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  1. Well they are gone unfortunately but it is only doing it on my home region. I have a backup that is on another region.
  2. I currently own two good plots of land in a region, but a problem has arisen, and I have seen this before. Prims for some reason want to multiply by themselves. I use a melee weapon that shoots an orb and it hits the target, but a split second later a second orb hits. I am using the Wild West meter. I tried moving two avatars to another region and the problem did not exist there. Also, and this is the same problem, I sometimes will have prims multiply for no apparent reason. I had that happen on this same region too. It is a very annoying problem, and it screws up the meters and cau
  3. I am most grateful to you. It worked. I build some minor things on SL If you ever need some inventory, like a gazebo that I made myself, just contact me inworld.
  4. Interesting. I am having the exact problems you mentioned.
  5. I tried traveling to other locations and it had no effect. Whatever this is, it is a SL problem because the "can't find.... in database" messages are rampant.
  6. They did their rolling restarts this morning about 6:30 AM EDT, and now I can't do anything. I have been trying to find a place to report what is happening so I will try here. My avatar is a cloud, "can't find in database" messages are rampant and even the premade noob avatars won't work. Before my avatar became a cloud, I was unable to sit properly on objects. Second Life is totally FUBAR this morning. 🥵
  7. I have an animated series called Mars Station. The older version is on Youtube (where I have been shadow banned) and the newer is on Vimeo. You can find one of these videos here: https://vimeo.com/302713302 This will show you the types of things I do. Everything is for style, even my horror scenes. So I am looking for.... Animated beds, chairs, sofas. No, not sex beds. By animated I mean tossing and turning, sitting up, rolling over and so on. C Spacecraft with style. I always have a need for these. I tend to buy under $L300. Remember, style not steampunk. I need fighters, transpo
  8. Thanks both of you so much. It does appear that is a video card issue as it does not seem to match SL minimum requirements. Kudos to both of you.
  9. Yes it seemed to clear up. Typical for SL of course.
  10. SL is currently experiencing some kind of an outage. Login is difficult and it keeps crashing. The grid page shows clear. Maybe an admin can get through and report this? This is unrelated to my last post.
  11. You are right that it is Intel 630 series. Thanks. Maybe you gave me a hint at least. Thanks.Still working at it.
  12. I am at my wit's end. I have two computers. Maybe a couple weeks ago the newer one updated, and SL stopped operating correctly. Here is what it does. It does one of two things. Either that line gets to the "loading world" place and just stops or it gets all the way online and then SL freezes. I have an old antivirus program that is one suspect, McAfee. I have tried uninstalling it twice only to have it reincarnate on my comp. I have tried tinkering with Windows Defender firewall settings and they usually just reset themselves. I suspect a firewall problem but have yet to prove it. Right now i
  13. I am willing to pay $L 500. I want a grab bag of white female adult skins for classic avatars. What I do like: Light makeup (lipstick, eyelashes. Cheeks tinged pink are OK; cheeks tinged gray are not. No tattoos and no painted on undies will be accepted. Jut your basic skin for classic white female adult avatars. No wrinkles please. I already have shy-caramelle skins. No skins with painted on hair. Those wreak total mayhem with my avatars. Painted nails are great, and brows and eyelashes are too. Contact me inworld. I may request a demo sample.
  14. I think you may be confused by something. I make animations, especially my Mars Station series using my main and three alts. These are not conversations between different people. For what it is worth, I do have smile HUDS.
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