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  1. Sorry if I post in wrong Category since it my first time to post on this forum... Anyway I was looking for bento Gorilla or Ape animation override on the marketplace but no luck.. So is anyone can do bento animation override I'm willing to pay it in L$ for this bento ao to be made? the bento animation override should use only full body bones but no face bones please. so it wont messed up m4 heads face bones
  2. There has been so many things wrong every since I downloaded firestorm back to my computer, so for one the other day I had to literally take everything off and restart all over because my avatars skin was glitched out with another skin that I had no clue where it came from, yet others on their computers weren't seeing the glitches. Then after i did that my avatar keeps making a winking face everytime i send a text into the the nearby chat and i have to keep undeforming my avatar every single times and its getting extremely annoying for me to play the game its just one thing after another. AND NOW i cant watch tv or use voice chat i've tried going through my computer setting and preferences still nothings working for that so yeah i'm just mad because i've invested a lot of money into this game and its just getting tiring with all that keeps happening so if someone can help me please go for it
  3. Do You Have Animation Experience? MadPea is looking to add additional freelance animators to our team. If you have experience with Bento Animations, we would love to meet you! If you're interested in working with MadPea, just complete our Google Forms Application. MadPea Animator Application ➩ https://forms.gle/22hQXQtpMj397ShS6 http://www.madpeagames.com/about-us/join-our-team/
  4. [WARNING] This is one of the few times I actually type something long. TL;DR: I'm a Pro Wrestler & Animator in one of the best communities in SL and wish to share my story with you. First some context of the usual question we get: Yes.... Yes there is. For about 7 Years now I've been doing this RP. I can honestly tell you this is a emotional roller coaster ride if you are a pro wrestling fan or even a pro wrestler in general. All of our shows have immense stories, action, emotion and attitude. Most places you will find the highest quality of video graphics which also rivals RL Wrestling. You will feel joy and disappointment sometimes in the span of seconds with our community. Our community is very new player friendly as well, which we all do our best to help those that want to become part of our community. We're the closest thing to the RL Action you can get as we go through the same paces as the RL Feds such as WWE, AEW, NJPW, etc. Each Fed usually has 1 owner at the top, followed by a chain of command structure for show production, commentary, trainers, wrestlers, etc. We extensively try to get better each passing year with training new talent, developing show schedules, new creations to match types (Hell in a Cell, Hardcore, Royale Rumble etc.) Our community has about 8 Feds, with about 11 weekly shows nearly every day *at time of post*. Feds and shows usually come and go but there will always be plenty for the week. We've been primed targets for multiple sponsors & events that host any of us. I run a animation store called Team Wildfire since 2013, which currently has put in over 400+ unique animations into the SLPWC. I currently have 7 stores up at nearly every major fed, each of them giving a portion of the store profits to the feds themselves. I also am a member of the current scripting project for the G2 Wrestling HUD, NERO. The HUDs that are used for wrestling are completely free with various animations already pre-installed for use. Recently we've hosted 2 major charity events (which we usually do charity shows every year). We have gained and donated over $1,200 to the Wounded Warrior Project & over $750 to the Best Friends Animal Society. In all of my years in SL, I've never witness something like this before in our community. I was lucky enough to take part in one of these charity shows as a pro wrestler with many of my friends in the community. The show was CRAZY! All in All, I've been doing this for 7 Years and even though our community is like a revolving door, more people tend to stay to help us grow larger as a community. If you want to find out more about our community, just type in SL Wrestling on facebook or wrestling in search. or just hit me up on SL!
  5. Hello all. I'm trying to build my second vehicle and I'm running into a problem I didn't notice before (my first was a jeep and higher above the ground). It appears my hitbox is too low, hitting the ground and pushing the vehicle up. I've narrowed the issue to the hitbox since the height of the vehicle "lift" changes with varying animations, ,while the bottom of the hitbox remains relatively in the same position. And yes, I know hip height of the animation plays into this as well, but with the amount of animations I put into the builds, finding suitable replacements with higher hip heights for all of them would be an impossible task. Through doing some research, I've come to understand that combat vehicles...specifically armored vehicles...are able to turn an avatar (and it's hitbox) phantom so that the vehicle absorbs the hits, but not the avatar...while still being able to operate the vehicle normally. I know ||VolumeDetect can be used to a point, but as LL points out, it turns the whole physical build phantom making it drop through the ground (which it surely does...I tried...lol). So clearly there's more to it, and other scripts used in conjunction. I'm not at all looking to turn this build into a combat vehicle, but it would appear there are aspects to a combat vehicle build that would be very advantageous to regular vehicle builders as well. If anyone has any knowledge, ideas, tips, advice, what have you...I'd truly appreciate any help or guidance. Thank you!!
