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  1. I have an animated series called Mars Station. The older version is on Youtube (where I have been shadow banned) and the newer is on Vimeo. You can find one of these videos here: https://vimeo.com/302713302 This will show you the types of things I do. Everything is for style, even my horror scenes. So I am looking for.... Animated beds, chairs, sofas. No, not sex beds. By animated I mean tossing and turning, sitting up, rolling over and so on. C Spacecraft with style. I always have a need for these. I tend to buy under $L300. Remember, style not steampunk. I need fighters, transport ships and so on. I just bought a new batch on Marketplace. C, T. I especially need personnel transport craft with at least Copy. Stylish uniforms for space/ scifi. My style is inspired by Cosplay. The skirts are short, and both men and women are clean cut. Must fit classic avatars. Good flexiskirts are a plus. C,T Ugly looking villain avatars and critters. C, T Stylish gadgets to "kill" an avatar . I would like things that shoot a prim that interacts with the Wild West Meter. That meter is available for free on Wild West sims. Also good killing gadgets to hook up with nasty, ugly aliens. C Varmints that eat humans. C Melee Items to hit humans (with invisible prim) C, T Things that set people on fire, freeze them and do all sorts of dastardly thing. C Scifi buildings C Land rental where I can stage things like space battles. I WILL need to use weapons. Weapons script for ship. Phaser type, photon torpedo type and so on. C, T Scifi hand weapons, phasers, disruptors. Must interact with the WW meter (in other words, they shoot bright prim). C, T Trees and bushes. C My space is limited so I am going to say 40 by 40 meters maximum. Contact me inworld and show me what you have. My current proposed project is a Forbidden Planet tribute. Needed perms are listed after the item. Transferrables will only be shared with alts. My HUMAN avatars are classic avatars and I have an assembly line like place where I make them. IM me inworld or just send an LM to your store.
  2. Thanks both of you so much. It does appear that is a video card issue as it does not seem to match SL minimum requirements. Kudos to both of you.
  3. Yes it seemed to clear up. Typical for SL of course.
  4. SL is currently experiencing some kind of an outage. Login is difficult and it keeps crashing. The grid page shows clear. Maybe an admin can get through and report this? This is unrelated to my last post.
  5. You are right that it is Intel 630 series. Thanks. Maybe you gave me a hint at least. Thanks.Still working at it.
  6. I am at my wit's end. I have two computers. Maybe a couple weeks ago the newer one updated, and SL stopped operating correctly. Here is what it does. It does one of two things. Either that line gets to the "loading world" place and just stops or it gets all the way online and then SL freezes. I have an old antivirus program that is one suspect, McAfee. I have tried uninstalling it twice only to have it reincarnate on my comp. I have tried tinkering with Windows Defender firewall settings and they usually just reset themselves. I suspect a firewall problem but have yet to prove it. Right now it is doing it alts but not my main. It has done it with my main before too. I can do system restore but it takes a long time (5-6 hours) and Windows brings the updates again, and then it screws up again. It is some kind of settings problem but I don't know what. There is no way to shut off automatic updates.
  7. I am willing to pay $L 500. I want a grab bag of white female adult skins for classic avatars. What I do like: Light makeup (lipstick, eyelashes. Cheeks tinged pink are OK; cheeks tinged gray are not. No tattoos and no painted on undies will be accepted. Jut your basic skin for classic white female adult avatars. No wrinkles please. I already have shy-caramelle skins. No skins with painted on hair. Those wreak total mayhem with my avatars. Painted nails are great, and brows and eyelashes are too. Contact me inworld. I may request a demo sample.
  8. I think you may be confused by something. I make animations, especially my Mars Station series using my main and three alts. These are not conversations between different people. For what it is worth, I do have smile HUDS.
  9. I don't know how. I spend a lot of money on Marketplace for props for Youtube animations but not on pornography.
  10. Hello, I am looking for a pack of basic emotions that would be suitable for conversation. Either a shareable HUD or maybe some gestures. All I was finding on Marketplace was stuff made for dancers and for Second Life pornographers. Neither are acceptable to me. I want ordinary conversation emotions. They must be shareable as they will be used by my main and alts. Contact me inworld only as I probably will not return to this thread. Thanks.
  11. Hi I am looking for vampire furniture with vampire bite animations built in, preferably violent. All I am seeing on Marketplace is furniture with cuddle animations. I am not interested in those. If you are going to advertise it as vampire furniture, I expect violent vampire bite animations for two built in, not cuddle poses. I don't understand why anyone thinks that you could "cuddle" with a vampire. Perms: I need it to be copyable. Nothing over $L1000. Contact me inworld only with a LM to your item or link if it is on Marketplace. Once again, I want violent bite and suck the blood animations. If it uses cuddle poses, I will click the back arrow or <cntr_shift_H> on the spot. No friendly vampires, or happy bite victims. I want terror and blood (after all, this is horror).
  12. When I go to create a male shape from scratch I always have the same problem and I have never been able to figure it out. I create the shape, make sure I check the "male" circle, but it always stays female, with disastrous results. Does anyone know why this happens and how to prevent it? Thanks in advance.
  13. Contact me inworld only with link or send LM. I am looking for relatively short (well above knee) girl's dresses, full perm, for tween age girls. Mesh is OK as long as it fits standard SL shapes. I have been on Marketplace and found almost all were for adults or toddlers, not tweens. The age bracket is about 9-11 years. This is for my Mars Station series on you-tube.
  14. I am looking for a hand to hand combat weapon that works on the Wild West Meter, available on any Wild West sims. I am not looking for bows or guns. So far I have bought three on Marketplace and none worked with the meter, and one was non functional. Have a friend test the weapon using the Wild West Meter. A weapon that you swing and which releases an invisible prim should work. Perms: TC. Contact in world ONLY! I don't want anything sophisticated, just one push on the mouse button does some damage like 6%. Fight animation and sound are also necessary. Thanks.
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