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  1. A mix of making imgur albums with strawpoll.me links perhaps?
  2. Nothing really wrong with limits though as long as they're reasonable. Like for example, Textures are technically capped at 1024x. Sure, having larger size could be handy, but sadly, a lot of other creators wouldn't use that properly as there's already so many giving 1024x textures to things that shouldn't have a sole 1024x texture. So, it's for the best, that cap remains as is. Lil old Gold Source has a rather strict tri limit for it's models [I a max of either 1k or 5k tris, don't recall off the top of my head, and can't have any blended weights, only full on 1.], which reflects it's age of course, but regardless, people have been making due just fine and it's still got a decently little lively niche community of people making stuff on it. To some extent, can even add a fun little bit of challenge. Either way, limits keep a game world consistent and running smoothly, and it'll be good for peoples skills in the long run as they get better at making things proper for an old game engine like SL. Things can still look nice with less polygons. I do my best to try and keep to a lower polycount, Most of the avatars I've made rarely stray far from 5k. A current avatar I'm working on that's a bit more detailed hovers around 16k tris. And the only 1024x texture on it is for the body while the head is around 512x, and then ears and tail and eyes all around and under 256x. You would have to manually derender me if you got the complexity slider at the lowest it'll go 😉 While it would be unfair to put all the blame on creators, we still share a good half of it because as I said, we're the main ones making all the stuff people use and see on SL, everything we make will need to be downloaded by possibly hundreds of computers a day along side dozens of other content of varying quality.
  3. Oh, I was mostly replying to that last line of their comment "SL isn't getting less demanding"
  4. It certainly isn't. I got a 1070, 16gb of ram, AMD Ryzen 7, and I'm still having to turn down graphic settings when I end up in any place that's heavily crowded, mainlands, and/or a full sim that's got nearly every inch of LI space filled.
  5. Was a thing a friend once said to me "People keep making stuff that's film ready instead of making stuff game ready"
  6. It's all a balancing act though, why should LL be the only ones having to fix things while the content creators get lazy? Like I said, we are equally at fault for the lag by being lazy with optimization. It won't matter how much LL tries to pick up the slack if the people making stuff just use it as an excuse to make even bigger drains on the resources, thus making LL have to constantly be chasing that 'slack' Avatars need some sort of LI system of it's own like land. People making stuff for sim building, decor, etc, have to keep that in mind when making stuff, surely it'd be only fair those making stuff for avatars also have to keep some limit in mind beyond just how many attachments someone can have. It wasn't much of an issue in the past when it was just prims and a fixed limit of what ever attachment points themselves were available with a cap of around 250 for linked. But that's not been the case for quite some time. Now it's a max of like 30 attachments in total, letting you stack how ever many things you'd like on a single one while the items themselves can have tons and tons of textures and polygons.
  7. It very much is on us to restrain ourselves, we're the ones making the actual visual content that everyone's computer has to download at any given second. From the models to their LOD and to the textures that coat em. The coders can only do so much to cover for the mistakes of the artists. We are equally parts responsible and at fault for a lot of the lag that plagues SL as we're the main ones making all of it the content that exists on it If the mainland sims were completely wiped barren of everything currently on em, it'd probably run buttery smooth. I wonder if it'd help if people started including pictures of their models wireframes and texture sizes on the MP
  8. They did some switchawoo among the review teams to get fresh eyes on them, and currently in the process of well, reviewing. We'll probably find out the results of it so far by the time the next group meets start up again. It's still being worked on, it's possibly on the final stretch in fact!
  9. Ya, sadly it's still a pricey entry for most peeps, thankfully, they were wise enough to make sure desktop wasn't entirely left behind.
  10. I do wonder at times how often that thought might come up when they're thinking of new idea's. "Will this be seen as competing with the userbase?" While 4k would be handy for optimization, we both know that will not be how it'd get used. I don't want to be forced to download a bunch of crummy 4k eyeball textures. Also, they have been trying to look for some graphic engineers, but sounds like they haven't had much luck at selling a "Graphic Engineer for old social MMO-lite game" role
  11. Feels a bit unfair to keep calling Sansar failed, it's still getting it's foot in the door in a unfortunately slightly crowded room. Personally to some extent I feel like it's probably given the best support to the desktop side that's been left rather forgotten by the other new VR centric social games with desktop tacked on that have cropped up. And it's got a new avatar system in the works, along with a little "Quest" system that could come handy for game themed worlds
  12. Well, not sure if it'd be consider "most successful" but ESO had a bit of a rough reception at start from what I recall and it's been doing pretty well now since. Now that final fantasy mmo on the other hand a whole dramatic cinematic to close down their original rough launch and rebooted with "realm reborn" and has been doing exceptionally well, even still has a subscription based model compared to most other MMO's these days that go to F2P or occasionally B2P after trying to start out only sub. ' Previously mentioned ESO being on the side that changed to B2P [Buy to Play]
  13. You can selectively turn off shadows though. Shadow requires advanced lighting on, but advanced lighting doesn't require shadows to be on. And that may be true, but it's still somewhat relevant as they will often be facing it if the default viewer decides their computer is 'good enough' to set everything on high automatically. And as I said, Shadow's is probably the most taxing thing on SL for graphic options.
  14. I don't really trust some creators to properly us 4k resolution. People already make poor use out of the current max size I've got no interest in official 4k texture packs that require a small games size worth of extra space to store on my computer, and I certainly don't want it forced upon me by people that think they need 4k textures on a fingernail. Shadow of War's high resolution texture pack takes up 15gb of space, Monster Hunter World's high resolution pack takes up 8gb. We need to collectively improve the baseline quality of content creation across SL. Not by dumping more strain on the user base with unneeded massive textures and 50 layers of subdivided models, but by creating smarter. Optimized mesh and textures made with an old game engine in mind.
