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  1. There are over 100 Bellisseria groups created by users. A few are private, but most are public. You can join any of those or create your own. Nobody makes you join a group you don't want to join, also you can leave any groups if you are not happy with them. Don't like a group, leave, create your own with the rules you want. As easy as that. No need to flame other groups. There's more than enough drama around to add to it. About the Bellisseria Citizens group: I belong to that group, and love it, but you don't have to. If you don't like it, you can leave. If you stay you have to follow th
  2. A few things... First, using the real names of @Grumpity Linden and @Patch Linden here, as @Natzuka Miliandrovic already pointed out, wasn't right and it was totally unnecessary. Second, you can speak well of someone without having to put anybody else down. I'm pretty sure @Grumpity Linden has done plenty of things for which she should be praised, and there was no need for your derogatory comment about @Patch Linden when even you recognised he has done EXCELLENT work. Third, it is true that @Patch Linden has a background in customer service, but he has also worked as a directo
  3. @Patch Linden @Derrick Linden @Whitney Linden @Abnor Mole @Squeaky Mole and many, many others are still working in regions in Bellisseria, and releases are happening, granted, not as often as before because they had to concentrate in the SL17B celebrations, and because they also needed a rest after so much work (they are humans after all). I'm sure many regions will be released during the summer months, and we are getting the stilt houses later in the year!
  4. So much this! Thank you! Second Life has survived many things and will do it again. Change is hard, but so it's growing up. More and more people log on every day. Bellisseria (thank you @Patch Linden and the rest of the team) has made Second Life much more attractive to people who didn't know Second Life before, and many old timers are coming back. Also, everything that is happening in rl right now has increased the number of people interested in working and living here. It's true that there are not as many educators in SL as there used to be, but that is changing. Educators a
  5. Those are the house numbers. We won't get street names (yet?), but we are getting numbers.
  6. Great pictures! but that's Notta Mole, not Alotta Mole 😉
  7. @Patch Linden I don't usually comment on the forums because things tend to get out of hand rather kickly, but... I've been to many events for the SL16B celebrations and seen the tipjars for the performers there. I don't think of them as business, but as a way of thanking somebody for entertaining us, and I think they should be allowed. That's the reason why I didn't see anything wrong with that tipjar at the Fairground celebrations. The Fairgrounds were given to us by the amazing Moles and Lindens to help us celebrate the amazing community Bellisseria is. There is no obligation to ti
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