  6. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 Developed Parcels 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/w Grass Hills at Klibert House with lots of animations, plenty of garden space, campfire,trees We use Inverse's : Killington- full furnished house cottage 564 prims left to use! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Grass Hills at Klibert Great Mansion with pond and so many animations We use Inverse's : BOOMERANG full furnished house skybox - 350+anims 746 prims left to use! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Grass Hills at Klibert We use Inverse's : Cape T. full furnished house skybox with lighthouse - 350+anims 917 prims left to use!
  7. Okay, so before, I was using a Vista bento AO (not the newest one, but maybe the first one that had facial animations?).... Anyhow... Today, I started looking around at Stun Poses for some new Flickr poses, and came across their stand animation 3-packs. Of course I bought some of them, so now, FF to later, and I've been using the built in FS AO. Love the lower lag from one less script, etc. The issue is in finding the animations for walking and all that. I pulled the ones from the Vista AO, but I'd like some more options.... Do you guys just go to a place like Vista and just buy the single walk animations? Is there another shop I should try? I'm NOT looking for anything Kawaii style or anything that's an over the top walk animation (super high hip/arm swing, etc). Also, on the topic of hips, I am not a classic French model.... My build is more Christina Hendricks. So curvy animations are certainly better. Thanks for any help you folks can give!
  8. Hello, new to scipting here. I have this hud that rezzes a spell on the ground with a simple animation. In example: 1. Avatar attaches hud 2. Clicks hud 3. Places(rezzes) a spell on the floor with squating down animation. IT WORKS PERFECTLY FOR ME and other can see me do it.. the issue is when I send to others to test out. This happens.. Script error - Script trying to trigger animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set. This is the code rotation relativeRot = <0.0, -0.0, -0.5 , -0.5>; float floor_distance; //global used for determining individual avatar height default { state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION | PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); } touch_start(integer n) { //calculate for individual avatar size vector size = llGetAgentSize(llGetOwner()); floor_distance = size.z / 2; string Object= llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0); rotation myRot = llGetRot(); //position is where it rezzes (left,right,height) vector position = llGetPos() + (<2, 0.0, -floor_distance> * myRot); //rotation is how the prims rotation is set relative to avi & rezzer ? rotation rezRot = relativeRot * myRot; llStartAnimation ( "spell" ); llRezObject(Object, position, ZERO_VECTOR, rezRot, 0); llSleep(3.0); llStopAnimation ( "spell" ); } } Any suggestion? I have permissions set, animations work for me just fine, but not for others. I did try to add a llResetScript(); but I'm clearly missing something because that didn't work. Maybe I put in the wrong section
  9. I would like to get some family animations done for beds, sofa, chair and maybe a few others. Please message me inworld wyona.steamweaver with a pricelist!
  10. I am looking for a animator for handheld food items and static poses. As I have a family friendly store brand, I would need sized animations for male/female/kid avatars as the generic animations I have at the moment are too basic to fit those 3 avatar types. I would need higher priorities as the animations I hold right now are not viable with most current ao's and they are not high enough priority to stay. I would like to request a single animation for our first co-project and work from there. Most of the animations I would need would be handheld bento poses, and bento animated eating, drinking, and holding a plate/fork or spoon/ while eating. I have an example of what I'm asking for. If you would like to commit to working with us, I would love to discuss future projects we have planned and work with your high quality animations. I'm open to both mo-cap and avastar. I would require .anim files to upload. Discussion of rates and the example needed are what I would love to discuss in world. You can send a Notecard to Late Billig in world and I can have the example ready and information to see if our work would fit your expertise.
