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  1. If only it was that simple, even job apps are forcing ya to hand over the SSN now.
  2. Yes Only if you leave money on it left untouched for a whole year with no other activity on the account. Otherwise No. And we're talking money money, not SL Funbuxx Lindex/L$ money. Cold hard cash, moola, dosh. Your not forced to pay for it. If your talking about the "inactivity fee" that only applies to above, if you leave money on it and never touch the account again for any reason for a whole year, it will start to deduct from it till the $USD balance on it is at 0$. Only if you plan on cashing out money, otherwise you should be safe to leave tilia collecting dust and spiderwebs in the corner.
  3. Gonna give a small boost to the two Linden posts for any late comers
  4. I believe it would only be required info if you did want to cash out from SL. Should be able to safely leave your tilia account collecting dust in the corner otherwise.
  5. From how I've seen someone explain it, basically, after a year of inactivity, it's treated as abandoned and will steadily deduct it of any USD left in it till it's back to $0. So, the only people that would effect is if someone sold some L$ for what ever reason and got it turned into $USD, then just forgot about it for a whole year and never touched it again in any way throughout that whole time. The inactivity fee is a money sink basically.
  6. Ah, ya I can see that, at the very least, hopefully they'll let you change the password for it separately afterwards.
  7. Well, as I said, I'm quite certain our money has already been going to Tilia. You might notice a reoccurring theme in all the money related sections of our accounts, and that's been there for awhile now.
  8. What's risky about Tilia? We've probably technically been using it for a few years now already, only main difference now is it'll have it's own separate site we have to go through.
  9. I mean, the blog post kind of does say that somewhat.. But ya, The Tilia thing isn't that new, it's been there for awhile now, you've probably seen this in the upper corner if you've ever processed credit or poked about your billing info Something in the financial world probably requiring it to be a bit more split off now.
  10. I've not really had any issue with windlight changing on it's own, I might of turned off such a thing if it was on at some point and forgotten, but I did find this option in the preferences if your on Firestorm that could be the cause
  11. Ya, there's really not much you can do to stop someone determined enough to rip some clothing textures. Where ya think most of those texture clothes use on the onion skins came from?
  12. Well, the avatars already have a bit of an established thing they do, changing up the starter avatars every now and then. But I don't think the rest of the 'Library' folders have gotten as much attention As for premium gifts, I did dabble with having premium a few times, all the gifts were no mod, wouldn't really be a good mix for a build kit.
  13. Man, the moles have made some wonderful assets in recent years I would love to get my hands on, there's like, no one else making terrain and landscaping mesh with that sort of toonish realistic style they tend to do 😩 Have ya seen the makeover they gave Linden Realms? But alas, if I was in their shoes, I can understand if they opted out on giving out new stuff, as it could be seen as trying to compete with user made stuff.
  14. Well, technically, Emerald, Phoenix, and Firestorm are the same viewer. Started as Emerald, but then fractured after one of the devs was caught sneaking in questionable and possibly malicious code, so the splintered off side regrouped into what became Phoenix. I think the Firestorm name came around when the SL viewer itself had updated to the "2.0" UI So, Phoenix was kept on old UI, while Firestorm was made to work with the new.
  15. This is where "building kits" can shine, gives people who aren't so savvy at mesh something to play with and mod inworld.
  16. If I was a linden, I would try and see if I could turn those massive swaths of abandoned land into some cozy forest people can wander about in.
  17. There's the Avastar plugin for Blender, though not required, it certainly helps a lot, and some dev kits for the many avatars around SL might be made with it as well. Then there's the other question of what mesh body she'll settle on as a foundation to built stuff on, from the animes, to the furries, to the current standard human ones. The human side of mesh body devs seem to be pickier on giving out dev kits from the impression I've gotten, while the anime and furry side tend to just have dev kits sitting there up for grabs. So, unless she's got some portfolio sitting about to "wow!" the human side of mesh bodies, she'd probably be better off starting with the anime/furry half for starting up a clothing store as, like I said, tends to be more welcoming with handing out dev kits to anyone that asks.
  18. If trying to color match to something already in-game, turn that item to fullbright to cancel out the in-world lighting on it and color grab from a screenshot of that.
  19. Ya know, something I've wondered about a few times, I recall some mentioning that there was some initial thing they tried that just wrecked havoc on older viewers, and I kind of wonder just how old of a viewer where they talkin 🤔
  20. Well, I got no experience with 3Ds Max myself, but you're lookin for this section of the forums -> https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/303-mesh/ This is the "Bakes on Mesh" sub forum, it's for a new feature in the works that lets SL body texture layers be use able on worn mesh.
  21. Personally, I was kind of under the assumption it was more to do with WHO the main sort of peeps streaming where, who were most likely the main ones that also would venture into lewd places while streaming, thus running into the No No land of twitch rules when it comes to outright porn. Aka, the trolls and griefers v:
  22. Less reliance on Alpha Huds since we'll be able to use alpha layers again. Peeps won't have to fuss over applier stuff as much anymore, so for base body stuff from extra skin effects, tattoos, and even undergarments can be simple layers again baked on the base instead of needing 20 different overlaying onions. Even form fitting clothing can adapt to clothing layers. That's just a few things off the top of my head.
  23. I wonder if there will be any big news at tomorrows creator meetup 👀 BoM's been sitting in RC for a good month now
  24. Would it help to disable voice chat in group IM aswell? I have honestly never seen it used once apart from accidental clicks on the call button, in all 10 or so odd years of being around SL.
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