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  1. The offer shown is not more available. The lands enlisted are no more set for sale.
  2. Hello everyone: I want to put to your consideration the following parcels settled for sale that will be of interest to more than one, located in two regions of Mainland edging: Morgan Pass and Borgenite. 1. Steppenwolf Hill southwest side and top of the hill: 3328 sqm- 1142 prims. PRICE: 5000 $L Morgan Pass [Steppenwolf Hill Parcel 1] 2. Steppenwolf hill Southeast slop and top of the hill: 1728 sqm – 593 prims. PRICE: 2600 $L [Steppenwolf Hill Parcel 2] 3. Steppenwolf hill southeast down slop of the hill: 1536 sqm – 527 prims. PRICE: 2300 $L [Steppenwolf Hill Parcel 3] 4. Steppenwolf hill southeast bottom slope of the hill (1344 sqm-461 prims) + Steppenwolf hill southeast bottom slope of the hill region Edge (320 sqm-109): 1664 sqm – 570 prims. PRICE TOGETHER ONLY HERE: 3000 $L [Steppenwolf Hill Parcel 4a + Steppenwolf Hill Parcel 4b] PRICE SEPARATED HERE OR IN CLASSIFIEDS: SPH4A = 1600 $L; SPH4B = 400 $L 5. Steppenwolf hill middle east slope of the hill: 1280 sqm - 439 prims. PRICE: 2100 $L [http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan%20Pass/220/85/61] 6. Steppenwolf hill bottom east slope of the hill edge of región, near to the beach: 1280 sqm – 439 prims. PRICE: 2300 $L [http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan%20Pass/238/91/47] 7. Steppenwolf hill bottom east slope ot the hill, edge region, down to and with front beach 2752 sqm – 944 prims PRICE: 6880 $L [http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Borgenite/2/60/45] I am open to offers as in an auction starting with he prices shown. Please, contact me Beggar Mayo Slaegon o Killian Macrieve (Alfred Steppenwolf)
  3. Nice solution, Madelaine. I tried to do the same, following each step but with a landscape. I tried different combinations and it doesn't work. Perhaps or sure I did something wrong. The pics show the landscape I want to show inside the dome. I used a spheric prim like you did, but also a bigger mesh prim uploaded for me. Could you give me some help on this?
  4. Well, me again, and with another question related with all this issue. Following your kind comments and advices I did a very simple mesh. But, apart of the conclusions I had after the experiments, I could notice another thing and I don't have any explanation. Why, sometimes, the "prim" option is lack in the edit window of the viewer (at least SL viewer and trying in beta, I don't try other way as you suggested)? I decided to do my house piece by piece. Now, you ca see in the pic my "progress" and my... reggresion? The red mesh is the main door-wall and works perfect the physics following the steps I commented in my videos, following part of your advices. The green mesh is the next door with windows and a door, well this one its physics don´t work, simply can't walk trough the door and I can't change the character to "prim", because the option is lack there. I read this link https://sites.google.com/site/tamaproducts/slmeshphysics, good tips, but are not useful in my case. Again, something I am doing wrong and I don't understand what, why, how, when, where.
  5. Well, me again, and here what I promised, I know is not the best, but the idea is to understand. Conclusions: 1) Despite technical and quality differences, both Skecthup and Blender are useful for creating mesh models to use in SL. Contrary to what some think, the simplicity of Sketchup makes it a good option, not the best, but not despicable. 2) Although some advise "do not use the analyze button" when uploading mesh models to SL in the window to do that, it is necessary to click on it, otherwise the mesh either does not work its physics or it fails to go up because of the internal geometry. By using the analysis button, the SL loader is allowed to use simplification. 3) The difference in cost and impact on the land is almost zero between what was created in Sketcup and Blender. 4) While Skecthup simultaneously generates the UV Map call, in Blender it must be set apart. This produces differences in the termination of the model. 5) Sketchup is simpler, although when passing the model by Blender to "clean it" we notice that it generates objects or unlinked and even double geometries. 6) Sketchup generates the mesh triangulation automatically, while Blender works with frames and triangles on the fly.
