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  1. Sylvannas has the right idea, I think you can realize most of this already. If you need further customization feel free to IM me inworld and we can talk about it.
  2. You might want to look for new promising looking stores, As if they are known they are most likely already setup inworld on a non-mainland sim and managing more than one location is just a hassle
  3. This is one of those so specific and odd things that if I was at work I'd just tell you to back everything up and reformat if you wanted firefox bad enough Maybe the forums backend got updated and has a compatibility issue with firefox.. There could be a million thing espc if its just website specific.. I am a huge fan of firefox, even though I only use it to watch movies and chrome for everything else. (That 99999 media cache and buffer just toooo yummy)
  4. From what I've read I'm assuming you've already changed the about:config browser.backspace_action to 2, Yet you're still unable to backspace in the secondlife forums? Are you on the most recent version of firefox?
  5. This plus pox makes my aristocratic fantasy a lot less desirable >.>
  6. Ah my B, Thought there used to be a case where you can't do certain things without having ever bought lindens.. Maybe thats withdrawing not Adult sims...
  7. A mesh avatar from scratch is gonna cost some dolla dolla bills, but if you can find a similar mesh avatar with addons and just needs to be re-textured it will save you some a lot of money. Just a suggestion ^.^ Im sure you can find someone much easier as well if its just retexturing
  8. If you've submitted an app drop Gryphon Ronas a message or NC and let them know It will bump you up and get you a kit faster. Alternatively this message is old so you might already have a kit.. And to reply to the actual thread.. I have some goth stuff I really want to make, and I really love that fashion style.. Its just not supppeer popular right now so I'm hesitant >.>
  9. Go to your secondlife main page (Secondlife.com -> Login) and find the "Buy" button on the left side. Buy some lindens and you're good to go ^.^
  10. 76!? I don't think the life expectancy was that high back then >.>
  11. Yet they still forced C# down my throat in college q.q
  12. I never claimed you did, I was just stating that as an example of a penalty that wouldn't work, not as one you claimed. "you seem so attached to for your artist standpoint of earning an income" I mean I am just giving you other ways of looking at this and seeing the community who is developing content in SL but yeah I can get bitter too "You seem so attached to your optimization standpoint and neglect what secondlife is actually about" I think this topic is too complicated to be looked at in just one view. Theres a lot of money on the line for any action LL Takes and I just don't believe
  13. A large portion of SL right now is based around Character photography and people isolated in their own parcels (Able to have a ton of bad performance things without terrible frames), SO high detail models sell well compared to performance optimized ones. Jump in any fashion or shopping group and eventually you'll hear someone complain about lack of detail or exclaim about how much detail is in a model. I think it's going to be hard for LL to transition away from this, and even with a $$ penalty It may just be worth paying to upload regardless. Its very rarely I hear about people complaining ab
  14. I don't think comparing SL to a game is as easy, because you have full control of what goes into your game. I just advocate for as much automation as possible because there is no control over who is creating content and what quality of content is going into SL So if you can control at least a small fraction of that then you'd hope to see a small performance boost for newer content. I think its fair to point to other engines, because LL has had plenty of money and time to continue to develop SL, even without "Game breaking" engine changes they should be a lot further along by now. The promis
  15. Was actually heading back here to say that : D Theres tons of free seams that tile and even better ones that you have to pay for. Alternatively if you know Zbrush well enough to sculpt seams yourself you can bake out Height maps that you can combine into your textures to create seams https://help.poliigon.com/other-3d-packages/using-brushes-in-zbrush-blender-or-substance The Video towards the bottom goes over using Substance designer to create a really neat and efficient way of doing seam work
  16. Denim is super challenging, especially when it comes to all the seams and threads. If you're working in 1k texture sizes its extremely frustrating to get everything to show up properly. The store that start with a V uses 4 textures maps per product and that allows them to get a very high resolution on their models. That being said, you're right on the money. Spend more time in photoshop. A lot of the best denims are samples from real pictures and pieced together in PS. Alternatively you can do the same if you are seeking to learn programs such as substance painter, You can fill the mode
  17. Bind pose currently doesn't work in avastar
  18. I think understanding that the content creators that will come to SL, especially as of late are younger artists who want to create and earn income without being tied down to the difficult tedious things that have been solved in other engines already. (Yes I get the argument that this isn't a 100% solution but its better than what SL currently provides. I'd rather LOD generation that worked, than have one that didn't or have to do hand made LODs everytime.) https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Engine/Content/Types/StaticMeshes/HowTo/AutomaticLODGeneration
  19. Thanks for being a polite well respected member to a new user ;D
  20. Ah it laid dormant so long I didnt think to check, looks like there's a new dev cool! I still recommend blender as it's quite easy, and im not so sure the bugs chic mentioned. I do know its definitely a lot easier with avastar, and ive had no difficulties with animations so far.
  21. Qavimator is extremely old and no longer supported by its devs, i wish i couls help but all i can say is youre better off downloading the skeleton off the wiki and animating in blender. Or using avastar
  22. Best way is to detach the clothing, adjust shape and rerig. Theres alternative sloppy ways to do the same without detaching clothes from rig, but best to do it the right way
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