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  1. Those who have seen my posts will have noticed that I have been pretty successful in getting several of my RL family and friends into SL. Or in the case of my parents and best high school friend, creating avatars for them so that my memory of them can live on in SL. All this is in a few prior posts. Because of wanting to help them I have had to do a lot of vintage hair and clothes searching. Unfortunately the number of vintage (50's-60's in my case) have gone the way of the dodo bird. So I have had to do a lot of searching and getting a lot of help from folks on this Forum. Unfortunately most vintage labeled clothes are from the Victorian era or earlier. In an effort to at least payback a bit to this community here is the list of my favorite hair makers (both current day and 50's-60's era). Interesting note: the two lists are polar opposites. Normal Hair... TRUTH Doux EMO-tions Wasabi Pills Magika Vintage (50's-60's) Hair... Magika Wasabi Pills EMO-tions Doux TRUTH Enjoy! 😎
  2. Did I mention my brother? Oh right! Read my prior post. On his wedding day (second for both of them) his wife's hair was done as pictured below. I can't find anything close. I can get some bangs thanks to an earlier suggestion here in the Your Avatar section of the Forum. But the mullet is a real issue. Who would ever expect to see a woman with a mullet. And on a gal that avoids the South like a drunk avoids near beer. That's my brother's phrase. I have looked at TRUTH, Doux, EMO-tions, Wasabi Pills, and Magika without luck. So any thoughts anyone?
  3. My brother wants to age his Masters Degree image of himself to a more realistic 70 or so years of age. I have this silly app on my iPhone that is sort of morbid. It can age your RL picture to show you what you would be like in XX number of years. Morbid in RL but a great tool in SL. Wish there was such a thing in SL. I can't find such a thing so the next best thing is to do it myself. So are I have been able to age his beard from the red one matching it his Master's Degree pix to his present day pix. Second I have used appearance to put bags under his eyes and increase puffiness. Third I see there is a tattoo to age one's skin in the LAQ head for females. But my brother doesn't want to spend the 5000L needed to buy a mesh head. He doesn't care about the rash on his neck. Master's Degree holders in English Literature don't make much money. Our parents could not convince him that Literature is a wonderful thing unless you goal is to put food on the table. Any suggestions will really be appreciated by my starving brother. 😥
  4. Clover, Thanks for the observation and the heads up on the link. Here is the corrected link: Sock is visible where it is supposed to be seen but also bleeds though the shoe https://gyazo.com/5554b1dc989ed567f293539e36199d64
  5. I figured it was time to give my Page a Cover. I wanted something that said something about those things I talk about here. Initially it was mostly about clothes so I went out and found a fun trio of Seamstress Ads from the 19th Century. It was cute when I first put it up but then I realized it make me look like an SL Clothes Maker. Which is about as far from the reality as those that say the Earth is flat and that NASA faked the landing on the Moon. Then it occurred to me that recently I have asked a lot of questions about SL bodies going so far as to ask if anyone knew how to take out a mesh tongue. Groan, yeah I really did ask that. So instead of looking for a cover about making clothing in SL I decided to look for something more in line with what I actually do in SL. Which is to help SL novices (and often myself) create better looking avatar bodies. Sort of Virtual Plastic Surgery 101 if you will. So I looked around the Internet for an image that depicted that. AND I FOUND HER. So what do you think? All of you have helped me a lot here on the Forums and I wanted to give something back to you in the form of something that will make you laugh.
  6. Grin. No company is investigating this. I just watch too much TV News. I am having a problem with one of my male alts. This problem involves three products, Belleza Jake, ROC Docksiders and Vannes Socks. Please read the text below each picture. Sock is invisible but shoe looks good: https://gyazo.com/523ab0742f1ede1a7e3e89116f783418 Sock is visible where it is supposed to be seen but also bleeds though the shoe https://gyazo.com/523ab0742f1ede1a7e3e89116f783418 As a side note the ROC shoes are taking 30min on average to rezz color. But I think it is SL today and I have no problem with any of my other ROC shoes. Can anyone help me with this three product conundrum?
  7. I was speaking of the stardard female starting avatar whose name is Bitsey. Not you Bitsy Buccaneer. Have no fear. Grin.
  8. Do they make those? If so I want one for RL.
  9. Ok. I just took a run over there. Still no Risque Room. Maybe you can go take a look. Let me know if you find it.
  10. Indeed that is where it has always been. Maybe that room is on a different server that was down for the hour I was trying to find the room. I will check it out later. Thanks
  11. When I went over to Erratic tonight I was surprised to see that apparently they have shut down the lingerie section of their in-world store. Thankfully they still have lingerie in the SL Marketplace, but I enjoyed walking around in-world store. Does anyone know what happened? ☹️
  12. Thanks for the responses Alyona and Skell. I wish to remove the tongue on the standard mesh head that comes with SL, Bitsy
  13. Is there any way to remove body parts in mesh bodies? Specifically I want to remove the tongue in an avatar. It's a long story. Don't ask. Grin.
  14. Ok, Syn. You beat me to the punch. Grin. So I took an obscure alt and went to an obscure low trafficked Forum and posted. Still did not find an "option" option to kill the post. And this time no one in the the tumbleweed of a forum replied.
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