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  1. Most of comments are between 2011 and 2012. Does somebody knows any actualization or new editors to work with them in 2020, viewers and computers x64, Windows 10, etc.? I ask this because I am learning scripting and saw this https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2018/03/new-lsl-editor-released/
  2. Forget it, I had to abandon. The parcel is now in Governor Linden's hands.
  3. ¡Atención Residentes Premium de Second Life! Terreno en venta 1024 sqm, 351 prims, forma cuadrada en centro elevado de SIM Borden, poblado, tráfico muy bajo, clasificación moderada, Mainland (Continente) Pueden verlo en http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Borden/227/152/46 L$ 2000 Lindens Atention Premium residents Parcel for sale! Square, high center of sim at Borden, Mainland, low trafic, Moderate clasification Also, for rent houses visit: Interesados en rentar un espacio para su casa, también pueden remitirse a nuestra oficina de renta en http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michelangelo/48/68/3251 Cheap prices!
  4. Hello, all. I am new building and some of you have been my best references in my learning, especially Chic Aeon. I have read all the comments and I would love write mine 3 years later to say: Yes, Sketchup is not the best software to do mesh stuff, but is not so bad. Its tools and ways to do things are more simple than Blender and is nice for people like me that have the custom to draw with pencil from scratch and compose the 3D from the 2D basement, step by step. Following the advices of some of you. I started to learn Blender, so tough! But the latest versions since 2.8x are very friendly and now Blender develope an add-on to import/export from/to sketchup making easier to clean up the geometry, the principal reason related with this troubles shown in the discussion. I'd tried and is very useful! And now I love Blender too! In my experience using Skectchup to do mesh and upload to SL I have learned: The real trouble is how each software calculate the geometry. Since Sketchup planes have two faces by default, Blender planes have just one and to make a wall is necesarry to use two planes or a cube or use nodes to indicate the faces, but, in this case, exporting to SL info is missing instead what happen with Sketchup. Sketchup make the UVmap automatically, but of course one can edit it in some limited ways, against what happen in Blender where it takes more care and time to do. BTW the new versions of Blender have a new "tools" to make UVmaps and also to asignate individual map faces apart of the assignation of materials what is great! About tiny tris... This is a very often modeling mistake we do, no matter which software we are using and SL show it better if we use to analize when uploading and not always can be solved simplifying with % of resctriction. Most of times the cause is the existence of lost vertices and/or edges mixed inside the geometry and is very difficult to see with any software, Blender included. But, I suggest to clean up the model using the Blender tools for that. The old tool was "delete duplicates" now, in new versions we have more options, or at least with different names and better organized. So, the most usual are now: "Delete loose", "Limited disolved", "Merge by distance" (similar to delete duplicates). I suggest use these ones in first place and repeat all the necessary times until Blender can't clean up more. The other tools can distort the model if we don't have care. This way is easy to diminish the geometry and simplify it before upload the model. The width of walls of a house have to be around 15 to 30 cm (same with the floor) otherwise, the physics model let the avatar walk though them by little pieces, the knee, for example. So, I suggest not to erase the planes of the walls, but let them hollow when simplify them to do more eficient the collision model. I suggest this because some erase the exterior face for example if the logic says no avatar will walk near, through or against it. Do things against fools or mistaken or dump avatars. Yes, it arise the geometry and upload price, but not necessarily the LI. If the model draw curves. be sure make them as simple as you can, example, cilinder with no more than eight sides to avoid tiny tringles and multiplication of them inside the geometry. But, again, it all depends of the model, is not the same a mesh house or a sculpted mesh. Don't be slave of the LI concerns, but think efficiently to reduce lag. Many think that Location, rotation are very important to affect the geometry and... sorry, no. Are important yes to define the espacial relation of the models against their origin, but it doesn't affect directly on the weight of the geometry and LI or LODs. Affect, yes, the UVmapping and appearence of materials and this way, indirectly, on lag. When uploading, very simple models don't need a physics model layer and, no matter if the model is made with Skectchup or Blender or Maya or 3D or whatever you can use the inbuild options for physic in the upload window, but, yes, a physic model layer can reduce substancialy the LI of all the model, but not the price to upload. I discovered that combining the model, with the physic model and using analize and simplify options help to reduce LI too and here is something very important that just one builder in SL could enlight me about: the colors code for analize the physic and geometry of a model and their meanings. Blue -Purpule= All physic is ok, but... Is important to define if the shape of the physic is the correct one and the colors don't give any clue about with the exception of how are organized and distributed along the surfaces or showing the colision hull. Green = often is related to lands physics useful for landscapes. Orange-Yellow = The geometry is complex but not a trouble. Red (often as lines and dots linked) = there is a mre or less serious trouble with geometry and there are vertices, edges or faces loose degenerating the final hidden geometry of the model, it means the necessary review and clean up of the model. And finally, but not finally, LODs are very important and affect as the LI as the upload price. They can be define in the original model in Blender but it affect the renderization inside the Blender no necessarily when uploading to SL. Is important to define the LODs when uplading to control the tirangles and the lag, depending of the kind of piece of model we are uploading and modeling, is not the same LOD for a planter than for a house. These topics are little hard to understand for some latin people like me. If around are some latin people I have being filming a serie of tutorials in spanish to show and explain my learnings about all this. You can see them or share with your friends following this link to my channel:
  5. Is there a way to erase these posts. Lands refered are not more in property of my family group and, in consecuence, not for sale or rent by us.