  6. Thank you Chic, and every one. I will do what you suggested and following principaly many of your advises in your videos, but not only. And I will do something better without any intention to show my self as stubborn (although I am, jaja): I will do the same VERY VERY VERY simple model, door with wall, one wall, the same in Sketchup and in Blender, for practice both and show not which one is better or simple or complex, but to show the differences and coincidences and manners to do this, importing, exporting, even models made directly in SL grid download to convert in mesh, all this with the idea to help all of us what I am doing wrong and through my errors help me and all to understand the how to do and get some backgrund about. I am slow so, wait for my videos and then you can, again, pull my ears. I apologize from now, because I will do in my language, spanish. I hope you could understand them.
  7. I must say that me neither, don't know if "sketchup is powerful enough to allow you to edit triangle by triangle", but also I don't know how to do that in Blender. When I import the mesh to Blender I have to: 1) join; 2) remove duplitated things; and 3) in edit mode again join (alt+J) to make triangles as squares, but not all triangules are changed or none of them. So, tinally I had to start again the building in Blender. I would love if I could draw like in Sketchup but with the rest of the tools that have Blender. The complication of Blender is not about how it works, but the way the tools and resourses are presented to the user. I hope Blender creators could understand that. I will try and will share with you all a new experiment, building my house, not like a joint of big meshes, but piece by piece, wall by wall and see what happen. I hope that way this "degenerated triangles" can be controled. And another question I have, analize show colors, nice! But I don't know what it means each color. I ask this because you said "they are marked in black in the uploader preview", but when I take a look appears with other colors, as you can see in my pics.
  8. Thx for you comment, ChinRey. I try to say away from the Analize button, but simply can't, because the viewer (anyone) can't upload if I don't use analize in first place, error message appears always (see pic 4). When I use "solid", the mesh is uploaded closed, and no matter if in edit window I change the character to prim (and is more heavy and expense), if I use "surface" the door I said can be walked, but not the other one, and not all the times and always appear that invisible triangles. Is anoying or I am so estupid!
  9. Hello, me again, almost with the same trouble. Help! I am doing another experiment with this building, two entrances, a greenhouse. I am loosing my patience, what I am doing wrong that any change I do in the draw, always have triangules in the doors as you can see in the pictures. And when I upload, although I change to prim, can´t go inside the building? Maybe, do I missing some lines in the sketch or I have more lines than more or in wrong places? I must say that the first time I uploaded the mesh I could go inside through the lateral door but not the back one and I forgot close the wall signed with an arrow (stairs are not included in the mesh). After I closed the wall, I couldn't use any of the doors.
  10. Arton and Chic: I followed your steps patiently as you can see in the pics attached and the video linked. Description: 1) I made my model with Skecthup (sorry, Chic, I promise I will do the next experiment for this topic with Blender, I have more understanding now, working hard with it *smiles). With all porpouse I made it in two parts, one without balcon, second adding the balcon (the more problematic). I found and understood what you say Chic, in your video, about "divide elements", especially closing the door umbral on top and opening space between walls, otherwise physics don't works properly. 2) With balcon I did the same in the door, but, physics works more or less, no matter which method or analyze and or simplify I use, always there is a triangle in the middle of the door to the balcon. I don't know how to avoid it. I think I am still missing something during building or doing something wrong. 3) I tested different ways to upload and the principal change is in cost, not precisly in Land impact. And, yes, Arton, Second Life official viewer gives all the options to upload in Beta, I need to check and compare in normal grid. Perhaps is the same situation. BTW, which you suggest could be the best height of walls for a building to give liberty to camera, considering that there are giant avatars in proportion? 4) As I understand, Sketchup gives chance to produce the collada with the UV map when using textures. My next experiments to share with you will be: a) exporting and cleaning this model with Blender. b) Building this model directly in Blender. c) Compare results. This is the result of this experiment & P.D.: The last three pics show how I finally solved the trouble of the invisible triangle at the door in the balcon. I forgot draw the bottom line to close the square and erase the faces unusful in the umbral. After fix that, physic works compleatly! And, more, I exported the collada from sketchup with uvmap autogenerated (after applied materials in the model). When I tried to upload with textures uploader message error about no textures availables. When I tried to upload without check textures box, upload good and could apply my textures in each face of the model.
  11. Thx, Arton. I will try everything you say, step by step, dividing my mesh in floors and rooms and assemble in-world. I am slow so when I finish I will return here to show you how am I going with the process. This will give time to others to expose more ideas or advices about. Just one more thing, as you can see I use some rounded shapes also and physics don't work as I expect with the "cube method", or, again, I am doing something wrong.
