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  1. I am aware, just was curious if anyone had ever had issues with this kind of thing before, but thank you.
  2. I havent, I didnt know there was a rig system for the system avatar til you said something. I just looked it up and I think I loaded up the right one, so will try that on 2.79 since I have learned from the time of posting this, that 2.8 isnt super friendly with SL yet?
  3. Hello all, I am really new to mesh modeling and blender 2.8. I was messing around with rigging items to the body I had a dev kit to, when I ran into an issue of after exporting the item, the item would shrink and the body it shared weights with. I tried looking around for if this was an issue due to 2.8 or just a failure on my part [which I am sure I messed up something in exploring things] but I couldn't find any ideas on what to do. Included some pics of the before and after exporting. Thank you
  4. Hello. I am looking for a custom mesh creator that could remake a version of a very old prim that that I currently have to be mesh [and bento if possible] and a mesh version of a serpent like head [more info for those willing to give me quotes]. I don't have a timeframe I am looking to get it completed but would love to get something done as soon as possible will still keeping the "rights" to the items made. [ie. they aren't sold elsewhere and files are for me to keep for future use that would remain personal only]
  5. Nevermind, was able to take a copy and rerez it to fix the issue~!
  6. Ah okay. Is there any way to fix it? :matte-motes-stress:
  7. I am having an issue with prims going phantom when they aren't marked as such. Nothing in the build is set to it when it was linked and I am at a complete loss.
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