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  1. price drop 1500 linden best price you can get anywhere
  2. I have a nice flat 2.560 sqm - 878 prims parcel for sale in a nice place for 2300L get it while you can http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Solway/54/216/33
  3. can shave a few secs off if you go ahead and name your home hit the next button then the back button it should stay named so when it comes up just hit the next button works for me that way not sure for others worth a try
  4. sounds like you have an old linden home there only 512 lots the new ones all sold out there making more but will take time you can keep up by checking this thread
  5. you know im getting straight up tired of the grammar police all over the forums every last one of you make fun and point out ever error in anyone's typing i have seen in post before my typing sucks who cares get over your self have a nice day
  6. im going to buy a sim from linden lab and im looking for someone that wants to be part of a mc sim that has the know how to build the sim and get people to it im me in-wold if you would like to talk bout it kendall9988 resident sorry if wrong thread
  7. land has been cut into 4 1024 parcels 2000 linden a peace dirt cheap
  8. land has been cut into 4 1024 parcels at 2000 linden a peace dirt cheap http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aruana/149/229/21
  9. still for sale lowered to 23000 you wont find a better deal for this type of parcel on linden water
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