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Found 14 results

  1. This is my Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/142362399@N02/ Please fill out this application if interested thank you ♥ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PvmhDiutTtmGFnzMwGsI_0XUBTTFSFslTIFZkivSyDg/
  2. Graphic designer with a love for creating custom graphics for both personal and business needs. Need some graphics for a creative project or business? Or just need some help with image editing? Let me know and we can discuss if I can assist! Graphic Design - Logos, Ads (posters, flyers, banners), Vendor Templates, HUD Interfaces, Infographics, Social Media Images Graphic Art - Custom textures (wallpaper, flooring, fabric, patterns, and other materials), vector illustration, clipart, digital watercolor, decorative illustration, patterns Mesh - Furniture & decor, other mesh objects (no clothing), shoes, accessories, buildings are considered on a case by case basis, depending on the project. Simple Website Setups - Don't have the time to assemble a site yourself? I can help! A simple website can be setup for providing information to your customers, for blogging, or for displaying your work or photos in a gallery or portfolio. Let me know what your idea is and we can discuss if we can accomplish it through a simple website. For more information about my design process, to see samples of my work, or to contact me, visit my website: irrie.net You can also contact me in-world via IM or Notecard.
  3. (pardon my ranting style, it is used for humor purposes only.) i belong to a couple of discount shopping event groups, you know, the weekly ones. and i go to web pages/galleries to quickly visually scan the goodies on offer. more and more, i have been confused at what exactly some of these ads are selling. i thought it was just me, being a stupid old geezer, but i happened to mention it in one of the aforementioned groups. i was just about to buy an awesome formal suit in raven black and crimson (my colours!), when i noticed there wasn't any demo options to test it first. there wasn't any indication of what bodies/shapes it was for, etc etc. it finally dawned on me that this image was NOT of the beautiful raven and crimson suit, but of the poses of the guys wearing the suit! i double-checked in the group chat. yes, the item was poses, not clothing. OOPS! feeling like a total idiot, i mentioned ads being confusing... and to my surprise, a lot of people agreed with me! don't get me wrong. these ad pics are GORGEOUS. appealing. beautiful, eye-catching, alluring. but a lot of times, there's not even any text on the image stating what exactly it is advertising. so many times i see beautiful pictures, like a head shot, gorgeous hair, lighting, beautiful model with makeup, sparkling eyes, jewelry... and not a clue what the vendor is selling. is it the hair? the bangs ON the hair? the skin? the head shape? a new mesh head (not likely, okay)... the makeup? the freckles? the jewelry? one PIECE of the jewelry? oh! if i peer sideways at the name, it seems to be selling that one little nose stud, there. a lot of times, the name is no help. the name could be... Deluxe Mojo Sassafrass! ...well what the heck is THAT!? consumers need some info! the product name is a start. what it IS is helpful. "Deluxe Mojo Sassafrass hairstyle!" or "Deluxe Mojo Sassafrass freckles!" or "Deluxe Mojo Sassafrass nose stud!" other info is helpful as well. is it rigged? not rigged? rigged for who/what, exactly?? does it require Advanced Lighting Model to look that cool? and why, oh WHY, is everybody leaving off simple little indicators of the product permissions? is it mod? copy? trans? none!? sometimes, with caspervend, i can right click and 'touch' the vendor, and get the menu so i can press the 'info' button. if the vendor doesn't set up a description on the caspervend product page, it at LEAST tells me the name of the item, the price, and USUALLY the permissions. sometimes i get nothing. one time i didn't even get the permissions. how do you even turn that off?? this is just a constructive suggestion. take it how you will. i will warn you, one of the persons in the aforementioned discussion we had in group stated flatly that if they couldn't tell what was being sold from the image, they gave it a pass entirely. it is tempting. saves me some money :X TL;DR------------------------------------------------------------------------------ great product pics, guys! please write on there somewhere what it is out of the image that you're actually selling.
  4. Hello! We are a new inworld magazine looking for an Ad Agent by comission. Please contact me inworld to set an interview. Experience on the field is a plus! Hola! Somos una nueva revista en busca de un agente comisionista publicitario bilingûe. Si tienes experiencia en el área es un plus! Contactame por IM para programar una entrevista. Gracias!
  5. Hey all! im a designer and creator of mesh in secondlife but im HOPELESS at ads!! was wondering if i could hire someone to help me with this side of things!it would be paid either a % of sales or a fixed rate that weve agreed upon! please get back to me here or inworld thanks ❤️
  6. I am looking for someone as more partner/helper for a pose store that I will be opening soon. I am not good at the advertisement photo's and am needing someone to do those for me. There will be pay. I will set it so the photographer would get a commission rate per each photo sold, commission will be discussed. I am hoping to open the store within a few weeks, I am currently working on several sets of poses before I work on setting up a store. A photographer that is good at landscaping/decorating is a plus too to help the store area look nice (I can provide the stuff for it). Shoot me an im in world as I dont check forums very often. I look forward to speaking to you soon!
  7. I just opened a store. How do I advertise it for free or low cost?
  8. I am looking for a job graphic designer, massage therapy, and etc. I am a loving and caring person that is willing to learn and work hard here. My goals are getting my dream job and get my first place on second life. Later on down the line love will find me till then I am focusing on my goals. I am available on Friday through Sunday. I am a mother of two sons in real life and my business is taking care of my sons.
  9. Does anyone know what this dang dress is? I've been looking for it for a while now and no luck. Posting here on the off chance someone else recognizes it.
  10. I'm in need of a photographer for my marketplace ads of men clothing items (for now). I usually make my own ads but I've decided to hire one now due to lack of time. OK for starters, read this below; Requirements: Must have a male mesh body (Slink and/or Signature) PS. Will also make unisex and female clothes in the future when i get my own fem devkits ) No particular experience required Below average or first time sl photographers/artists are also welcome to submit their applications Basically, anyone who loves creating art (i don't discriminate) and someone who has the insight for ad arts. Everything else not mentioned here can all be discussed in details/negotiated in-world via ims: "iiianii resident" and thru my email here: galatheussecondlife@gmail.com
  11. Greetings! Recently I encountered an issue with radio stream on my parcel - there is an extremely annoying advertisements appears each time radio is being turned on and from time to time during the stream itself, sometimes right in the middle of songs. These ads are NOT part of the original station and acts more like overlay. For example if you toggle radio on-off-on-off--on-off - this ad starts broadcasting from the beginning each time radio is "on", plus I Reeeeeally doubt that famous 181.fm will broadcast some *****ty russian car reselling service ads during their stream =_= So, question is - Is there a way to disable/block these ads without muting the radio itself? enabling/disabling media filter does not affect these events.
  12. Love on Top Magazine is Hiring!! Looking for excited, enthusiastic people to join our staff. We are seeking to fill several positions. ♥ Marketing/Advertising Manager ♥ Journalist ♥ Photographer ♥ Model Just click the following link to apply today!! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeD2SH0mlaDro9AM_bzuknS_ZBQUdfYUhiuJWyfdNcZHqFKrw/viewform
  13. LoT has ad space available!! If you are interested in running an ad please contact any member of our support staff. We have excellent specials and affordable price that can fit any budget. Here is your ride: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Climax/84/95/1503 Please follow the link below to see all the packages we have available. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWo8p7pfiZkRGGa87pFQie9Jt_llnnMfHjWge1-tD3vu7JWw/viewform
  14. My opinion is that is if you are selling land why you put a piece of land that is for people to look for land in the land sales. Then you said"waterfront" or "road protected" but was in there is the office. So those are misleading ads. Others said "waterfront" then you go to look and is not waterfront because the water belongs to others.
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