  6. Hello, everyone. The new version of Blender I am using (2.83) solve this trouble in an easy way, I think, with the new elements to assign face maps.
  7. Hi, William: I have to say (as landlord) that since the begining I am concerned about what are you talking, so, I am already offering un my little land cheap houses with not too many prims (basic for rezz things) to give avatars a quite place where to land, share with their friends or enjoy intimacy and romance. I am no the way to grow, slowly, with the help of those who like become tenants and visitors. Just IM me and I will show you since I am still developing the place, but offering "presale" personalized houses and service. Greetings, hapy holidays and best wishes for 2020
  8. Well Kweopi, answering your questions, although I am not an expert I have skills: 1) Texturing, using gimp and other tools related. 2) Mesh modeling (learning). Most of all using Scketchup (free tool not pro) to do building parts and similar stuff. I know Blender but is the day that I can't dominate it, still learning, slowly. 3) Scripting. I have some notions. Still learning About motivation, YEAH! I am motivated to develope my skills, my business and my ideas. About your suggestions with full perms stuff, yeah! I got some stores selling these ones as my favorites and have an especific plan with some of their products already.
  9. I will think about very carefully, because I am not thinking "promote" others being part of a team, but is nice idea, but not as "customer service representative" because I would like build my own. Thank you very much.
  10. Thank you very much for your opinions. Even some makes me feel little frustrated. Develope builder or designer skills don't happen from night to day, need time, so if apparently market place and stores in world are most of them supported by creators, for good or bad, this means that retailers don't have certainty to open a business here. Perhaps I am reading in the wrong way the suggestions. But now I am concluding: 1) Be a creator and sell your stuff through market place (first option, following the steps enlisted above) and with a tiny store in world (second option) on your own land. 2) Don't waste time and money getting vendors and franchises to retail, no matter if it sounds like a good and virtuous way to sell and work as a commercial team to promote others creations. Am I right?
  11. 1L1H is a "system"?, hud or whatever to promote commercial stuff in world. Is a way to attract customers to your store offering quick promotions of sutff sell at 1L just during the next hour. In my experience as more or less customer is more attractive than discounts. Discounts are good way to promote and sell stock but this method helps also with traffic almost like happen with gifts, but gifts are sell at 0L, this way the merchant, the creator of 1L1H and customer got a piece of the cake
  12. Jaja, this made me think in my new president in Mexico...
  13. Thank you very much Lexbot. I think I have detected some needs between avatars and, answering your questions (mine too) I plan: To find some fullperm stuff that can satisfy such needs to resell, some could be get from gacha. I am thinking also about vendors and/or franchises. To find a way to resell as outlet some old stuff I have in my inventory that, even I don't use it, I know could be useful for some people instead of just throw it away. This meanwhile I am learning how to create my self some stuff to satisfy such needs, since I am developing some skills. Principal objetive, offer to people good quality and cheap stuff, since I also have in mind an specific target. I am interested in understand also how this 1L1H offers work I would like to use it more or less often combined with other kinds of events. So, in synthesis, my idea is, to develop my business in parallel with my self development and getting enough profit to, at least, make my tier and account self sustentable.
  14. OK... Perfect! Now, about what Chic said: I am not quite sure about the steps to resell. I reviewed the links I shared, very useful, but maybe I am little dump and need figure the best way and steps, same way, to search in market place stuff to resell. I think I could follow the steps listed by Polenth and also combine with some things to resell from my store. Said that, I have to say that I am looking for male stuff designers (clothes, hairs, body parts, gacha, etc), to include in the stuff possible to resell)
  15. Thank you very much, Polenth. Like Chic's, yours is a very useful comment. So, if I do a list of the "instructions" you are suggesting me I could write the first ones: 1) Get items on the marketplace to resell (I guess full perm or at least Copy-modifiable or Mod-Transf ???????, like vendors or packs ?????, gacha ???? ) 2) Set a small shop in my land in parallel to show a more professional look putting the focus in the brand and niche I want as target. For this two suggestions I found these links I think can be helpful for me and others and I am planning now broadcast too my own experience for latin people. And I know I will get more kind suggestions from the community. https://disfrutasl.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/consejos-para-iniciar-una-tienda-de-ropa-en-second-life/
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