  15. So, long story short, and I don't mean ill will towards fellow creators but when it comes down to it, people need to hold content creators to better standards, same for CC in holding themselves to those standards. Unoptimized mesh with over 100k polygons, excessive amount of 1024x textures on things that shouldn't have 1024x textures. Honestly imo, the only thing that should probably have that big of a texture size is mainly buildings and avatars. AND you need to try and shove everything you reasonable can into those for the specific item. And the smaller you get and more split apart the items become, the lower the resolution should be. So for an avatar, if you got the whole body in a UV, that can reasonably be one 1024x. texture If you got the body's UV's split apart though, like the standard body is, 512x is perfectly fine. Ideal, the head's portion should probably be closer to 256x since it's the smaller chunk of the body, but since it's a main focal point of a character, it's not entirely unreasonable to use 512x for it as well. On the other side, high poly mesh.I know people like making themselves look like high end super models, but it's still a video game engine, now an animation program. While it's true that Texture size has a bigger impact than polygons, having 20-40 people covered in a million polygons together isn't exactly good for the system either. You can easily get attractive looking, shapely models without bloating it with a few layers of subdivide that doesn't try to crash out your viewer just because you right clicked on it. Hell, just look at my own avatar, you would have to manually derender me with how low my complexity score is. The only thing on me that has a texture size of 1024x is the body. The head is in the 512x range. Ears, tail, and eyes are down around 256x. And same goes for the accessories I've got on me , all around and under the 256x range. As for scripting, while it can also be an issue, that's a skill set that's probably a bit harder to optimize in than just resizing a texture. Sadly not being a scripter sort myself, I'm not really sure what sort of main issues plague the scripting side of SL v: We must all do our part to help make SL a less laggy place! http://pennycow.blogspot.com/2019/06/just-how-much-does-unoptimized-content.html http://pennycow.blogspot.com/2018/09/optimization-tutorial-creating-your-own.html http://pennycow.blogspot.com/2018/08/simple-performance-tricks-anyone-can-do.html
  16. Are you two sure you don't have shadows left turned on, cause shadows is by far BY FAR, the absolute biggest greediest resource hog of a graphical feature in SL. And it doesn't help that LL decided to leave it turned on default when you freshly install their viewer, making a lot of peoples first time in SL the mountain peak of lag upon leaving the newbie island.
  17. Makes me wonder what a space themed premium home could look like. Maybe have some canyon like design for the ground level between the home parcels.
  18. I've seen lots of buzz about the new places, but I can't help but wonder, what might ever become of the old premium homes? While nothing really wrong with them, they certainly have become a bit outdated now for most peoples tastes being all old prim and scuplt buildings. And they layout's of the buildings are kind of a seemingly disorganized mess. Could it be possible for LL to slowly swap out the buildings with new mesh recreations? Or for an even more drastic approach, just straight up redesign the landscape and layout to be more like the new places with their respective themes in mind
  19. Personally for me, I can understand the "left arm" slot being a thing, but I don't really understand why they added a "left leg" as well. The legs already got a full UV for the entire lower body, it was only the arms they had using a mirrored section on the UV As for the alpha stuff, I can easily guess one issue with that is because the alpha layer itself. I imagine it would probably need a Left Leg/Arm slot of it's own, but would that have the same supposed "crashing old veiwers" problem that prevented them from expanding on the other older skin/texture layer stuff? Ya know, that's something else I've been wondering about, I've heard mention of some older viewers crashing from attempted changes, but just how old are those viewers in question?🤔 What did ya find hard about it? It seemed pretty straight forward, you can wear the old skin stuff with the mesh bodies now, along with clothing texture layers, tattoos, and even alphas! I think the only oddity might be the initial step of linking the models faces to the bake channels, but even then, not too terribly hard to figure out, and I imagine most body makers wanting to support BoM will include copies of their bodies already set up to work with BoM out of the box. Then it's just simply, wearing skin,texture,etc layers like the old days.
  20. Well, here's to hoping that review they did last week came out positive, I'm sure we're bound to hear the results at todays meet!
  21. I mean, we technically already got that in the form of purchasable plugins made by others
  22. I remember once thwarting a security orb thing long long long ago by simply sitting on the furniture Also hello ancient thread resurrected from the crypts!
  23. Ooh boy, BoM might be gettin closer and closer 👀 "Note: there is a Bakes On Mesh review meeting scheduled for Friday, July 19th, at which the issues mentioned in the first bullet point will be examined. If these are determined to be edge cases, and no other issues are noted, the Bakes on Mesh project is liable to be moving to release status “very soon”. Creator wishing to test the capability are therefore asked to download the Bakes On Mesh RC viewer and use it and report and bugs or issues they encounter “right away”." From one of Inara's recent blog posts https://modemworld.me/2019/07/19/2019-sl-user-groups-29-2-content-creation-summary/
  24. Would that be with or without the one time fee of 10 bucks for a basic account?
  25. Ya, like another mentioned, you best make an emergency secondary group and swap out the old with it for any thing it's currently attached to. And you can try and see if you can get support to help take away his ownership role in the process too. Worse case, you can just get everyone still active to move over to the new group and abandon the old. Be sure to empty it out first too though so that way the group will just go poof eventually with just the ex as the last one left.
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