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  1. hello, if you still need help. my friend make script and huds, search on world Ergo Knight (MrErgo)
  3. okk, i doing what my friend said.. i buy linden with my paypal on my alt account, and i dont have any problem!! in my first intent i buy 5k linden.. so any can explain what happen with my account?
  4. i already check all you saind, and the help question.. still i cant, i try to buy now 2dlls, im my account i have 20dlls! and still not work.
  5. I USE PAYPAL, NOT MY FIRST TIME, I BUY 4 TIME LINDEN WITH MY PAYPAL.. NOW I CANT.. i put 20dlls, and less then 6dlls, still dont work.. i cant buy any amount i doing what billing say, cancel the contract with secondlife on paypal.. i try buy again, no work. im not premium, i only want buy linden
  6. hello, i try to buy linden as 1 week, and I have changed the amount several times .. But I always said no, and then look at the problem so stop. I tried again after they announced they solved it, and I could not buy linden, so I put more money into my account believing it was the problem that I had less ... And I have continued to try today all day or anything .. every amount that I put for lowest, does not allow me to buy. Could someone tell me if they still have problems? Oh because I still can not buy. not its my first time, i buy linden 4 time before. so any can help and exp
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