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  1. I was speaking of the stardard female starting avatar whose name is Bitsey. Not you Bitsy Buccaneer. Have no fear. Grin.
  2. Do they make those? If so I want one for RL.
  3. Ok. I just took a run over there. Still no Risque Room. Maybe you can go take a look. Let me know if you find it.
  4. Indeed that is where it has always been. Maybe that room is on a different server that was down for the hour I was trying to find the room. I will check it out later. Thanks
  5. When I went over to Erratic tonight I was surprised to see that apparently they have shut down the lingerie section of their in-world store. Thankfully they still have lingerie in the SL Marketplace, but I enjoyed walking around in-world store. Does anyone know what happened? ☹️
  6. Thanks for the responses Alyona and Skell. I wish to remove the tongue on the standard mesh head that comes with SL, Bitsy
  7. Is there any way to remove body parts in mesh bodies? Specifically I want to remove the tongue in an avatar. It's a long story. Don't ask. Grin.
  8. Ok, Syn. You beat me to the punch. Grin. So I took an obscure alt and went to an obscure low trafficked Forum and posted. Still did not find an "option" option to kill the post. And this time no one in the the tumbleweed of a forum replied.
  9. This is a test post which I will now try to delete. Very strange According to the Forum I should be able to remove a post as long as no one has responded to it (by clicking on options) I cannot find an "option" option. Grin.
  10. Hi Pavon, I am confused. Can you show me any reference to the Clawtooth landmark in my Profile. I DO have a landmark in my inventory. But how were you able to see that? A chill is going up and down my spine. Grin.
  11. Nice. This would not work for Mom but it might look good on her best friend who is joining her in SL.
  12. Ok I found it. Baked on Mesh. https://modemworld.me/2019/10/16/catznip-r12-3-goes-bom/
  13. Sorry, I probably should know but I don't. BoM?
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