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  1. This does not have to do with cookies, settings or tracking. I was just sorting the Second Life videos by most views. That video I posted was the most popular video about second life. Other popular videos are similarly weird. Don't shoot the messenger, it's just the general impression a lot of outsiders have of this game is not entirely positive. Probably the weird category, because my avatar is an alien. I think I'd also fit in the troll category. Hbu?
  2. Nope. This vid for example is the most popular video about Second Life, with almost 8 million views..the popular impression of Second Life seems to be that it's this weird old game with bad graphics, odd people and creepy perverts. And tbh that impression isn't too far off 😄
  3. Aww man that's what I suspected. I am disappointed, Sansar looks so much nicer, now when I play Second Life it looks primitive in comparison.
  4. I think it would make Second Life look much better if they had shading/lighting like Sansar. The shadows and lighting in that game look more realistic. Also the materials in Sansar seem to look nicer for some reason. For example the specularity on objects looks nicer. I know they probably won't do this but my question is, is it technically possible to give SL the same looking lighting?
  5. I've never had problems loading anything in SL, using a computer with 32gb of ram and having LOD level always set at 4. Then again I do not visit places packed with people very much. In my experience though one of the biggest things I've noticed that caused me lag is those scripted moving trees. I tested my fps before going to an area full of those trees and it dropped from 230 to 140. It's not just the poly count that affects performance but scripts in objects as well. Wouldn't be surprised if the scripts cause more lag than polygons.
  6. It's declining because 1.) It looks like a game from 2007 2.) it's not very easy to use (again, probably because it's old) 3.) there aren't much fun things to do in it, except creating things, but that isn't very fun when the game graphics look like something from 2007 and the game itself is outdated. You can't create a car or boat that drives smoothly, for example. Anything you want to create is limited, difficult and doesn't have great results. I can't imagine this game still being around by 2030 unless they make some major changes and improvements.
  7. Type second life into Youtube, a lot of it is news/videos from 10 years ago, or people recording their adventures of trolling in SL. It kind of has gained a reputation as a boring and outdated game for losers, creeps, weirdos and or people who take the game too seriously and literally think it's their second life.
  8. Female avatars with very wide hips, big thighs, big boobs, big lips and wide faces. Male avatars that look like jacked underwear models or body builders with big jaw. This trend has taken over to the point almost every human avatar that I see looks the same shape or face.
  9. I want a female head that can look something like this does it exist?
  10. Simply stunning, have you considered modeling or beauty pageants?
  11. Felt really cute today and decided to take a selfie #nofilters #makeupfree #iwokeuplikethis
  12. My avatar is an asexual gender-neutral kite alien, just like Kyle from South Park.
  13. I am reading that TMP now wants you to give them your photo, ID and real name just to get a creator kit? Nope, no thanks. This mesh body stuff is getting ridiculous. If you want to make/sell clothing on the second life market now, you are expected to cater to the mesh body creators, and be at their will & mercy. Now, they want your personal info as well. Why not ask for people's souls too? And really, it is ridiculous to spend hours fitting & rigging a pair of pants for 20 different bodies..most of which look practically identical. This really stifles the desire to create clothing. I w
  14. What is going on? It has regularly been about 251 or 252 all year. I just looked and it now says 258. This isn't the beginning of the great virtual depression is it? Gonna go stock up on virtual canned goods just to be safe
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