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  1. your fine man. I just missed the ad part in the guidelines.
  2. After looking at the Guidelines (again). I want to apologize to the commentators in my Star Citizen topic. I got a bit.....salty. Forgive me.
  3. this was more influenced by Ahri from League of Legends.
  4. As someone who's tried Bloodlines. .......... It's an expensive joke. Just don't even do it. Not to mention the drama associated with the atmosphere.
  5. Commissioned by Ruby Bee! My avi, an Ichibi Kitsune!
  6. when you find a GOOD rp sim. So far some sims for rp i have done (and thoroughly enjoyed/still enjoy): 1. Santa Ramona Valley, This is a good sim to roleplay in. And I am close friends with the sim owner, I rp as his niece. 2. Novus Ascending, typical D&D sim. Can be fun at times.
  7. Would like this to be made for Maitreya IN A NON-SKIMPY/*****TY VERSION. Meaning, exactly as it is in the picture. No shorts skirts n crap.
  8. chaosninja7


    So hi dere peeplez.
  9. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Space-Nun-Battle-Armor-for-Kemono-avatar/15852001
  10. I never read the books so to me Gor is very very weird. TO ME, it just looks like slave simulator with no womens rights what so ever. Its a Man's world simulator.
  11. Uber strong and 0 weaknesses = "GOD" modding. Kinda why it has the term God in the name. again, i came from IMVU. Trust me when i say, way different over there.
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