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  1. hi, How long does it take for a retained account to respond? when you send the final reply that is as "guest" someone knows a free long distance number to call. out of usa How long does it take to delete an account that is held? things that are not copy but transfer, and were given to a parcel bought by group they take and erase them? Can another person take them, if he has the same group?
  2. hi, i have a question.. how i can organize my products on mp? between a hunting charity. and I want to put the object, on the first page. and I can not find a button to let me. change the title of the article for sale, and the same continues appearing on the last page. any can help me, how i can put that on first page or first line.
  3. i had a friend who make scripts you can im him inworld mrergo resident. i also sen him your need
  4. hi, did you go this event rewind 70's punk theme? EVENT SIM also see this stores A&Y BUNKER CyberShop. ( r e d ) M i n t - Main Store escalated
  5. i keep my body, my face always was pretty standar. and i have alot of things to make more pretty, piercings, make up, tongues, fangs, and the lovely pack of pinkfuel skins.
  6. hola, yo estoy interesada en aprender y trabajar como dancer o host. no soy nueva, tengo mi cuenta 16/11/2015 (1 año 9 meses; 643 días). tengo cuerpo/manos/pies mesh. tengo tiempo y dedicacion solo he trabajado de greeter para un sim de rol play.
  7. hello, if you still need help. my friend make script and hud.. search inworld Ergo Knight (MrErgo)
  8. search inworld Ergo Knight (MrErgo) he make script and huds
  9. hello if you still need someone to help you. my friend make scripts and huds, search inworld Ergo Knight (MrErgo)
  10. hello, if you still need help. my friend make script and huds, search on world Ergo Knight (MrErgo)
  11. hello, i just read you topic.. and i have a friend who make scripts and hud.. he can make for you look on sl Ergo Knight (MrErgo)
  12. hello if you still need someone make the script for you, or another. suggestion my friend Ergo Knight (MrErgo)
  13. hello, well you problem look so confused lol.. a lot of rares. if you still need help, my friend can make huds and script contact him
  14. hello, if you looking someone can make script for you.. i sugestion my friend Ergo Knight (MrErgo) he make scripts and huds
  15. hello, if you still looking someone can make script for you.. i sugestion my friend Ergo Knight (MrErgo) he make scripts and huds
  16. yo uso firestorm y lo tengo acomodado asi. graficos media, distancia de dibujo 230, max numero de particulas 250, max complexidad no limite, max numero de no avatares a 5. y en sim con muchas personas y lag, siempre borro a los otros, voy a gente cercana, con (shift + click) selecciono todos los nombres luego le doy a menu del perfil desdibujar temporalmente.
  17. Hi, I want to know how much the dollar costs, in linden lab? This morning I tried to buy linden I have put several quantities and I mark error. My currency is mexican peso And I want to buy 300 pesos that is 17dlls The dollar in my city is at 17.40dlls, live border fences I know that the dollar in linden is more expensive and more the vat. But I want to know the price of the current dollar, I think I went up these weeks. before i buy 10dlls, 20dlls (With the exact amount that I put on my card in weight, and now I can not) so i want to know, how much the price of dollar.. so i can put more money to exchange. thank you or if a put on my paypal the money on dollar make a diference?
  19. okk, i doing what my friend said.. i buy linden with my paypal on my alt account, and i dont have any problem!! in my first intent i buy 5k linden.. so any can explain what happen with my account?
  20. i already check all you saind, and the help question.. still i cant, i try to buy now 2dlls, im my account i have 20dlls! and still not work.
  21. I USE PAYPAL, NOT MY FIRST TIME, I BUY 4 TIME LINDEN WITH MY PAYPAL.. NOW I CANT.. i put 20dlls, and less then 6dlls, still dont work.. i cant buy any amount i doing what billing say, cancel the contract with secondlife on paypal.. i try buy again, no work. im not premium, i only want buy linden
  22. hello, i try to buy linden as 1 week, and I have changed the amount several times .. But I always said no, and then look at the problem so stop. I tried again after they announced they solved it, and I could not buy linden, so I put more money into my account believing it was the problem that I had less ... And I have continued to try today all day or anything .. every amount that I put for lowest, does not allow me to buy. Could someone tell me if they still have problems? Oh because I still can not buy. not its my first time, i buy linden 4 time before. so any can help and explain
  23. si eres de mexico puedes abrir una cuenta de ahorros en bancopel, el banco de coppel. y con ese registrarte o meterlo a paypal.. tambien una tarjeta de oxxo, muchas las usan.
  24. HELLO IM LOOKING PARCEL FOR RENT. 100 - 150L for week. or less than 200L for week. 100 - 200 prims, with all security. no problem its on corner or inner ----------------- hola estoy buscando parceleras para renta. de precios y prims accesibles.. busco algo justo de 100 a 150L o menos de 200L por semana. 100 - 200 prims que tenga con todas las seguridades, no tengo problema si es parcela al centro. solo que no este demasiado concurrida o lag.
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