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  1. Sorry, I was informed that the person I recommend is not taking on new projects at this time.
  2. I have unpacked my lost and found folder and am no longer in need of advice/ or land . Please consider this topic "closed"
  3. I'd like to thank everyone for their interest in hiring me, however, I have found employment and am no longer seeking a new job at this time. The SL forums does not allow me to delete this topic , so i am un-able to remove it.
  4. Thank you for the offer, however, I have found employment within SL and I am happy with my new and current job. I wish you the best of luck with your project!
  5. I am currently seeking employment within SL, and have pasted my resume below. If you feel that I may be a good fit for your company, please feel free to contact me in-world via note card with information regarding the potion open, and the details of your company's services. OR post the link for your company's application. * I am also willing to work on a one week volunteer/probation bases (no pay necessary for the first week only) to determine if I am a good fit for the position hired. * I will not respond to job offers such as : Stripper or Escort. SL Name: DianeAguilar05 Resident Display name : Diane Aguilar SL Rez Date: 11/20/2015 (1 year ,10 months) RL age: 27 Species: Human Gender: Female Time Zone: SLT+2 hours ★ A little bit about me! ★ I am very well rounded when it comes to the aspects of SL. I love all things to do with art, including photography, design, building landscape and interior design. I play Tiny empires and I am a human in bloodlines. I am also a mother of two in SL, with two beautiful daughters along with a daughter-in-law! I love shopping in SL & on the MP. I enjoying exploring SL and all the lovely places it has to offer & meeting new people! I started blogging when I joined SL because I wanted to share great items i found at a low cost , so that others could enjoy them as much as I could. I can be a bit ambitious and a workaholic at times. I enjoy a challenge and learning new things. I am very open minded and do not mind working with different types of people. I did leave SL for a bit of time due to my laptop crashing, now that I have a new one, I am back and ready to work. Lately , I've been spending my time getting caught up with all things SL, decorating my home (which I love doing) and checking out the new trends in SL fashion. ★ Availability: ★ I would need a flexible work schedule . I log in daily , however, the time varies depending on RL commitments. I do spend 4+ hours in SL everyday. I can start asap, however can not work on 10/21/2017 due to RL prior commitment . ★ Previous work experience. ★ 1. JR Rentals - Rental Manager / Agent 11/15-06/16 - pay rate: $850L Weekly - Duties included: Over seeking the hiring/firing process creating employee / tenant NCs Managing rentals Customer services Tenant recruitment Marketing Rental Reports based off Casperlet.com Photography for Website -Reason for leaving: Owner stopped paying employees including myself. After 3 weeks of no pay, I quite. 2. Blogger/ Photographer 12/15-current Took Sabbatical 02/17-10/17 Blog Name: SL Shoppers Guide Blog Link: https://secondlifeshopperguide.wordpress.com/ Previous Sponsors: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Pin Up Tattoos Reason for sabbatical: RL college 3. The Prime Community - A Role Play Community. 11/16-02/17 Pay rate: $950L weekly Job Title: General Estate Manager / Rental Manager / Personal Assistant Duties Included: Hiring/firing of employees scheduling meetings creating employee/Tenant NCs Employee Scheduling. checking land traffic Building/creating for owner(s). Time Clock Reports for pay role dept. Marketing Scheduling events Customer Services Land /Rental Unit Security Reason for leaving: The owner decided to close the community until further notice, however, has stated once she reopens is more then willing to rehire me. She hasn't disbanded the group and I am still listed in the staff group. ★ Real Life Experience / Education that may contribute. ★ - Real Estate Salesmen Degree - Associate Degree in General Business and Management Development - Currently Studying for Associate in Graphic Arts. ★ Notes★ - My avatar is 100% Mesh now, and I do use Mesh enabled viewer. - Somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to building , adding scripts and texturing. - Own a rez-able Photo studio ,along with a nice collection of poses, pose stands ,textures. - Fluent in English only, however, I do own a translator
  6. I'm not sure if this is allowed here or not, however I am looking to see if there is anyone who would be willing to allow me to use there land for a few hours. I have been out of SL for a few months and during that time I lost my land and all items were sent back.(roughly 489 prims) There are many items I would like to use for my LYUBOFF baby mixed in, however, since I had actual plants & trees, I can not sort through my lost and found folder without being on land and having permission (I've tried at most sandboxes). I would only need two hours at max and will clean up after myself. I can't afford to pay a lot, so I am hoping someone will be kind enough to allow me to use there land to for a couple of hours ( may not even take that long) for free, or could point me to a sand box that does allow you to rez default plants. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  7. I am looking for a group invite script, that only sends out the invention once the resident has paid , I plan on using this for my rentals and I can't seem to find what I am looking for and for the life of my i can't think of the proper name for this script. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Please read before commenting, Thank you! I have a group invite script, however I am looking for a script that will only send out an invite if they have paid a box. I've looked in the MP however, I can't for the life of me think of the proper name for this type of script. Any help would greatly be appreciated!
  9. Thanks, I've decided to go with lockable doors that allow the people to add their guest to the white list. it was a lot simpler that way.
  10. I am currently seeking a serious finical backer/ Silent Partner for a project I would like to put in place. I have done extensive research in regards to the project and I have nearly two years of experience in the field in question , as well as a RL degree in Management Development and General Business. I have a Project proposal with more detailed information along with cost, and potential income .As of right now, I am keeping the project under wraps, but I will be more than glad to email the Project Proposal to a serious potential Silent Partner. My proposal is a follow and is open for negotiations. Silent Partner: As a silent Partner, you Get co-ownership and 50% of the profits, which will be paid out on the first of each month, without having to put forth any work the life of the company; however I would require a financial backing for this endeavor upfront for the first 3 months only. Totaling $35,000L. This includes Land fees, advertising ,building cost, group cost and cost for hosting a bolt to handle group invites, which is detailed in the project proposal report. I would also send monthly reports , and keep you updated on the progress of the company. If you are seriously interested, please contact me via email : DianeAguilar05@gmail.com to discuses and negotiate the matter further!
  11. okay I will double check and see if the ones I am using have it, i dont recall seeing that feature but im sure i could find one that has it. Thank you!
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