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  1. I was ok with the first raise, understanding of the second raise, but this upcoming one really ticks me off. It's not necessarily the raise itself that bothers me, it's their method of implementation. Its reminiscent of the way they increased our tier fees years ago, ushering in the mass exodus of land holders -- It's done in such an uncomfortable way. This is a really high increase in such a short amount of time. And this is on top of the exchange rate fees and overly high tier costs.
  2. Hi, I need someone to make me a quick custom script that rotates my item via a HUD, so I suppose when the HUD button is clicked, a blue dialogue pops up and the user can choose their rotation speed. I also would not mind if it worked absent of a dialogue menu and instead the user only had to click a button on the HUD for it to start rotating (would prefer that, actually) but I'm assuming that would be more work? The current HUD scripting I have accepts API with the following command line: < channel > , < LinkNr > , < command_text > , < key > Will pay, need ASAP
  3. Hello! I own a shop (AITUI) selling men's fashion items, and tattoos. And my friend owns a shop (#adored) selling women's cosmetic items. We share a sim, hosting our mainstores on it. We are looking for one other shop to join our commercial community. We would like someone easy going whose items flow with the energy of our stores. Extra bonus points if you are into design and could help spruce up the sim during holidays, etc. 1 linden per prim, per week. Feel free to NC me in-world with any questions or just to chat and see if we are someone you would like to be involved with
  4. Full 15,000 prim sim. Tier is paid for a month! (Saving you $295) Asking $499, transfer fee included. --Other people only asking $300 are leaving you with the tier payment of $295, bringing your total to $595. Save yourself $100 by taking this one off my hands. Thanks.
  5. Check out the region "Existence" I host active mainstores there, we just cleared out the inactive shops and have openings for new mainstores. The residents get very communal and make pathways leading to each others shops. May be what you are looking for.
  6. Prims: 15,000 Sale: True full sale, you will take ownership of the sim. Price: $699 (LL charges $1,000 if you buy from their Land Store)
  7. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-1716?
  8. The OP's continual mention of "Mesh ok for small builds, bad for big builds" leads me to believe his problem is with his LOD upload numbers. For stock LOD values: A large build, such as a home structure, is going to have a large LI number when rezzed as a "life-sized" model; alternately, it will have a small LI when rezzed as a "mini" model. This results from a failure to optimize the LOD numbers effeciently for SL performance. This is exactly what you say you are experiencing. Your gazebo is most likely set up to be seen clear across the other side of the sim, when it doesn't need to be,
  9. The photos I showed you all were not inside out like Sae's model was. Before hitting "reverse normals" it was indeed like Sae's; I did not provide any photos of this as reversing the normals had solved that issue. Then, I ended up with a model that was no longer inside-out, but turned grey. I could not troubleshoot it so I created this thread. If you are curious, I can recreate the ear being inside out and show you the differnece between the truly inside-out ear, and the grey model I eventually ended up with. Whatever the case, it is fixed now.
  10. -.- I fixed it. Knew I was just overlooking something simple (Story of my life) Under reverse normals option it was set to "Reverse Normals" But needed to be set to "Presever user normals direction" Thanks a lot to each and every one of you for your help, I really appreciate it.
  11. Okay, that doesn't make sense unless there are 2 definitions to being "inside out". In my photo where I show the normals metadata, the one on the right has normals pointing inwards, but the sculpt itself is not inside out. Initially, my sculpt was litereally turned inside out as seen in Sae's thread here.
  12. What colour do your meshes upload as? A pure white, or an off-white/grey colour? Also, what settings do you have checked in your "Reverse Normals" option box? I followed your steps and I still get an off-white/grey mesh upload with the normals pointing inwards as I showed in my previous photo. Beginning to think maybe my pure white mesh is the issue, however, the normals are facing the correct way on that one Left: Pure white base Right: Grey Base
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