  11. I had too many Sex on the Beaches and Mimosas on night and went shopping at Vista Animations. I bout the Female Model Poses products thinking that I was buying one of those pose boxes that would like my fiends and customers see what they looked like after I gave them a beauty session. Unfortunately, the product only had poses I could use. After I sobered up I looked in the Marketplace for a pose book I could load the numerous poses I bought. No luck. Now I am trying to find a script that will let me build my own. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. I'm helping someone find couples dances for their dance machine and cannot find several of my favorite vendors, including Henmations, 3FX, and Bits and Bobs. While some of the earliest SL dances are painful to watch now, each of these vendors had good stuff. Anyone know if they're still selling animations? If so, where?
  13. hi i am having problems with compatibility of blender and second life. I have a beautiful dragon animated badly( yes i know its my first animation) but the one in blender looks reasonable and one in second life looks completely different what Am i doing wrong ? I think its possible its not exporting all bones and his is why its messing up but am beginner with mesh animation and don't know how to fix this t appear same in LSL https://i.gyazo.com/7aa628fd438222e282970920496358e5.mp4 I looked at export and they are very verbose: I went away and searched and found this similar issue with no resolution: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-Exporter/issues/69 This one is better https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/issues/5887 I found this but its set to pose and not to Rest Position why then is my mesh in LSL not behaving the same and looking like its made of jello? There seems to be no export option to export all bones and the model as shown uses rest position: Also when i take it of of this it drops the animation sequence I had placed in . It seems i need to convert from the rest position to pose position any ideas please?
  14. Any easy way to backup downloaded bed animation poses to a positions note card, for the item content after edit? I find it really hard to transfer all those poses without being "hand written", to save at a positions note card. Knowing certain keys from the keyboard might help.
  15. I want to find a face animator hud / AO - or persuade someone to create one. (I’d do it myself but couldn’t script my way out of a paper bag). Why is such a thing needed? Most of us these days have mesh heads that come with a range of animations. The huds that control these tend to be a bit clunky and lack flexibility. You can’t create your own animation sequences effectively. In particular, what I want to do is take the best animations from a series of heads that I own (Catwa, Genus, Lelutka, AK) and blend these into a series of sequences for different occasions. (In truth, I’m wearing a Genus head at the moment because it goes with a skin I love but I’m using Lelutka animations with it almost exclusively. They’re much better, IMHO) I’ve already extracted the animations I need (wear the head, right click, edit, contents tab, drag and drop to a suitable folder in inventory, repeat for all the other brands of head you own). I’ve also made sequences - such as chatting; flirting; sensuous; happy; etc. I’ve tried two approaches so far, both of which work up to a point but are fundamentally flawed: 1) Put them in a Zhao AO and use notecards - They do work as face animations and you can run your standing anims using the Firestorm AO or a second AO hud. This approach is flawed because when you sit on furniture such as a seat, bed, etc they stop working. And that’s when you are likely to need them most. (Kissing someone tends to attract their close attention - in an ideal world). 2) Create ‘standing’ animation sequences using the Firestorm AO which are actually face anims. This works and is dead easy because there are no notecards to deal with. You can still have your standing animations running by also wearing a traditional AO. But this is once again flawed because they stop working when you sit. So, I want a hud that will allow me to keep them running at all times - or at least until I turn them off. This is possible, because the head animators that come with the mesh heads achieve this. I also have a head animator from Chrysanthemum which provides ‘sexy’ face expressions which continue to run while on a chair or bed. (It comes with its own anims, but doesn’t allow you to add your own. They are all a bit ‘advanced’ and wouldn’t be used for a mere cuddle). Please note that I’m not aiming to sell this or load it with animations to then give it away. This is for personal use and once loaded with the anims taken from the mesh heads it would not be transferable. It might be something which a creator could sell to people such as myself, provided the customers were willing to load up the animations they already own. It might be possible to edit the Zhao scripts to adapt them for this scenario but I don’t know where to start. Does anyone know of such an animator already available? Or does anyone know where I could find appropriate scripts to create one? Or is anyone keen on making one from scratch?
