simple. It took me forever to find a skin that I actually liked. And even after reading all of this I'm still not sure how to get the whole body. I read all of the comments and I still can't grasp this stuff. I don't even know how to demo the thing. Or how to tell what clothes work with it. I might as well quite asking questions because this is all lost on me.
  4. Then why does it say "full skin". And why does it say that the face and body is included? Is the mesh body and head that I need to go with it like the bones that the skin go over top of? And where can I get the mesh body and head? Are you saying they would have a white head if you didn't have a separate mesh head applier? Or white with a mesh head applier? And is a system classic avatar the same thing as a standard avatar? It says it's made for standard avatars only. How do i know what kind of avatar I currently have?
  5. I have had SL sex a few times with the same person. And while I was into that person, I really didn't get into the avatars bumping uglies like Atosuria said. It seems pointless to me too because it's nothing like the real thing. I just figured with my luck all the girls would be into it. Nice to see that some of them are not.
  6. How many of you ladies are into SL sex? Just wondering if I need to get good at it or not.
  7. I was thinking about starting a group in SL, but I've seen too many groups that only have like one member - the person who started the group. So I'm wondering if there are ways to make people aware of your new group. Can you like advertise your group somewhere or something so people can find your group?
  8. This stuff is really confusing to me. I couldn't even figure out how to purchase this skin in secondlife. I found a skin that seems to be the best one I've found. Is there any reason why I shouldn't go with this skin? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GAEG-Full-Skins-Hugo-ST5-Chestnut-Omega-Applier/9781737 Is it an old skin? Or something wrong with it? And what does the ST5 stand for? What is Omega Applier?
  9. Someone told me that the newer skins have less prims which is suppose to be a good thing. I want to get a new skin for my avatar, but my original avatar (before applying a skin) is a few years old. Does that mean that my original avatar has more prims than necessary? Do I need to start all over with a new avatar before getting a new skin?
  10. I get lost too sometimes when following people, but then I just look at the mini map and it shows me where they're at.
  11. I don't really know what kind of place I'm looking for. I guess I just wanted to get some ideas from other people.
  12. Wow, after reading the difference between the three types of clothing I still can't tell the difference. I know I have had clothes before that required an alpha layer. I honestly couldn't tell you what kind of clothes I have so far, but I haven't run into any problems yet either. So far I haven't worried about what type of clothes I'm wearing, I just wear whatever I like. There just isn't very many freebies that I like. I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. I know I have encountered other people that had certain body parts or clothing that was invisible which I assumed was a mesh
  13. Yikes, why would you want to scare the crap out of somebody you're trying to get to know better?
  14. I don't know about the body because I was planning on getting a different avi body too. Yes I am a guy. I just have an ordinary avi so I'm guessing classic. I'm not sure of the difference between applier clothes and mesh. I never heard of applier before, but I have heard of mesh and it seems like people have problems with mesh.
  15. What's your favorite places to take a girl or guy if you're trying to get to know them better?
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