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  1. If you want to remove the tongue on the base head itself, a alpha layer specific to the tongue on the UV should do
  2. Well I do wish y'all luck with that then! Would be handy for me if I had a few more, then I could plug in a whole avatar of mine into the skin wearable, body, head, tail, and ears. Also, random question, but I noticed on the clothing layers, there seems to be a built in alpha cutout for that lower corner of the lower body were there's no UV at, any chance that can be removed, or would that be far too deep in the old code?
  3. While it's true I've not fully dug into AO making, I have some experience, mainly facial expressions for an avatar of my own, I have a couple of base animations that animate the whole face, those are 3. and then a couple of supplementary animations that are a bit more specific to be able to mix and match with one another, and play over the full faced animations, those are 4. And then a scattered amount of isolated animations here and there.
  4. I wouldn't really consider it smart, more of a waste of L$. They could just stick to P3 for their AO, as there's simply no reason the characters idle pose should have top priority. And the only reason gesture overrides have to use 5/6 is BECAUSE of all the AO's hogging up 4. If AO's stuck to no higher than 3, people could use 4 again for those gestures.
  5. Would of been nice if they could of extended the slots on the skin wearable itself, but supposedly they did try, and it was causing some crashing issues on older viewers. Personally, I kind of wonder just how old those viewers in question are, and how many people would it effect if they went with it anyways
  6. Yeah, I have noticed AO's haven't really evolved all that much. I think the most extra I've seen one get was including a dance button. There was this one fellow who made a "Leg AO" though that's pretty nifty. Basically it's designed to allow for strafing, so side stepping and what not. But beyond that, not much else. Personally, I think it'd be neat if there was two tiers for the standing poses, basic and idle. Basic standing pose would be well, simple, it'll be what plays after you move about. Then idle pose is what plays after you been standing still long enough, which is where those really fidgety and mobile "standing" animations some AO makers really love making could go. The general idea is a mimic of how some video games tend to handle character animations, like in the later GTA games, if you stood in place long enough, your character would start to fidget or even blend into the crowd a bit. But regardless of the functionality and scripting of AO's, I still stand firm in my stance that AO's should stop using Priority 4 no ifs or butts. Actually, if they were to be so bold, they could even dabble in adding matching gestures and emotes to their AO's to make use of the now freed P4 that can play over the base animations. Obviously this would be an exception to my 'no ifs or butts'
  7. Please stop using priority 4. Just use 3, or even try priority 2. AO's should be at the lowest priority possible so smaller animated stuff can be played over it. AO's are just meant to be the base animation after all, not the main feature. They don't need 4, no ifs or butts, AO's shouldn't even be touching 4. Priority 4 is more for small stuff like holding a cane, or drink, umbrellas, bags, etc. Ideally, 3 should be for emote styled animations, like dances, sits, quick gestures, etc, and AO's should be 2. So please, stop using 4. Pretend it doesn't even exist. This has been a PSA by the Disgruntled About Bad Upload Practices Gang.
  8. Slice of Life would probably work best, since there's quite a variety of things that go on
  9. I pretty much always check mod/copy when shoppin stuff on MP. I've got rather passionate strong opinions against items being no mod, plus it helps clear up like 90% of gacha spam as well.
  10. They recently released a "Release Candidate" of their own this past week, so hopefully soon.
  11. Well, should be safe to assume most will still be on 2.79 as it's been the main version of blender for the last few years, and with the rather drastic change of UI 2.8 has, some will probably still prefer working in 2.79 till they get better acquainted with 2.8.
  12. Well, the "high" is the main model itself. but ya, I think what ya wrote should be the way to do it with adding the _LOD2 at the end of the object names. Paw1, Paw1_LOD2, Paw1_LOD1 and so on.
  13. There's certainly quite a lot of handy small features FS has you might not even think about. Like the fact you can select an "edit" option for worn attachments through the inventory. Default viewer doesn't have that.
  14. At the very least, would be curious to see what'd happen if it was capped to 3.
  15. Honestly, I see no problem with using jpg, most programs these days save them pretty well these days, gimp even has a slider for the quality of it's compression to still keep it lookin good. Plus, even if you did find a way to scrub any hidden alpha a program might of added, SL seems to add it back itself from what I've seen.
  16. Tends to be about 3-5 days for me. I think the first one I ever did years ago took a whole month.
  17. If people want triangles, they'll have to make their own triangles! But honestly though, I'd like to think it would at least help give a bit more of a stronger and harder to get around incentive if people couldn't just rely on SL's lackluster auto generate anymore to skimp by.
  18. Well, like I said, there can be exceptions to the rules, the rest of the texture for the locket itself probably won't need more than the 128x range, but the face for the picture can be just left as a big plain square sized face to let peeps put what ever pic they like on it, course me personally, I'd probably try to keep what ever picture I'd put there still within the 512x at max.
  19. Optimo's approach might be a bit rough sure, but not exactly wrong, there is WAY too much stuff on SL with 1024x textures that shouldn't be 1024x sized textures, and in some cases, even 512x would still be too big for them. 1024x should be saved for the biggest parts. Buildings for example can reasonable get away with a couple of 1024 for the major parts of it. And for avatars, that would be the body, unless that body is split apart into multiple UV's like the ol "standard" which is split into threes, then go lower. The face, while contributing to a smaller portion of the overall size is an exception to the rule since it's arguably the main "star of the show" in a way with character models, so it staying somewhat close in size to the body isn't entirely unreasonable, otherwise for the SL body, the ideal sizes would be 512x for the upper/lower body sections, and 256x for the head, but as I said, since the face is a main attraction, it can stay at 512x as well, but for any other parts of it's size compared to the rest, it should normally go smaller.
  20. I wonder what would happen if they got rid of the auto generated option for the LOD's and just made the LOD only have "from above" and "file" for choices.
  21. Well, I do remember there being some like vendor reselling sort of things in the past, [forgot the exact name] but don't think I've really seen em around in quite some time though, Basically random Joe places a vendor he got from so & so store and they get a small cut of the profit of purchases through it. Now the closest you'll find to that is Gacha Resellers
  22. Honestly I can't really blame em, the base account name is often a rather hard coded in thing, and the idea of "name changing" freely wasn't really a thing way back in the day when SL was born. So account names for it is something most likely buried at the heart of the games code. Discord and Battle.net have a number attached to your account, letting the name be more freely changeable, though battle.net charges a fee for it. And Steam and Secondlife just simply have a display name that goes over the account name. I think Ubisoft might have a sort of invisible number ID, but you also have to go through support to get a name change. They had to change up their system to make it work cause you couldn't get an account name change on it long ago and it sounded like they had the game keys and the ID sort of intertwined from the rough recollection I recall being told when I tried asking about an account name change long ago. All the older games I had on that account would of been lost basically because of how their system used to be if I got a name change. Basically, ya gotta remember that to the code, an account name isn't just a simple name, it's part of the foundation of the account itself.
  23. At one of the last content creator meet ups I had been to, they talked about how they want to start doing new tutorial type videos again, and use those to help guide people along in preparation for the ARCtan thing. Like how to identify good and bad optimization was one example they said.
  24. It's a perfectly legitimate method used in countless video games with character customization to just have the body split into chunks and hide em or selectively slice up to match the clothing worn. While not impossible, majority of the time you're not going to get 1:1 weights and polys between a base body mesh and the clothing going on top, so the simplest and most effective way is just slicing out the body underneath. Usually the only main way you can ever get the topology and weights nearly 1:1 is by slicing it out of the body itself, but that can only go so far depending on how altered the end result is.
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