  16. I have recently brought the Lelutka head. If i go to the long bar hud menu and click the play button symbol on the left it opens up to me to all the animations. At the bottom it has facial expressions. I can select one at a time and it will play, like a smile or wink. How do i set it so my avi will automatically cycle through facial animations with out having to manually go in to the hud and click the one i want. I have looked on lelutka website and there the hud seems very different to mine. Any help much apperciated and Merry Christmas!! Ps besides the above i love my fleur head!
  17. Hello Does anyone know any good food or drink items from the Marketplace that uses animation in left hand? I have a lot of these but they have only animations for right hand :(
  18. Greetings Second-life, I'm in need of a skilled animator for a one time project at this point. I'm needing exclusive rights to a set of animations as were you will be credited as the animator. The set will be unisex intoxicated set for AO system in my project. below you will find the states needed for the set and the amount for each state. The animations must be AO ready and dose not need any type of posing system other then the stander AO scripts. Stands: No less then 5 and no more then 10 - No Less then 30 seconds in the loop of the animation. Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better). Sit: 1 - No Less then 30 seconds in the loop of the animation. Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better). Ground Sit - No Less then 30 seconds in the loop of the animation. Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better). Walks: No less then 3 and no more then 5 - Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better). Extras Needed: Stand Puking Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better, Dose Not Need To Loop). Sit Puking Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better, Dose Not Need To Loop). Ground Puking Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better, Dose Not Need To Loop). Ground Passed Out No Less then 30 seconds in the loop of the animation. Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better). Smoking Male - Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better Dose Not Need To Loop, Needs To Be Bento, Needs To Be On Both Hands, 3 Different Arm Lengths, AO Ready) Total Of 3 left & 3 Right Handed. Smoking Female - Priority 3-4 (3 Being Better Dose Not Need To Loop, Needs To Be Bento, Needs To Be On Both Hands, 3 Different Arm Lengths, AO Ready) Total Of 3 left & 3 Right Handed. I will clearly state I will not pay for work up front in any manner being linden labs dose not get in invalid if you fail to hand animations after paying for the work, I have been burned in the past by a will known developer in second life. I have learned my lesson, You must be willing to do the work and have a demo ready of the finished animations for me to preview. before you will receive any payment. All payments will be done in lindens no out side payment will be made. Exclusive rights for my Products only! If I'm not online please drop me a note card with your rates on the outlined areas I have stated. Willing to pay for the best quality, Those who have shops in world will have a better chance of my bus sines. Have A Great Day!
  19. Hi my scripter's and scribblers. I already have a single dance hud which I wrote to do single animations. I am wondering what the complexity of couple animation is like most seem to seem to do this on pose balls but i would rather not . Has anyone done this or principally how do I keep dancers in keyframe ? D I welcome any discussion as its helpful for everyone thank you for looking :)D
  20. I am looking for an experienced Animesh creator and animator who can help me with a project. I am happy to negotiate wages based on experience, and turn around. Happy to pay $USD or $Lindens as requested. Animal mesh experience essential. Please message cutencuddlybreedables resident to discuss. Thanks
  21. I am looking for an experienced Animesh creator and animator who can help me with a project. I am happy to negotiate wages based on experience, and turn around. Happy to pay $USD or $Lindens as requested. Animal mesh experience essential. Please message cutencuddlybreedables resident to discuss. Thanks
  22. Like vlogger (and I am not alone to have this issue) I need to activate the mouth animations of my mesh head (in my case Lelutka) even if I am not speaking or typing anything. It would be great also to active the talking HUD animations of my AO too (in my case VISTA) even if I am not telling or writing anything. Is it possible? Do we miss something? Thanks
  23. I am looking for an experienced Animesh creator and animator who can help me with a project. I am happy to negotiate wages based on experience, and turn around. Happy to pay $USD or $Lindens as requested. Animal mesh experience essential. Please message cutencuddlybreedables resident to discuss. Thanks
  24. Hi there! I am looking for some custom animations and poses to have for a project of mine. I want a loser sign pose on the forehead (bento), with a high priority so I can play other animations at the same time. I also need a few other animations that are NSFW but solo. Please message me in world (cassielwest resident). I am will to pay!!
  25. Hi all, Since SL last updated, animations dont seem to work on Lumiya anymore. Anyone know anything g or have any ideas on how to fix this? I use a gaxaly note 9 android phone. Anyone else having this issue?
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