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  1. Female avatars with very wide hips, big thighs, big boobs, big lips and wide faces. Male avatars that look like jacked underwear models or body builders with big jaw. This trend has taken over to the point almost every human avatar that I see looks the same shape or face.
  2. I want a female head that can look something like this does it exist?
  3. Simply stunning, have you considered modeling or beauty pageants?
  4. Felt really cute today and decided to take a selfie #nofilters #makeupfree #iwokeuplikethis
  5. My avatar is an asexual gender-neutral kite alien, just like Kyle from South Park.
  6. I am reading that TMP now wants you to give them your photo, ID and real name just to get a creator kit? Nope, no thanks. This mesh body stuff is getting ridiculous. If you want to make/sell clothing on the second life market now, you are expected to cater to the mesh body creators, and be at their will & mercy. Now, they want your personal info as well. Why not ask for people's souls too? And really, it is ridiculous to spend hours fitting & rigging a pair of pants for 20 different bodies..most of which look practically identical. This really stifles the desire to create clothing. I wish there was a default Second Life mesh body that looked decent enough that we don't have to deal with all this. It makes me want to emigrate to Sansar as soon as they finish their default avatars, I really like how the clothing there can use physics to fit all avatars shapes.
  7. What is going on? It has regularly been about 251 or 252 all year. I just looked and it now says 258. This isn't the beginning of the great virtual depression is it? Gonna go stock up on virtual canned goods just to be safe
  8. Maybe, but when it comes to shopping I think a good case could be made. In a virtual world you don't need storage or closet space, you can buy as much as you want and store it in your inventory. In addition, many objects are either free or inexpensive compared to buying real things. So you can behave like a shopping addict without harming the environment or your wallet. People's shopping addictions are one of the factors contributing to pollution, so virtual shopping might be a good alternative.
  9. This is just a hypothetical question. Could virtual worlds play a role in the future to help prevent real world carbon output? Of course it would first be necessary to develop faster and more energy efficient computers and servers. If this is achieved, I think virtual worlds could help prevent people from unecessary traveling and shopping/consumption in the real world that create much more carbon output than a virtual experience. It may not be real, but perhaps can provide the same fulfillment of boredom that people are seeking to fulfill when they shop or travel in the real world. The key I think is to create aesthetically pleasing virtual worlds with good graphics/lighting. Sansar looks pretty promising so far, but I think it still has some improvements to be made first.
  10. Some of the popular mesh bodies are Slink, Maitreya and Belleza. And none of these offer rigging kits unless you ask and get approved by them. I applied and never got a response. What's even more annoying is that Slink and Belleza don't just sell one simple avatar..Slink has two bodies, and for some reason Belleza has THREE different bodies. And the only difference between these three bodies is slight differences in muscles. It seems pointless when the user can simply go into avatar appearance and adjust the avatar curve/muscle sliders if they want to be more muscular. I think they also have three different "breast versions" with each body, to make even more work. I think Belleza just wanted to torture clothing creators.
  11. No, but I think the introduction of 50 different mesh bodies stifles motivation to create and sell mesh clothing. Each one of these mesh bodies has different shape and weight painting. And often times the mesh body creators don't even give you a rigging file to use. But even if they did, it would take way too much time to readjust and re-rig one piece of clothing 10+ times to cater to all these mesh bodies..
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