  12. Thx. Chic. Maybe I am more dump that I imagine. Your videos are the best and I like the way you explain, sure. But... This particular one I saw it I don't know how many times. I understand that is a synthesis only and you explain very clear. Nevertheless I don't understand (using Blender or Skecthup) what I am doing wrong. Sketchup is not so bad, really. And is more easy and quick to use. Maybe the big "complain" could be related with geometry inside the mesh and tools that are better in Blender. Blender is perfect, with the big exception of the labyrinth of menus and shortcuts that only confuse. I realized that I need invest more than 2 hours daily of practice to understand that beautiful program. I don´t have enough time to do that, not enough memory to memorize all the estupid shortcuts that make my fingers and ideas become a cuff. When I do an objetc, the next day I forget all the steps followed. Add to the complexity the factor of the language. When I watch the videos in english I lose some parts of the explanations since my natural language is spanish, without saying that some of the videos lose time with empty descriptions or showing the shortcuts and mistakes or think that the person watching has enough, not only knowledge but practice with Blender. Is hard watch the tutorials and work with Blender at the same time and no one encourage to do some "homework". When I watch videos made by latins, some use english so bad pronunced that I lose part of the explanations. When I watch videos that use, like me, the interface in spanish, there are none that explain well nothing. I lost more time trying to understand the program (Blender) and how it works than creating! I understand the limitations of each one and belive me that I am doing a big effort in learning Blender, but is the day that I still feel lost and estupid and I can't live in my house made by my own hands. With your video I understand that I need to do two files, collada and phys (forget about UV mapping, another headake!) And the phys most be very simple. OK... I made this experiment: 1) Builded a room in SL and saved to my PC as collada. 2) Imported the collada into Sketchup. I noticed that the group of objetcs made in SL have naturally more lines because the build prims don't fit perfect, so is necessary to edit and clean the sketch (I guess is similar in Blender). Once cleaned, I exported as collada and uploaded. And voilá! There is the mesh, low prim, the blue one in the pic. It took me half hour! I uploaded it without use the phys file, using the high phys option in the uploader window. Converted to prim and worked fine. 3) I did the same using Blender. But simply lost my self trying to remember, just remember, the tools, so couldn't edit the objetc to produce the mesh and upload it. I desperated and quit after one hour. 4) I draw a big room in Sketchup without a roof. Exported as collada and uploaded. No physics file. Physics didn't worked. Invisible triangles close door and corners. 5) The same big room... I made a roof and uploaded using the high physics and genereting normal vectores 100% (in each origin selected use upload), otherwise phys don't work. And works! 6) I draw a big room in sketchup with roof and balcon. Uploaded the same way. But in this case I upload with and without phys. Works more or less. I could walked through the door and inside, but when I tried to go through the door of the balcon, couldn't. Some invisible triangule stoped me. Is the day that I find no videos, no explanations that show me easy, step by step, not only how to build a mesh house little more complex than a simple cube and take control of physics, and how use the uploader window. BTW. this last one gives less options in SL beta than in normal grid, so, again, is difficult understand which ones are the best options at the moment of upload.
  13. Hello: Apparently this topic is very often. I am learnig to build. I am trying to build my house, my mesh house. I started in SL editor doing some base model. I imported it to my PC to work with it in Sketchup and/or Blender. For me, the first one is more easy to use, but I am learning slowly the second that confuse me a lot. I made this basement for the house (with Sketchup), with door and one floor, export my collada but... when I try to upload to SL, any time, any way, I can't walk through doors and some parts of the floor, stoped by "invisible" walls (triangles) that already can be seen during the analysis, no matter if I use my collision file or just high option. I tried to simplify with Blender the triangulation but, as I said I am so confuse with Blender tools and shorcuts. When I do a simple room, more short than this, I can go inside and walk, but not this time. I always convert the character to prim when edit the mesh in SL. Simply, the question is that I don't know or don't understand how to control that invisible triangules. Maybe I am doing wrong in the process of building it self before upload or during the process of upload. I looked a lot of videotutorials, read a lot of comments and I feel as lost as if in the begining. Please, help me. Explaining me building mesh for dumps and have a good control of physics, step by step! BTW, I discovered saddly that the options to upload are quite differents in beta grid than in normal grid, with less options abled, for example in the section of simplifying methods. If there is someone that also can explain me in spanish, much better.
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