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  1. Mugshot Studios has an opening for a new photographer. Currently getting backlogged with orders, so I'm looking to employ another photographer to keep up. You keep 100% of your profits. Deposits and payments always go directly to the photographer. The following will be required from you as an employee Photoshop (or equivalent) skill for editing Ability to fullfill requests in 4 days Compliance with dress code (just need to keep your private areas covered in the studio) Flickr Account I prefer people have access to google drive, because that is how I keep the
  2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HH-Jessica-Sweater-Dress-with-Texture-Color-Hud/11757475 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NDGrace-Neck-SweaterMaitreya-Belleza-Slink-Tonic-eBody-HUD/11842043
  3. Perhaps this is it then. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Pink-Acid-Locket-Of-Love-Diamond-Choker-Gold/8276855
  4. Looking for a custom script Script will need to -Play animations -Respond to Next and Back buttons -Post the pose stand name and animation name in local when a prim is clicked It should post something like "Stand-A, Animation-44" Doesn't need to be specifically that, but that's the basic idea. Feel free to contact me for the mock up pose stand. Notecards are prefered! -VainlyChic Resident
  5. I think this is it. Doesn't show the gold one on the ad, but it come with several metal colours. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Cae-Abide-Collar-bagged/10095866
  6. Looking for someone to work with long term, but I am accepting single theme hires. Once a month I would like to make a new interior scene with a different theme. Holiday themed, post-apocolyptic, diner, ect. I'm open to suggestions as well. Pay would be 1200L per scene. Extra funds can be provided as needed for specific items that the decorator would like to purchase. Items will be gifted through marketplace, and does not count towards your pay. You would recieve the 1200 reguardless of any additional costs. Prim allowance is 300 right now, but if you feel its not enough to decorate
  7. Yes, I made a terribly unclear advertisement. Thank you for pointing that out to me again. Talligurl is very much correct, and I have learned a lesson that I should be 100% sure of what I am looking for and what I want in the first post, rather than misfocusing my attention to other details, then trying to add more information later on in another post. I should have been more clear and precise, rather than expecting people to know what I was thinking. I feel very bad, and all I can say is it made sense to me. But I do understand how it did not make sense to others. Appreicate your in
  8. I already responded to all this, but it looks like your post has changed, or deleted and you posted again. And mine was also removed, so pardon me if I sound repetitive. To answer your question directly, yes, because of one person who made me feel guilty for trying to hire models, I canceled the entire thing. You made a valid arguement, that my application was unclear, and has lead to people having their feelings hurt. I agree with you on it. I respect your opinion and also now share that same one. I honestly would never want to hurt anyone, and I am trying to be respectful of that b
  9. @Talligurl I'm looking for any type of avatar, really. Nothing specific. Humans, horses, furries, everything in between of either or no gender. I did try to make that part atleast known in my original post. So to say I need to give clues to what I'm looking for.. I'm not entirely should I could. I just know I prefer to not work with avatars dressed in all black. I don't think I intentionally got anyones hopes up, but I am certainly sorry if I did. I was just trying to hire some models. Perhaps you are right though, that not having a very specific idea in mind will lead to hurt feeli
  10. @Talligurl Looks like all the information I asked for was present, other than using non-SLT when putting in your availability. That in itself was not the reason. I really do thank you for your time though, and appreciate your interest in working with me. I know applications, even when short can feel quite tedious. Best of luck in your second life!
  11. @MayaSkyrose I understand, and best of luck recreating your avatar. Mesh body is not always required, just highly preferred. Feel free to submit an application if you are still interested! @Talligurl Thanks for applying but I've dismissed your application. Thanks for your time. @Seanabrady Thank you for applying! Everything was filled out correctly. =) To everyone else, please fill out the application and add a link to your avatar image. They are sorted directly into a spreadsheet so filling in the picture link with 'look up my flickr name 'yourname' is not what I'm
  12. Looking for 4-6 models, styled wearing anything but black. Must be willing to change clothing or add accessories if needed. If above is applicable, items will be gifted from me, and do not count towards your pay. If human, a mesh body is preferred, with bento hands. (not required though) Furries and non-human avatars are welcome to apply. (dogs, horses, ect) Must agree to have photos included on my Flickr. Link to Flickr Payment is 600L-1200L for 15-30 minutes of your time. Payment can be multiplied if one account is submitting multiple avatars. No nudity required
  13. VainlyChic


    Thank you everyone who applied. I have selected the 10 models I needed.
  14. VainlyChic


    Greetings. I've been struggling trying to find pile up photos to work with on flickr. Generally those groups are filled with completely unrelated images now, so I'm reaching out here. I'm looking to find 5-10 models of any gender to work on my photo editing skills with. I'll be doing mostly headshots, so I'm looking for creative and high quality avatars with hair and face accessories (jewelry, horns, glasses, ect). Photoshoots will typically take around 5 minutes. Just need to take a high resolution snapshot on a green screen. Please fill out this quick application below if
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