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  1. I've been using MD Gacha script but it only allows Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare My product has Common, Common (Retro), Secret Common, Uncommon, Uncommon (Retro), Rare, Rare (Retro), Super Rare, Super Rare (Retro), Ultra Rate, Secret Ultra Rare, and Epic Mainly just 7 but there are a few off ones that are meant to be slightly rarer. Are there any scripts out there that would allow this? I wanted to try [UN] for their Limited # gacha which would be cool. But still only allows up to 4
  2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/173719? See the thing about it is by making them no copy I am able to create multiple stock folders with random cards. so its still random. and these items are limited as well. Seems like most think that im just directly selling the products, but I think this way there is still chance involved unless you just outright buy all the available
  3. Well I make trading cards. So I would offer them around same pricem except higher rarity packs for a little more. So pay for better chance in other words
  4. I found how to create Stock folders for gacha items. But it doesn't work for me since I am the creator. It doesn't let me make the items no copy for myself How can I use the stock feature with my own gacha items??
  5. Thanks, the simple black and white is exactly what I needed... I also like the idea of multiple layers, that idea will come in handy
  6. I made trading cards on second life and I am good with photoshop. But I am having a hard time trying to make a holographic type of card I am trying to make certain parts of the card be shiny and or seem 3d like a holographic effect I tried messing with different bump and specular textures and using video tutorials but none of them seem to work right. Most of the time the whole card is shiny with some slight bump detail. But I just want certain parts of the card to be reflective
  7. So I made trading cards featuring a lot of my friends on second life. They all have custom features and accessories, so none of them are basic out of box avatars. They all consented to this and are aware of it. I plan on selling them in a gacha machine. Everyone loves the idea, but I had someone tell me that there are some stingy avatar creators who have tried to sue in the past for making money off their creation I'm not sure how true this is, but is this something I should worry about? Technically the money earned from this is going directly back into the making of these cards, I don't have
  8. Grrrr..... I went out and bought an SSD and reinstalled windows and sl on it. And I still use my 2TB HDD for everything else as well as cache.. And it was running fine... but here we go again, slowly its starting to freeze. Just like last time it freezes longer and more often each time WTF is going on.... I did check disk and it was fine, I have no logs left over from format, temperature is fine, and I run full graphics on other games with no issues
  9. Am I the only one encountering this issue? I have been running SL without any issue for months. Within the past 2 weeks my viewers have been freezing. It started out small where it would freeze for a moment and thats it. Then it started doing it more frequently and would start to not respond. Now I can't even log in without it freezing and using up 100% disk. Along with this it freezes firefox and explorer and a bunch of other programs with it. I've even had it cause a Blue Screen Of Death twice. Everytime it freezes I also notice my tower beeps. This all points to a hard disk issue, but the
  10. I bought a pole but it only has 4 lame animations. I want to add more... But where the heck can I buy the animations only??? I keep wasting money trying to buy poles that i can grab animations from
  11. Basically one made for that head or one that someone has been able to fit on that head successfully.... or at least one that looks like it will fit and is modifiable
  12. I am trying to find an alternative to this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FF-Raawr-Wolf-Muzzle-Texture-Change/4969208 Need something more like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/R-D-RY-Otusian-Head-Restraint-Pack/6872886
  13. So I am trying to find a mesh body that I can use with my current avi. A lot of the ones I am finding on the market are too hulk looking. I want something realistic with better muscle defenition than the default. I need it to be able to detatch from the neck, elbows and knees. This is where I am having trouble Can anyone suggest any good ones?
  14. My house came with a big TV. Its a Web TV so I can play movies from sites. I am able to see when people navigate it. But the videos don't play togather in world. They only play locally... How can I get this to play automatically so everyone sees it at the same time? I tried adding the group under Edit > Genere... I clicked share, though deed is gray.... Land doesnt have a restriction because i had a tv before and the deed option was there.. Idk much about this.. Any idea?
  15. I keep seeing people with avatars that have defined muscles. But they are not just skins they are 3 dimensional. I bought a dinosaur avatar and I don't want to find a new one just because of this but I feel like its very limited muscle wise. Is there some way to modify the physical avatar to have defined abs etc?
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