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  1. Congratulations to all those involved for a wonderful job, so many fantastic decorating ideas. I must admit, Interior decor has not been my talent, and learning to work with a limited amount of Land Impact can really be a challenge! Your hard work and creativity is exactly the spark to help others fill their empty homes with charm. I suspect there may be other residents like myself that might know how to link, maybe read a few articles\posts about LODS\linking\triangles (oh my!) but never really getting "it" or noticeable results and living with a somewhat minimalist interior. With this abundance of talent, and ample Bellisseria fairground space, perhaps a future event to empower residents with these skills could be fun? "Get the most from your Linden Home" type event could be something to consider, with linking demo's or lectures from some of this group's amazing creatives. Basics for beginners on linking, how to spot a good lod vs bad , high load vs low, mesh vs sculpt, why triangle counts matter on your next purchase. " Link & decorate like pro with (insert designer's name)." And if this was held outside of Belli, I'd pay good $L to attend, too.
  2. When I grow up, I want to decorate and link like Marianne! I took the tour last night, and I wasn't able to grab any of the giveaways, maybe because they're linked? Loved the window treatments! Selected edit parts, and could see take a copy, but no joy. thanks Marianne, it could be just me. Update: Of course it was me, I didn’t let the textures rez in the signs to see them!! Thanks Marianne!
  3. Love the excitement and anticipation! Does that walkway look Metallic? Your description + photo made me think of the Si-Fi TV series Star Gate Atlantis, where the Ancients built a City that rose out of the water and was a city/space ship.
  4. Madam decorator extraordinaire, Is there an opening time for the Garden Expo? Still today? Announcements? Surprises?
  5. Especially as makers keep selling no copy items. I try to avoid them, but sometimes they're just too incredible. I make it a habit to rez everything in edit mode. Sometimes it's crazy how items will rez underground or in the sky rather than ON a selected spot.
  6. Thanks to everyone building a wonderful SL, and best wishes to all those moving on. https://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2020/02/sansar-second-life-linden-lab-ebbe-altberg-kona-gurion.html
  7. What a fantastic location. Perfect for the train & auto fan, too! I've a friend looking for something just like that. Hope there's more like this across the grid.
  8. Sometimes it can be due to neighbors living in different time zones, too. Some users list it in their Profile and you'll see SL Time + 6, or "Same time as SL Time, or SLT +3. I've found having that listed exceptionally helpful when wanting to chat with a neighbor or conduct a business transaction.
  9. I'm guessing that AR team isn't just for new Linden Home regions, but has to review/act on AR's from everywhere on the grid? No doubt a monumental task, I expect some delay from notice to possible action.
  10. During the Last Expo, The Victorian homes were revealed (before they were released to the public). For (almost?) 2 weeks, there was a silent auction for the Victorian give away. At the end of the Silent Auction, the highest bid became the opening bid for the live auction. Live = real auctioneer voiced the auction, something like 4 packed regions of avi's to watch and place bids. The big Prize was a Victorian, landscaped by the moles (your own island) and a one of a kind seasonal package. it currently has a lighthouse and boat rez zone next to the house. It was an incredible event and raised funds for Charity, the American Cancer Society. For a few that asked and missed the auction: Towards the end only two of us were left bidding; my highest bid topped at $L 600,000. The Winning Bid for the Victorian Package was only a few thousand $L over that. All proceeds went to the charity. The Live Auction Was December 15th, The Victorian regions were released to the public on December 16th. I found my beautiful Vic with luck like everyone else, and still have it with it's ownership date of 12/16. Exceptionally sentimental about it. I'm hopeful the Lindens will do it again for each reveal of a new theme. I wrote the following to thank those involved, the evening of the 15th after the auction
  11. I noticed that name curiosity the other day too. Was Ebb Tide the island from the Expo Auction?
  12. Yep, They'll need some school'n bout this construction
  13. @Raspberry Crystal, I see no point in calling people out who happen to like a particular post. I did understand & appreciate the writer's points. I also wrote after that post ""I've never seen a region where most every house stayed with an original owner, even with lots next to my Vic I thought were "perfect" were not their "Perfect", hedge/no hedge, sand only, grass only....everyone's hunt for their perfect is different. House hoppers are just looking for the home that makes them (most) happy. There will be (10's of) thousands of more houses coming, but it also takes time for the Moles to make them. " I suspect most people who follow this thread are savvy enough to know how the random system for allocation and abandon works and if not, would ask. "Don't forget you can move too!" tends to be used often a hammer rather than offering a welcoming hand of understanding. Those with 1 account can find it a challenge when seeing a number of users with multiple accounts gobble up 1/3 to 1/2 of a new region at a time consistently, and then dump them minutes \ hours or a day or two later. 1 account get's you 5 tries, 10 accounts for 50 tries and is totally allowed. I don't fall into either user's category but it costs nothing to appreciate their goals & concerns.
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