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  1. @Patch Linden I don't usually comment on the forums because things tend to get out of hand rather kickly, but... I've been to many events for the SL16B celebrations and seen the tipjars for the performers there. I don't think of them as business, but as a way of thanking somebody for entertaining us, and I think they should be allowed. That's the reason why I didn't see anything wrong with that tipjar at the Fairground celebrations. The Fairgrounds were given to us by the amazing Moles and Lindens to help us celebrate the amazing community Bellisseria is. There is no obligation to tip anybody, but you have that option if you want to use it. I must confess that I tip performers even if they do not have a tipjar, and if there is a tipjar out you can see how much money has been donated, so I find them useful. Residents cannot set up a business on their land, no matter if said business is on the ground or 4.000 metres up in the sky, and I think we all understand this, or we should. The Fairgrounds are not resident owned, they belong to the Lindens, and they should be able to create any rules for them that they deem necessary. The only problem here, I think, it was one of miscommunication, Bellisseria and the Fairgrounds are pretty new, mistakes can be made, and are made, because nobody is perfect, and nobody is out to get you... I, for once, would love it if I never had to think 'This is the reason why we can't have nice things.' ever again. Hugs.
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