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  1. AdoraJade

    English teacher (real)

    Well I mean it was a phrase she used to say to me all the time. And she meant it like "oh people say they've changed but they aren't who they say they are in the last 5 minutes.. They are who they've always been. If that makes any sense
  2. AdoraJade

    English teacher (real)

    My grandmother died today and to remember her I have decided to get my first tattoo(in real life). However I do not want to be one of those people who gets a tattoo with a spelling mistake or a grammar mistake. I need an ACTUAL English Teacher to tell me if I need like a comma or if something is misspelled or something. It's going to be a dragonfly (her favorite). And underneath it I want this phrase (or something like it): "You are not who you are in your final moments but who you have always been." It feels slightly awkward (the wording) and I'm not sure if there should be a comma or what. So any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. AdoraJade

    Daddy's Babygirl Adoption House and Hangout

    2000 member party going on right now here! gifts prizes and sooo many contests and games!!! Come check it out!
  4. AdoraJade

    Daddy's Babygirl Adoption House and Hangout

    Speed dating is Saturday the 14th at 5p slt!!! Plenty of daddy spots still open <3
  5. I recently came across this place.. Its awesome. It's a place for Daddy's & Babygirls to find each other. They have the whole adoption panel thing for only 10 lindens for lifetime. There's games outside and sometimes a live dj. It's just a nice hangout. Also there are rooms for babygirl's to rent until they find a daddy. They don't allow sex on the sim. No child avatars either. It's just a relaxing fun hang out... I'd highly suggest it to anyone who is looking for a Daddy/Mommy/Babygirl. Daddy's Babygirl Adoption House and Hangout:: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DABB/162/128/3515
  6. AdoraJade

    Daughter and daddy type relationship

    Daddy's Babygirl Adoption House and Hangout is a GREAT place to go. They even have this speed dating thing. The people are nice. And the boards are only 10 lindens to rent out for lifetime. I'd highly suggest there. And you can even rent out rooms for cheap. its a lovely place.
  7. AdoraJade

    Upcoming Modern Fantasy Sim Seeking Leadership

    I would be interested in the Sim admin role or Property agents! <3 if you're still hiring!
  8. AdoraJade

    Is everyone in SL pansexual?

    Nope. Not by a long shot
  9. AdoraJade


    or try Heritage. They are always busy and have panels for kids, adults, parents, pets, god parents, god children, and siblings. <3
  10. AdoraJade

    Looking for a Mentor

    <3 would help as well!
  11. AdoraJade

    a cry to mesh clothing designers

    I understand your position MistahMoose. But I mean theres always people looking to buy stuff. And think about it this way. You'd be catering to a specific audience that doesn't have a lot of competition. idk And thanks for the link Fionalein.
  12. AdoraJade

    a cry to mesh clothing designers

    maybe I'm being stupid But i searched the market place for that name and no store came up
  13. AdoraJade

    Looking for a dancer or host job

    Voo Doo is hiring hosts if you're interested! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alyssum Island/13/113/29 please come there. it's an awesome place to work
  14. AdoraJade

    New DJ looking for work

    Thanks guys <3 ^_^~